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All users on the network are required to abide by it. *Global* ---------- END OF MESSAGE(S) OF THE DAY ---------- -->| YOU (Goldbanjo) have joined #orangelounge =-= Topic for #orangelounge is “|| Orange Lounge Radio | | OLR tonight at 6:30, rob is running late | Call us! 877-GAME-OLR (4263657) or Skype: orangeloungeradio ||” =-= Topic for #orangelounge was set by ChanServ on Sunday, February 17, 2008 8:05:19 PM <RawSteelUT> Hm, Ubisoft's next cooking title: Ribz. <RawSteelUT> gs68 - hehe, hell yeah. <act-deft> XD <RawSteelUT> With a side of hotdogs and hamburger. * RawSteelUT loves meat. <act-deft> Meat FTW! <RawSteelUT> Though I do prefer it well done. <gs68|dinner> indeed. steak, specifically, FTW. <RawSteelUT> For some reason, I get sick when I eat rare or medium. <Friz-Bee> yuck rare <RawSteelUT> Indeed. -->| OLRmyRecruit0481 ( has joined #orangelounge <OLRmyRecruit0481> guys this is rob <RawSteelUT> That's one step shy of just eating the damn thing alive. <OLRmyRecruit0481> there is no live show tonight <RawSteelUT> Hi rob. <OLRmyRecruit0481> sorry to be the beraer of bad news <act-deft> On Super Bowl night a few weeks ago, I ate the most delicious meat I have ever eaten. =OGoldbanjo <OLRmyRecruit0481> i am still not home from so cal <Friz-Bee> nothing better than bleading meat <sarcasm off> <OLRmyRecruit0481> my car was having major issues <RawSteelUT> Ah. <RawSteelUT> That sucks. <OLRmyRecruit0481> DMN might come on to do something special for ya'll <Friz-Bee> better than nothing <OLRmyRecruit0481> and i'll post an old show to the archives so you guys have something this week <gs68|dinner> medium for me. <OLRmyRecruit0481> i'm very very sorry <OLRmyRecruit0481> but ya know how it goes <gs68|dinner> I like mine's not burnt to hardness. <RawSteelUT> Ah, shit happens. :) <OLRmyRecruit0481> sometimes IRL keeps you away from gamign <Friz-Bee> it's allright <act-deft> That sucks... but oh well... <OLRmyRecruit0481> lol <OLRmyRecruit0481> see you all next week <3 <gs68|dinner> (...that's what she said.) <act-deft> <3 |<-- OLRmyRecruit0481 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <RawSteelUT> gs - burnt =/= well done <Friz-Bee> so....... <RawSteelUT> Wonder if that WAS Rob. <act-deft> maybe <_< <Friz-Bee> LOL PRANK <Friz-Bee> who knows * RawSteelUT doesn't trust the internetz. <act-deft> let's just wait and hear or see or both <Friz-Bee> yeah <RawSteelUT> Sure. <gs68|dinner> but...we still have the superior Sakura and a high key ranting dude in the house...right? <Friz-Bee> Welcome to the Loki Show! <RawSteelUT> I was about to say, why can't they do a show? <gs68|dinner> wait <gs68|dinner> DID SOMEONE SAY DMN? <act-deft> I think so, if they can enter Skie's house <_< <RawSteelUT> Friz - That's all we need, 4 hours of piracy talk. >.> <Friz-Bee> break into his house <Friz-Bee> hahaha <gs68|dinner> We're doomed. (If you've listened to his show on Wednesday, you'll know why.) <gs68|dinner> DooMNed. -->| DMN ( has joined #orangelounge <RawSteelUT> Oh it can't be that bad. RawSteelUT> Hi DMN. <gs68|dinner> DooMNed. <Friz-Bee> speak of the devil <RawSteelUT> To repeat: DooMNed. =-= Mode #orangelounge +o DMN by ChanServ <DMN> O HI GUISE\ <act-deft> HIES DMN =-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv act-deft AlphaCananogram|SHOWER Friz-Bee by DMN =-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv Goldbanjo pkjr92 RawSteelUT by DMN =-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv seedstohr shadowsliar Toshin by DMN <DarkTetsuya> dmn: well I got the cables finally... and put down for SSBB * RawSteelUT has to get SSBB reserved at some point. Granted, there'll likely be more copies of it in store eventually than Madden, but still... <RawSteelUT> Now see, what did that Jigglypuff ever do to anyone? <[ssj100matt]> my store finally announced they are having a midnight release of Brawl <act-deft> I haven't reserved it yet either, but I'm not that worried about there being shortages <_< <Friz-Bee> if it was out now (like it should have) we could be having a touney in place of the show <RawSteelUT> act-deft - At worst, I have to wait another month. Not like I don't have fucktons of games to play already... >.> <act-deft> BTW, Apollo Justice this week!!! =D <DMN> I'm gettng the game five days before yall =P <Friz-Bee> booo <RawSteelUT> Well good for you. :) <[ssj100matt]> Friz: idk how that would work <RawSteelUT> Here's a cookie * act-deft steals cookie <gs68|dinner> AJ indeed <DarkTetsuya> dmn: but yeah, from the quick round of gunstar heroes I played, it works like a charm <gs68|dinner> OB *cut* JECT *boom* ION! <gs68|dinner> Phoenix may have had THE FINGER, but did he have CHORDS OF STEEL? <RawSteelUT> Lufia! <act-deft> LOL <[ssj100matt]> Everyone should submit their Top 16 lists to DMN <act-deft> I do like the AP:AA soundtrack. <act-deft> Love Love Guilty is awesome and so is the new cornered track (which sounds like the background of a fighting game) <RawSteelUT> AP:AA? <gs68|dinner> I have Cornered 2007 as my current ringtone. -->| gk128 ( has joined #orangelounge <gs68|dinner> sup, 128 <gk128> yo <act-deft> I have Love Love Guitly as my ringtone =D <act-deft> hi gk <act-deft> *guilty <_< <gk128> Been a while since I have been able to catch OLR live... damn stuff getting in the way. Tonight I have the time though so woo <gs68|dinner> yay] <RawSteelUT> gk128 - Just shoot stuff. That works. <DarkTetsuya> gk128: well... I'm not sure if there's a show tonite or not... so <gk128> boo <gk128> boourns <[ssj100matt]> I hate Evan * RawSteelUT pops ex. -->| OLRmyRecruit2006 (~javac@ has joined #orangelounge <gs68|dinner> AGHAGHAGHAGHAGHG NOT THIS ANNOYING SONG FROM UNJAMMER LEMMY THAT'S ON THE STREAM RIGHT NOW <gs68|dinner> GONGGONGGONGGONGGONGGONGGONGGONGGONGGONGGONGGONGGONGGONGGONG <DarkTetsuya> WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS! ... a message from some guy in the FBI <[ssj100matt]> gs: Calm down |<-- OLRmyRecruit2006 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) =-= gs68|dinner is now known as gs68 <RawSteelUT> Tetsuya - I've not seen that message at the start of a game in AGES. <RawSteelUT> Wonder what happened to William Sessions. <DarkTetsuya> LOL, that's him <[ssj100matt]> time it Wiki him -->| OLRmyRecruit3398 (~javac@ has joined #orangelounge <DarkTetsuya> ooh a track from the *good* nights game <RawSteelUT> Ah, the Nights music... I think this is the pinball machine version from Sonic Adventure, isn't it? <act-deft> <_< <RawSteelUT> ? <Friz-Bee> i think so <Friz-Bee> i could check <DarkTetsuya> RawSteelUT: yeah it says its off the sonic adv. ost <DarkTetsuya> so that's prolly it =-= OLRmyRecruit3398 is now known as ikumajp <RawSteelUT> Yep, I recognized that soft wailing in the background. <RawSteelUT> I fucking hated that pinball game.... <Friz-Bee> it was hard <DarkTetsuya> kinda ironic, especially since christmas nights had that 'play as sonic' mode... even tho it was mostly useless :P <Friz-Bee> hard <ikumajp> ohh no show today <RawSteelUT> Yep. <Friz-Bee> yeah <ikumajp> i forgot <Friz-Bee> car troubles <RawSteelUT> We're just hanging out and listening to the music. <act-deft> <DarkTetsuya> damnit where'd travis go? I didn <DarkTetsuya> gah <act-deft> ROB FTW. <Friz-Bee> we need someone do to somthing <DarkTetsuya> didn't realize he was gonna talk to me <act-deft> SUPER MARIO RPG!!! <RawSteelUT> Indeed. <act-deft> <3 <RawSteelUT> the music wasn't as good as Paper Mario, but still pretty awesome. <act-deft> DMN, get working on it for the VC!!!! NOW!!! <ikumajp> logging out now~ <RawSteelUT> Bye. <ikumajp> byebye <act-deft> bye <Friz-Bee> bye |<-- ikumajp has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) -->| Brad--PodCulture ( has joined #orangelounge <act-deft> <-- Being an internet celebrity is kinda good <_< <Friz-Bee> someone needs to post a pi with "FIRED" on it <Friz-Bee> pic -->| OLRmyRecruit1201 ( has joined #orangelounge <AlphaCananogram|SHOWER> Brad--PodCulture, i was able to go to thegeekspin, and podculture, gonna try the rss stream again on psp <AlphaCananogram|SHOWER> brb <Brad--PodCulture> AlphaCananogram|SHOWER: COOL <Friz-Bee> MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * RawSteelUT rips Friz-Bee's spine out. <Friz-Bee> OUTSTANDING! =-= OLRmyRecruit1201 is now known as SONofDAD <RawSteelUT> indeed <Friz-Bee> FLAWLESS VICTORY! <act-deft> <-- that's me BTW. <act-deft> I need to cut my hair <_< -->| Dillinger|ShadowOTColossus ( has joined #orangelounge -->| Xenocore ( has joined #orangelounge <Dillinger|ShadowOTColossus> sup broskis B) <--| Dillinger|ShadowOTColossus has left #orangelounge -->| Dillinger|ShadowOTColossus ( has joined #orangelounge =-= Dillinger|ShadowOTColossus is now known as Ryoma <Ryoma> sup broskis B) =-= act-deft is now known as act-deft|PAC-MAN_CE <Xenocore> WHATSUP!!! <Jonathanf> Still can't wait for brawl. Although this music file rip is nice. <Toshin> asssshhhley! <Friz-Bee> I I I I'm your little Butterfly! <DMN> act-deft: Wait a few months <Jonathanf> B06 is a very nice rendition of Bramble Blast. <act-deft|PAC-MAN_CE> DMN, why? -->| hitstun ( has joined #orangelounge -->| OLRmyRecruit5579 ( has joined #orangelounge <RawSteelUT> Here's something for you folks to chew on. <DJMorpheus> okay i just got a txt OLr pre show is starting but there are chat issues on thier end <RawSteelUT> DJ Hero =-= OLRmyRecruit5579 is now known as Stickaxe <hitstun> Due to IRL situations, no show will be taped for the week of Febuary 17th. <hitstun> i just saw that <hitstun> uh <hitstun> is there a show? <Stickaxe> Hello folks, what's up? <[ssj100matt]> yes <RawSteelUT> hitstun - Maybe DMN's gonna do one? <Goldbanjo> aw damn I just relized the notice on the banner about the show starting late. grr im on the east coast :( <gs68> @ RawSteelUT: BREAKING NOWS: BEATMANIA/IIDX NOW IS A RIPOFF <RawSteelUT> gs68 - So true. <Friz-Bee> oh this is bad... THIS IS FUCKED UP! <RawSteelUT> But you KNEW it was going to happen. <Jonathanf> A rip off of what though? <RawSteelUT> Uh oh, gone is the stream <Brad--PodCulture> heh....lucked biggie for me that the show is starting teh day off from work <RawSteelUT> Nice, Brad. :D <Brad--PodCulture> one of teh perks of working for a bank -->| Sephiroth1215 ( has joined #orangelounge <RawSteelUT> Day off for Pres. day? <gs68> No, I don't. <Brad--PodCulture> yep <Ryoma> President's Day ftw <Brad--PodCulture> all national holidays <gs68> I think all of the CSU's/SU's across California are having class anyway. <gs68> including the one I attend, SJSU. <RawSteelUT> gs68 - Still, you knew it was going to happen, with Konami's unwillingness to nurture BeatMania in the west. |<-- Sephiroth1215 has left (Quit) <Brad--PodCulture> I work in card security for BofA <RawSteelUT> Now watch how DJ Hero makes billions of dollars and Konami sits there with their thumbs up their asses. <gs68> everywhere but Japan, thankfully <gs68> wait <gs68> is Guitar Hero big in Japan? (Yes, I'm aware of GH) <gs68> er <gs68> GF, not GH <gs68> hey, this is perfect music for playing Ridge Racers <RawSteelUT> I'm not sure. I imagine it's the same situation as GF here: soundtrack isn't their thing. <DarkTetsuya> gs68: I dunno if it was ever released over there -->| OLRmyRecruit7676 (~javac@ has joined #orangelounge <gs68> DT: I know <Goldbanjo> wrf is with this song now? <DarkTetsuya> it'd prolly be deemed 'too american' :P =-= OLRmyRecruit7676 is now known as GERARDAMO <RawSteelUT> Gold - Same song. <gs68> I mean, regional releases didn't stop Ouendan from gaining ground here; in fact, imports led to EBA <Xenocore> Damn, trixie sounds like fun in the sack. hehe <Goldbanjo> I know. I mean its gotten a little strange >_. <gs68> and IIRC, EBA has more ground in Japan than Ouendan. -->| ShadowCharlie ( has joined #orangelounge <RawSteelUT> gs68 - I thought EBA led to Nintendo taking a bath on it. <Brad--PodCulture> heh <RawSteelUT> Problem with importers for music games is that they're probably as much in it for the JPop as anything else. <AlphaCananogram|SHOWER> craOOP <RawSteelUT> Nintendo released EBA with an American soundtrack, but didn't pitch it that hard beyond the people that probably already imported it. <AlphaCananogram|SHOWER> show on yet? RawSteelUT> Nope <RawSteelUT> They're gonna be l8. <AlphaCananogram|SHOWER> ah =-= AlphaCananogram|SHOWER is now known as AlphaCananogram <Xenocore> VG Live needs to include more old school Genesis tunes in their show. <Friz-Bee> preshow? <AlphaCananogram> BUNGHOLEBUNGHOLEBUNGHOLE! <Xenocore> it would be mostly 80's J-Metal though... =-= Mode #orangelounge +v Brad--PodCulture by DJMorpheus =-= Mode #orangelounge +v GERARDAMO by DJMorpheus =-= Mode #orangelounge +v hitstun by DJMorpheus =-= Mode #orangelounge +v Ryoma by DJMorpheus =-= Mode #orangelounge +v ShadowCharlie by DJMorpheus <RawSteelUT> Who needs to watch sports when you have this? =-= Mode #orangelounge +v gk128 by DJMorpheus =-= Mode #orangelounge +v SONofDAD by DJMorpheus =-= Mode #orangelounge +v Stickaxe by DJMorpheus <Brad--PodCulture> oooh! Doctor Who! =-= Mode #orangelounge +v Xenocore by DJMorpheus <Xenocore> this show will rock for eternity, if not just for the theme <Brad--PodCulture> has anyone been watching Torchwood: Series Two? <Brad--PodCulture> damn good stuff <ShadowCharlie> wow i almost thought there was no show tonight <hitstun> i thought so too <Friz-Bee> so is there a show or not? <AlphaCananogram> maybe <[ssj100matt]> yes theres a show <Friz-Bee> ok <ShadowCharlie> does anyone else beside me live in the long island area <GERARDAMO> Rob! Where are you!? <[ssj100matt]> If there wasn't there wouldn't be a preshow up <Xenocore> does anyone know which version of the Who theme this is? * RawSteelUT lives in South Florida, Miami to be exact <Brad--PodCulture> I THINK it is teh surent theme <Friz-Bee> i want the Orbital Remix <Brad--PodCulture> just an extended mix <[ssj100matt]> They are having Chat problems tonight <ShadowCharlie> Ranma: do you go to the Dave and Busters in Times Square often <Xenocore> may have to buy the 1st season then. <Brad--PodCulture> fly BT Airways for it <Xenocore> oh, this must be a medley of all the themes. <Friz-Bee> lololololololololol <ShadowCharlie> is any one watching the new knight rider <DarkTetsuya> oh for gods sake <DarkTetsuya> wtf? <Brad--PodCulture> Shadow <Friz-Bee> how is it? <ShadowCharlie> asking? <Brad--PodCulture> I am going to be DLing it later <ShadowCharlie> pretty good <AlphaCananogram> Brad--PodCulture, it works , the rss psp thing for podculture podcast, but it takes about 40 seconds to connect to it, unlike 1 to 3 seconds for other podcasts <DarkTetsuya> trav: requesting this song via email pls <AlphaCananogram> sometimes over 40 secs <Brad--PodCulture> Alpha....prob a bandwidth thing <AlphaCananogram> ah\ <Brad--PodCulture> we've been running into that with teh current server <Brad--PodCulture> since GeekSpin is a much shorther show you may have better luck with it <DJMorpheus> damn jamie is going ol skool <Brad--PodCulture> good lord....high school flashbackes! <RawSteelUT> Indeed. <Xenocore> haha, the way back machine is ON!! haha, finally, my shit! * RawSteelUT didn't realize his computer had turned into a DeLorean. <DJMorpheus> okay 2nd text from the OLR crew all is well, chat is still being an shit <ShadowCharlie> has anyone played stepmania 3.9 on vista? <Brad--PodCulture> that's no power is a mister fusion <DarkTetsuya> trav: olry? huh <DarkTetsuya> ShadowCharlie: not yet -->| mvh808 ( has joined #orangelounge <DarkTetsuya> still trying to decide how I wanna do 2nd mix tho <hitstun> i liked the bloodhound gang version of this better <DJMorpheus> they are doing a show, all is well they just can't get into chat somethin on thier end =-= Mode #orangelounge +v mvh808 by DJMorpheus <ShadowCharlie> maybe its just my machine or not , but dont <RawSteelUT> Though I must admit I preferred Tech n9ne's vision on the song. <Goldbanjo> Hmm ive also been curious as to how stepmania performs on my vista. <mvh808> hi every1 <Xenocore> any guildmasters from the OLR warcraft guld in here? <DMN> Travis, is Rob ok? <Brad--PodCulture> DJMorpheus: have them try a webbased IRC client may have better luck <DJMorpheus> yeah all is good they are working the issues with caht <DMN> oh ok <RawSteelUT> Caht? :) =-= act-deft|PAC-MAN_CE is now known as act-deft <DMN> I'll prolly tune into part b, imma watch gladiators later <hitstun> hooray! <hitstun> awesome <AlphaCananogram> WOOT <act-deft> Picard! =-= DMN is now known as DMN|Hot_4_Crush <mvh808> just a question, im in venezuela and its around 10pm here. Im not sure when the show is starting to broadcast <Friz-Bee> nbc puts gladiators in there website <hitstun> usually stared by now <Ryoma> captain jean picard of the USS enterprise <hitstun> started* <Ryoma> make make make make make it so <DJMorpheus> peshow on now show in about 10 mins <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> soon, 6:#0 at the latest accding to rob <mvh808> so it hasnt started? <[ssj100matt]> typical Jamie preshow lol <Friz-Bee> Make-Ma-Make It-Make It- Make It So <RawSteelUT> Thus proving they'll make music out of EVERYTHING <gs68> are we gonna have to move back to otherside? -->| OLRmyRecruit9003 ( has joined #orangelounge =-= OLRmyRecruit9003 is now known as skie <gs68> (like we did when i first listened live) <[ssj100matt]> I have a feeling this is going to be a show for the ages <gs68> hiskie <skie> hey kids, sorry we are running late <Dj_darkknight> epic <mvh808> ah ok <[ssj100matt]> Rob made it <Dj_darkknight> hey rob <RawSteelUT> Oh hi Rob. <mvh808> hi rob <RawSteelUT> I see we're having a show after all. <act-deft> Hi Rob! <act-deft> yayz <gs68> A NEW CHALLENGER! <skie> DT, can you op me? =-= Mode #orangelounge +o skie by DarkTetsuya <skie> Irc's being mean <hitstun> hey, it's skie <Friz-Bee> You'll have to call agan! I'm just leaveing! I'm uh... not dressed properly <Dj_darkknight> ain't it always * gs68 is seeing ep266 on the webcam...but who cares! Time isn't a singularity! ;) <RawSteelUT> Friz - That happens to us all. <skie> no <skie> sorry kids -->| ElNoNombreHombre (~elnonombr@ has joined #orangelounge <Friz-Bee> booo <act-deft> D= <skie> we'll be up here in 10-15 minutes! We appreciate your paitence! <[ssj100matt]> FUCK im just happy theres a show <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Rob! <Friz-Bee> justin tv's stream is allways faster than l365 for me <gs68> I AM THE CUTEST OF ALL, YOU ARE BORED--wait. <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> lol you car is gay <act-deft> What will I do on tomorrow afternoon?! =P <RawSteelUT> skie - We'd never miss it. <RawSteelUT> At least unless we fell asleep. :D <act-deft> oh well, was being bitchy this week with highlights anyway <Friz-Bee> i started making a simfile of this and never finshed it * skie slaps DMN|Hot_4_Crush around a bit with a large trout <Dj_darkknight> b5 <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Rob, did you get the new GH3 song? <Brad--PodCulture> WTF? B5? <RawSteelUT> It was 1980? <Brad--PodCulture> SWEET! <RawSteelUT> Oh <skie> Not yet DMN <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Ah. <[ssj100matt]> Jamie is really going Old school and Sci fi tonight <Dj_darkknight> lol <act-deft> indeed. <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> rob tell jamie to get her butt in chat <act-deft> it's not a bad thing though <mvh808> a question: my inet connex is a nightmare so im not sure why im not hearing anything from l365 <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> rob <RawSteelUT> DMN - What about the rest of her? <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> rob <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> rob <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> rob <RawSteelUT> A talking butt is kinda strange. <skie> ... <Dj_darkknight> lol <Dj_darkknight> war of the worlds <mvh808> ah but i am getting ads <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> lol i almost read that as aids <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> YAY FOR AIDS <mvh808> dude <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> THEY GO GOOD WITH CHIPS <RawSteelUT> Sakuraids? <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Orange Lounge Venerial Diseases <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> WOOOOO! * skie slaps DMN|Hot_4_Crush around a bit with a large trout <pkjr92> DMN, wtf? <Xenocore> dude, that theme is still the shit <DJMorpheus> Ghonaherpasyhpillaids <Ryoma> Wow <Ryoma> Master Hand was a Kirby invention .-. <Dj_darkknight> lol <act-deft> Ryoma, really? <Ryoma> mhm <Ryoma> Kirby Super Star <Ryoma> A boss you fight in one of the modes is basically Master Hand <skie> WE WILL BE ON THE AIR IN 5 MINUTES KIDS <act-deft> Wow. I didn't notice that. but yeah that's sakurai for ya... <Ryoma> All the same moves, although a couple are a bit different <Dj_darkknight> yea! <act-deft> <3 Sakurai <Xenocore> play the Dr who medley again <Ryoma> A lot of stuff is taken from the Kirby games <act-deft> Ryoma, The Great Cave Offensive right? <Ryoma> The music and stage design in All Star Mode's waiting room <Ryoma> Milky Way Dreams <Ryoma> Actually, he might be in TGCO as well <Ryoma> It's the face that looks like it's made out of fruit <Ryoma> With the stone hand <Dj_darkknight> WOOT I GET LAID! <Dj_darkknight> j/k <act-deft> I need to replay it sometime soon <_<, though I'm pretty sure it's in TGCO <[ssj100matt]> ... <Dj_darkknight> i love mass effect <Xenocore> awesome <Ryoma> It's easily the best Kirby game ever <RawSteelUT> Virtual Orgasmic Rape! <pkjr92> great theme... <act-deft> Mass Effect for massive damage <RawSteelUT> W00t <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> anyones music cutting out? <Ryoma> Nope <pkjr92> nope === Dj_darkknight is logged in as Dj_Darkknight <RawSteelUT> Nope, I'm good. <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> hmm <act-deft> Ryoma, INDEED. <Brad--PodCulture> OK here so far <Friz-Bee> it fine here <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> damnit <act-deft> I heard that there's a DS version coming out of KSS soon <Ryoma> Really? <skie> after this song we are going live <skie> *starting the show <pkjr92> yay <act-deft> though I'm not sure if that rumor is true or false <_< <Friz-Bee> too bad we had to tell a few people off <gs68> just started playing Riiiiiiidge Racerrrrrr PSP again Dj_darkknight> cam less tonight? -->| Loser ( has joined #orangelounge <Friz-Bee> yup <RawSteelUT> HEY ROB! YOU LIKE THAT HD-DVD? :D <act-deft> IT'S RIDGE RACER!!! <pkjr92> yeah wheres <skie> yeah dk sorry :( <Friz-Bee> no justin tv <SONofDAD> get ready to race....... <Dj_darkknight> thats ok man <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Rob's too busy getting his bikini line waxed for the cam <RawSteelUT> ... -->| Khimaera ( has joined #orangelounge <gk128> I like how just because HD-DVD lost it means the 360 lost in some way... not like MS really cared. They just backed HD-DVD because it wasn't Sonyh * RawSteelUT is so glad he doesn't watch the video <act-deft> I always laugh when I hear "Ridge Racer" on the local arcade. <Ryoma> The playstation 3 will retail for 599 US dollars <skie> Yes DMN just for you in april sexy <RawSteelUT> gk128 - Dude, I like the 360. <RawSteelUT> I just thought HD-DVD was a shite format. <Friz-Bee> I Still thik DVD's are fine <Friz-Bee> think <pkjr92> finally Sony gets a win (after betamax and minidisc)! <gk128> I meant in general. Not you specifially <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> the fuck? <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> rob, wrong theme? <Dj_darkknight> lol =-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv ElNoNombreHombre Khimaera Loser by DMN|Hot_4_Crush <RawSteelUT> And truth be told, I hated that add-on either way. Going through USB = shit quality. <act-deft> shite? for some reason I don't think that's a typo right? <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> we want a good show! <DarkTetsuya> uh oh Khimaera <hitstun> martial arts action? <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> o his khim <RawSteelUT> Only brief nudity? <Khimaera> ack I've been spotted... <Dj_darkknight> hey khim <RawSteelUT> Come on, take it off, Jamie. :D <Khimaera> hey DT, DJDK and DMN <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> she's married dumbass lol <Goldbanjo> XD <Friz-Bee> where did all these drugs come from? <gs68> hi khinm <act-deft> lol <gs68> khim* <Ryoma> You can't stop the rock <RawSteelUT> DMN - Your point? :) <act-deft> XD <Khimaera> Hi gs68 <mvh808> rawsteelUT isnt jealous -->| AJmix ( has joined #orangelounge -->| Coma (~thistle@Monet.user.gamesurge) has joined #orangelounge -->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge * RawSteelUT is just playing around, btw. :) <Goldbanjo> is this travis's theme? <pkjr92> i think i speak for everyone when i ask WTF? <Brad--PodCulture> WTF? <SakuraMaxX> did it start? <gs68> FTW? <Ryoma> BYAH <[ssj100matt]> yes Sakura <SakuraMaxX> mm <Friz-Bee> Cant Stop The Katamari <act-deft> just starting <[ssj100matt]> hahahahahaha * RawSteelUT turns the volume down. <RawSteelUT> What the fuck was that? <Dj_darkknight> its a trap! <act-deft> XD <RawSteelUT> ... <SakuraMaxX> I just got an NESS emu <SakuraMaxX> NES* <[ssj100matt]> You got punked <SakuraMaxX> What do I play? <gs68> Oh great. A Travis and DMN show. <DarkTetsuya> !topic IMPROMPTU DMN vs Travis clusterfuck edition of OLR live now, bitches =-= ChanServ has changed the topic to “|| Orange Lounge Radio | | IMPROMPTU DMN vs Travis clusterfuck edition of OLR live now, bitches | Call us! 877-GAME-OLR (4263657) or Skype: orangeloungeradio ||” <RawSteelUT> ... <gs68> Help me ;_; <hitstun> awesome <SakuraMaxX> I have every game on the NES reeleased in America <act-deft> XFD <skie> SUCKERS! <Friz-Bee> eh? <SakuraMaxX> Skie!!! <Friz-Bee> YOU ASSS <Goldbanjo> ?_? <TigerClaw> You guys are competing against Knight Rider <RawSteelUT> Good bye, I ain't listening to this shit. <TigerClaw> hahaah <Friz-Bee> DIE <Ryoma> bahahahaha <Ryoma> this is fantastic <GERARDAMO> Wait... Where are Jamie and Loki? <Friz-Bee> LOL PUNKED <[ssj100matt]> Rawsteel: goodbye <SakuraMaxX> It's the Skie show |<-- RawSteelUT has left (Quit: Bitches get fucked, they don't get kissed.) <Ryoma> BYAH <shadowsliar> We've been decieved * gs68 activates the headphones <SakuraMaxX> I didn't tune <act-deft> We got TRAVIS-ROLL'D <SakuraMaxX> what's going on? <gs68> YAY ASIANS <[ssj100matt]> Rawsteel cried <SakuraMaxX> YAY ASIANS <gs68> incidentally, I'm asian, and the girl I like is white. <Friz-Bee> never Gonna TRAVIS you UP! <GERARDAMO> Asians! <DarkTetsuya> Friz-Bee: travisrolled? <GERARDAMO> Yay! <Friz-Bee> how could we fall for that? <gs68> Orange Lounge Radio Arcade Stage 4? |<-- skie has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <hitstun> i'm trying to make a pandora station rickroll <mvh808> live365 is sooooo slow <AlphaCananogram> what!>!>!>! * AlphaCananogram IS BACK <Xenocore> no OLR tonight, oh well. <AlphaCananogram> WHAT?!?!?! <SakuraMaxX> O Rly? <SakuraMaxX> NO WAI <AlphaCananogram> THIS BETTER BE IN PODCAST <AlphaCananogram> OR RECORDED <Drewnami> WTF, TDL? <SakuraMaxX> Oh shit <act-deft> no OLR tonight, we got TRAVIS-ROLLED! <hitstun> one with a seed of children of bodom, with all metal songs i hear on it thumbs downed, and the sole thumbs up being never gonna give you up <ShadowCharlie> so its official...olr is not airing tonight <mvh808> what? * SakuraMaxX imitates Cortez <hitstun> lolwut -->| {GZ}dr4ev ( has joined #orangelounge <SakuraMaxX> DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT <AJmix> Guitar H...I mean Rock Band <SakuraMaxX> SPACE MAN! <mvh808> bull <[ssj100matt]> If you leave you fail at life <act-deft> EL SCORCHO!!! AY CABRON! <Ryoma> I'M YOUR LOVER, I'M YOUR ZERO <SakuraMaxX> 0_o' <act-deft> <3 that song * gs68 goes over to the drinking game thread <SakuraMaxX> O_o <Ryoma> God damn you half japanese girls <pkjr92> is this live or a previous recording? <[ssj100matt]> live <GERARDAMO> Wha's goin' on? <gs68> A large what? <Ryoma> BURN <SakuraMaxX> If OLR gets fucked up, chug <DarkTetsuya> and travis with the shotgun blast <pkjr92> * (sighs) <DarkTetsuya> yeah I heard about that, they're cracking down on those <gs68> Tonight, the drink of choice for non-alcoholics will be...dinuguan broth! <act-deft> Squeenix will sue! <gs68> =-= SakuraMaxX was booted from #orangelounge by DMN|Hot_4_Crush (crysis makes kitty cry) -->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge <hitstun> oh shit, is there going to be a chatroom cagematch tonight? <SakuraMaxX> eh? <gs68> hitstun: I dunno. <Drewnami> Rawr. <act-deft> DUN DUN DUN!!! <[ssj100matt]> The US is putting embargos on materia <SakuraMaxX> DMN <gs68> wait, crysis <hitstun> haha <SakuraMaxX> I got an NES emu * gs68 takes a shot. [1] <SakuraMaxX> What do I play? <SakuraMaxX> I only have games that are released in US <SakuraMaxX> All ofthem though <GERARDAMO> A Boy And His Blob XP <gs68> Gradius II! <SakuraMaxX> Gradius II is on NES? <Drewnami> RAWR. <gs68> SakuraMaxX: Yes. JP only though. <Ryoma> Who the fuck pronounces Enix "eyenix"? <SakuraMaxX> OH CRAP I didn't know tha- <DarkTetsuya> SakuraMaxX: well there are plenty of great imports you can check out, including some fan translations <{GZ}dr4ev> is that travis on live now? <SakuraMaxX> DAMNIT <AlphaCananogram> i need to finish FFVIII <Friz-Bee> No Cosplayers can have wepons? Why bite the hand that feeds you? <gs68> because G2NES had a special chip in the card, NOA no likey special ships, so no US release. <SakuraMaxX> rofl Rampart of Metal Slug is probably my favorite classic game <DarkTetsuya> {GZ}dr4ev: yeah, the normal cast couldn't do a show tonight (rob had car problems) so travis and dmn stepped in to save us <gs68> What? SQUARE-ONIX IS EVOLVING! <DarkTetsuya> lol <SakuraMaxX> 0_o' <GERARDAMO> lol <{GZ}dr4ev> wow <gs68> Congratulations! Your SQUARE-ONIC evolved into a SQUARE-STEELIX! <gs68> STOP CRANKING DAT <hitstun> hahah <mvh808> wtf? <Drewnami> Creak dat. <mvh808> is this the show? <gs68> </3 <Ryoma> bahahaha <act-deft> Is DMN sharping a pencil? <[ssj100matt]> mvh: YES <gs68> Sit on the Asian girl. <mvh808> no way <AlphaCananogram> mvh808 for tonight <Friz-Bee> SQUARE-STEELIX is trying to learn SUE! Delete one move to learn SUE!? <AlphaCananogram> special show <AlphaCananogram> i guess <mvh808> ah ok |<-- pkjr92 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <mvh808> i guess too <Ryoma> YOUUUUUUUU <AlphaCananogram> and i say special as in DURRHHH <SakuraMaxX> roflmao <hitstun> aeris dies -->| OLRmyRecruit3031 ( has joined #orangelounge <OLRmyRecruit3031> nick/ pkjr92 <gs68> - Konami will sue. <Ryoma> Some guy from here named Evan is the finalist =-= OLRmyRecruit3031 is now known as pkjr92 <AlphaCananogram> i got death note 13 and death note: another note <AlphaCananogram> woo <AlphaCananogram> t <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> are the people in the bg <AlphaCananogram> it said it wasn't coming till the 19th <[ssj100matt]> Ryoma: you better pray DMN didn't see that <Friz-Bee> Even bigger than chaeting? <--| ElNoNombreHombre has left #orangelounge <Friz-Bee> chaeting <Friz-Bee> i cant spell Drewnami> THUMP. <Ryoma> :O * gs68 takes a shot. [2] <act-deft> XD * act-deft takes a shot <Ryoma> SEPHIROTH KILLS AERIS <mvh808> im like confused... who the fuck is talking now? <DarkTetsuya> LOL <Friz-Bee> START THE GAME! <DarkTetsuya> [EXPLICIT] <Friz-Bee> Um yak? <SakuraMaxX> ? <[ssj100matt]> mvh: DMN and Travis: DJMorpheus <Drewnami> Oi... <gs68> [EXPLICITEXPLICITEXPLICITEXPLICITEXPLICITEXPLICIT] <mvh808> thx <Drewnami> [EXPLICIT] <act-deft> mvh, the host today are Travis Donovan from TDL, and DMN from GTFO, two OLR shows |<-- ShadowCharlie has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]) <SakuraMaxX> My Live Gold trial is about to end T.T <hitstun> i don't think this is getting podcast <SakuraMaxX> oh well <mvh808> thx for clearing that up for me <Dj_darkknight> what about me <Dj_darkknight> lol <act-deft> mvh, I speak Spanish, if you need something just private message me. <DarkTetsuya> yeah I heard the striking writers were moonlighting in videogames <Friz-Bee> the whole show is distracting <gs68> Gamers' strike? <Khimaera> sweet! <Drewnami> Wow, the strike is over. Now back to our regularly-scheduled shitty TV! <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> fuck <act-deft> yay for crappy! <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> laptops not working <Friz-Bee> oops <SakuraMaxX> The writers were striking, went to Germany, wrote Crysis, bam. Look what we got. <[ssj100matt]> kick Sakuramaxx <SakuraMaxX> no * gs68 slaps SakuraMaxX around a bit with a large trout <SakuraMaxX> no * gs68 slaps SakuraMaxX around a bit with a large trout <act-deft> the only one I care about is LOST. <DarkTetsuya> another boll turd <[ssj100matt]> yes <SakuraMaxX> OH SHNAP =-= SakuraMaxX was booted from #orangelounge by DMN|Hot_4_Crush (next is a ban) -->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge <act-deft> give me LOST or DIE!! <SakuraMaxX> oh <SakuraMaxX> ok * gs68 RISING DUNKs MaxX * gs68 POWER DUNKs MaxX <Ryoma> I just want my Scrubs * gs68 BUSTAAAAAAAA DUNKs MaxX <SakuraMaxX> I just want.. <Friz-Bee> why are they streching out Lost till 2010? <SakuraMaxX> hmm. <gs68> a ban, eh? <SakuraMaxX> 2010? Seriously? <Brad--PodCulture> DJMorpheus: how are you screwed? it is FREE fracking TV <Friz-Bee> yes <DarkTetsuya> transformers 2 is back on, that's all I'm concerned about * gs68 readies a glass of dinuguan broth. |<-- gk128 has left (Ping timeout) <Friz-Bee> dead serious <DarkTetsuya> (well that and heroes) <act-deft> there will be only 6 seasons of LOST, so two more to go <_< <SakuraMaxX> Jazz is supposed to be ressed, right? <Brad--PodCulture> and Brit TV runs short seasons....why not American TV? -->| OLRmyRecruit1966 ( has joined #orangelounge <DarkTetsuya> SakuraMaxX: I'm not sure... I hear rodimus might be in the next one <act-deft> I did. <SakuraMaxX> oh, my friend keeps telling me Bungie got back together with Microsoft <SakuraMaxX> Is this true? <Drewnami> MEANWHILE, AT THE HALL OF SHIT <DarkTetsuya> hopefully as a 2009 trans am (since it also has a firebird on the hood) <act-deft> I was actually looking forward to it. |<-- Stickaxe has left (Ping timeout) * gs68 feels the Travis Rant-O-Meter rising. =-= OLRmyRecruit1966 is now known as HolyShounen <DarkTetsuya> what about robin? |<-- Khimaera has left (Ping timeout) <act-deft> Like I said... I was actually looking forward to it... =( <HolyShounen> was robin in the league? <Friz-Bee> arnt they making a movie off that Alace PC horror game? -->| gk128 (~gamekid12@gk128.user.gamesurge) has joined #orangelounge <SakuraMaxX> If BioShock were a movie, would it be good (I have NEVER played BioShock, but I want to) <HolyShounen> It would be an awesome movie |<-- SONofDAD has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <Goldbanjo> p2p. OWN it as long as you want ;) <SakuraMaxX> O Rly? -->| Khimaera ( has joined #orangelounge <Drewnami> Rawr. <gs68> RUMORS. * Drewnami ties Khim down <gs68> ON THE INTERNETS. <act-deft> NO WAI. <[ssj100matt]> save you money here is the cloverfield monster: <HolyShounen> .... <[ssj100matt]> your* <Friz-Bee> AND PC's <SakuraMaxX> xD <DarkTetsuya> drew: how *do* you survive with her net so intermittent? :( <act-deft> I saw Cloverfield, IT WAS HUGE AND PRETTY AWESOME. <AlphaCananogram> but what about wii <HolyShounen> rumor= near truth <DarkTetsuya> I dunno how you can manage <SakuraMaxX> I wish HL would work on my PC <act-deft> <3 Cloverfield <Goldbanjo> BLU RAY WANNAR <gs68> I wish Portal would work on my PC <Friz-Bee> me too <SakuraMaxX> !! Should I get CoD 4 if I like games with realistic physics? <HolyShounen> I thought Cloverfield was really good <Friz-Bee> not enlugh ram <Ryoma> Alpha - Us Wii users just have to keep on looking at porn on the Internet Channel <Friz-Bee> engough <hitstun> a winner is you [blu-ray] <HolyShounen> Blu-Ray FTW <act-deft> BLU-RAY GETS THE SPOILS! <SakuraMaxX> Ryoma, when my computer broke down for like 4 months, I depended on internet channel <Friz-Bee> ROB <HolyShounen> ^_^ <Goldbanjo> Everything except my video ram is compatable with portal, therefore it runs laggy <HolyShounen> (^_^) <HolyShounen> even that wont work <HolyShounen> your screwed probably <[ssj100matt]> Wal Mart went Blu-Ray... They got the white trash market <AlphaCananogram> Ryoma, i don't think youporn or pornotube works on Wii browser anymore due to site updates requiring higher version of flash player that wii can't do yet <Brad--PodCulture> that HDDVD coffin has been nailed more than Paris Hilton <gs68> lolmart. <Ryoma> >_> <SakuraMaxX> lol icon <Ryoma> That wasn't actually SERIOUS <Ryoma> <_< <act-deft> BLU-RAY vs. HD-DVD, Round 3, GO FOR BROKE!!! <[ssj100matt]> Round 3 ended act <Friz-Bee> just like Manhunt 2 oh wait.......... <AlphaCananogram> Ryoma, were ya talking to me? <gk128> HD porn = would be awful.. <act-deft> *BLU-RAY does Rising DEMON! <gs68> HD nipples? Sure, why not. <Ryoma> Kind of .-. <Friz-Bee> does anyone really watch porn on DVD anymore? <Dj_darkknight> late <HolyShounen> Walmart is the final word <act-deft> KO! BLU-RAY wins! PERFECT! <DarkTetsuya> oh lord yeah <Goldbanjo> this games winner is...... ^_^ <HolyShounen> ... <mvh808> i dont wanna see butts that look like golfballs <DarkTetsuya> fuck <HolyShounen> oh dear <AlphaCananogram> Ryoma, oh sorry <HolyShounen> 0.0 dear god no <gs68> test <[ssj100matt]> sounds much better <DarkTetsuya> shame on her! <gs68> oh THAT room * gs68 facepalm <hitstun> much better <SakuraMaxX> lol Clannad <Ryoma> But that's still good to know >_> <Friz-Bee> very lightly <Friz-Bee> its fine <HolyShounen> we can handle <gs68> I have a crap-ass 480i TV, so why Blu-Ray or HDDVD? <DarkTetsuya> wish my wii would play dvds, I finally got those ubercables for my hdtv, 35 bucks for official nintendo ones <SakuraMaxX> I have an oooollllld tv <Friz-Bee> tube based tv ftw <SakuraMaxX> I wish I had a cable hookup from my moniter to my TV <gs68> Low-res game + HDTV - upscaler = NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! <SakuraMaxX> Then I'd be using SM for parties * gs68 points to SVGL's IIDX machine before they got the CRT screen. <act-deft> SDTV FTW. <[ssj100matt]> Brazil in HD = needs to happen <DarkTetsuya> MADNESS? THIS IS HI-DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF <Friz-Bee> some computers have a s-Video next to the moniter <hitstun> sega master system HD lol <pkjr92> I can't wait fr transformers!!! <pkjr92> for <SakuraMaxX> aaaahhhh <Friz-Bee> then you can go from S-Video PC to TV <DarkTetsuya> gs68: before or after they got 15 <DarkTetsuya> :P <gs68> eh. <gs68> addWHAT * gs68 takes a shot. [3] |<-- Xenocore has left (Quit) * act-deft takes shot <HolyShounen> jolly good I say <SakuraMaxX> lol I know how to kill everyone <gs68> hmm I've honestly never tried dinuguan...looks disgusting though <SakuraMaxX> When someone takes a shot, you take a shot <SakuraMaxX> Endless cycle <DarkTetsuya> travis: oh probably <gs68> dunno how my parents and cousin are able to enjoy it. <act-deft> Spore teaches evolution? CALL THE CHRISTIAN POLICE!!! <SakuraMaxX> xDD <AlphaCananogram> but then there is jack tomp <Friz-Bee> Except for GTA........... <SakuraMaxX> Jack Tomp defends Mass Effect <SakuraMaxX> lol <Friz-Bee> rember...........GTA is REAL <SakuraMaxX> Yosh! <gs68> AMERICAN GLADIATORS IS ON IN THE WEST COAST, GO <SakuraMaxX> OLR is more important <gs68> EoJ? <DarkTetsuya> I thought it was closer to 200k... but not quite <SakuraMaxX> Than American Gladiators <AlphaCananogram> SakuraMaxX, are you refering to arnold schwarsheneeegear ALINAMIN V commercials? <Friz-Bee> Rember Vringia Tech? All he played was Sonic <[ssj100matt]> Its at 170,000 actually <DarkTetsuya> yeah I think it's 'eventually' <act-deft> Stuck in 0.17 mil <gs68> 4th mix... <SakuraMaxX> Am I??? <AlphaCananogram> SakuraMaxX: are you!? <Friz-Bee> never gonna happen <SakuraMaxX> I don't know! <[ssj100matt]> DMN: Total sales in its lifetime <gs68> NO SPOILERS, OR AERIS GETS IT! <SakuraMaxX> Lot of my guildies started saying Yosh <AlphaCananogram> <AlphaCananogram> YouTube - Arnold Japanese Beer Commercial <Friz-Bee> i've got the news <AlphaCananogram> SakuraMaxX watch <SakuraMaxX> k SakuraMaxX> k <act-deft> XD <act-deft> I have a copy of E.T. <HolyShounen> O.O <SakuraMaxX> lol <HolyShounen> its not the re-release is it? <SakuraMaxX> My guildies starting saying Yosh <DarkTetsuya> ET and the escape from the endless pit <AlphaCananogram> SakuraMaxX, it's not beer though, it's a vitamin drink <AlphaCananogram> lol <AlphaCananogram> thats great <SakuraMaxX> And one even made a modified PangYa emoticon called Yosh <act-deft> There is a landfilled of E.T. for the 2600, one of Atari's Ex-Employees confirmed it. <AlphaCananogram> i love the word yosh <AlphaCananogram> or yoshi <gs68> don't you mean yoshi? (the i is silent) <TigerClaw> I remember beating E.T. as well <AlphaCananogram> whatever its spelled <SakuraMaxX> And then one epic PangYa member uses it a low xD |<-- HolyShounen has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) =-= hitstun is now known as hitstun|Forza2 <TigerClaw> The raiders of the lost ark game on the atari 2600 was super hard <SakuraMaxX> uses it a lot* <AlphaCananogram> SPEAKING OF TOTAL RECALL <AlphaCananogram> <hitstun|Forza2> back to the future part 2&3 was...interesting -->| OLRmyRecruit0777 ( has joined #orangelounge <pkjr92> E.T phone OLR on Skype! =-= OLRmyRecruit0777 is now known as HolyShounen <Friz-Bee> E.T Skype Home <SakuraMaxX> He laughs like a crazy maniac xD <act-deft> YOSH!!! <SakuraMaxX> So that's seriously Ahnold? <AlphaCananogram> yosh <[ssj100matt]> <AlphaCananogram> yes <AlphaCananogram> SakuraMaxX yes <SakuraMaxX> xD <--| Coma has left #orangelounge <AlphaCananogram> he did more commercials for alinamin bui <Friz-Bee> NINTENDO 64!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <SakuraMaxX> xDD <AlphaCananogram> <HolyShounen> Aw, I liked the N64 <AlphaCananogram> watch! <Friz-Bee> n64 was the best thing i ever bought <GERARDAMO> Gamecube had best Soul Calibur II <HolyShounen> I don't think it that big a mistake <AlphaCananogram> THE END ove the vid is epic <mvh808> c64 <Friz-Bee> Perfect Dark <GERARDAMO> Also, asymmetrical buttons FTW <AlphaCananogram> i hated soul calibur II on Gamecube because of gamecube controller <gs68> I'm seeing a Mucinex commercial over here. <TigerClaw> DMN, What about Battle For Naboo on the N64 made by the same team that did Rogue squadron <hitstun|Forza2> i actually kinda liked the gamecube sc2 button config |<-- mvh808 has left (Quit: Alt-F4) <hitstun|Forza2> just use the SNES-style pad and you're set <act-deft> XD <GERARDAMO> AC - I couldn't play SCIII because I hated playing it on the PS2 <hitstun|Forza2> b-grabs are much easier on it <AlphaCananogram> i'm just used to symetrical buttons on DreamCast Soul Calibur 1 <AlphaCananogram> so it was easy to adapt to SCii on ps2 <AlphaCananogram> for me that is |<-- SakuraMaxX has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]) <GERARDAMO> The big thing for me was using the D-Pad, so I think I can manage IV on the 360 <[ssj100matt]> They finished all of his shots <TigerClaw> Im sure somewhere in the movie's end credits they will have some text saying something like, This film is dedicated to heath ledger or something like that <HolyShounen> I <3 the Joker <Drewnami> Too sooooon <act-deft> The Dark Knight is Post-Production now <gs68> "I AM SOOOO FREAKIN' EXCITED" <[ssj100matt]> Heath Ledger finished his Post production shots <pkjr92> wtf? <act-deft> XD <act-deft> Crazy Asian Chick! <Dj_darkknight> lol <AlphaCananogram> lol, cocker <AlphaCananogram> lol, cock <gk128> Heath Legers unfinished movie is still going to be finished. They are going to work around it because it involved him leaping into different worlds... so when he leaps into a new world he'll be played by a different actor <AlphaCananogram> even though it's crocker <gs68> just go Kenshiro on their asses. <pkjr92> he he he, cock... |<-- AJmix has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]) <TigerClaw> Lets not forget another OLR Tradition. The FUs of the week. <act-deft> Fuck it indeed. <gs68> Gaming week? DJMP2, WMMT3, ID4, Ridge Racers, Castlevania DXC... <pkjr92> FU #1: Where is OLR? <AlphaCananogram> MY GAMING WEEK: Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, WipEout Pulse, and Super Metroid (played for first time today, WHY HAVEN'T I PLAYED IT BEFORE, I WILL NEVER KNOW?!?!?!) <gs68> I got up to stage 5' on a 1CC run of DXC, and died horribly. <GERARDAMO> Who even thought that GGAHT would be fun for the drummer and singer in Rock Band, anyway? They need to be fired <pkjr92> Sorry Travis and DMN, you're not skie, Loki and DarkSakura <gs68> I swear, it's the hardest fucking stage in the game before stage 8. <hitstun|Forza2> my gaming week: wolfenstein enemy territory, forza motorsport 2, megaman maverick hunter x, and i wanna be the guy <[ssj100matt]> pkjr92: wah wah wah <act-deft> Gaming Week: Pac-Man C.E., Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (I still need to do the last case <_<), Halo 3, Team Fortress 2 and Rock Band, just started Drum Solo tour on Expert <_< <pkjr92> Hey, I didn't say you were bad... <DarkTetsuya> lol <act-deft> XD <gs68> pkjr92: HEY, APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT WE HAVE AN ALTERNATE SHOW TO FILL IN <pkjr92> good point... <[ssj100matt]> DO IT <act-deft> DO IT DO IT!!! <Ryoma> bahaha <AlphaCananogram> brbrbbrbrb <[ssj100matt]> Monica is a milf <Friz-Bee> RING RING RING <Ryoma> all things considered i couldn't be better I MUST SAY <DarkTetsuya> lol <Friz-Bee> now <[ssj100matt]> lol <act-deft> <_<... <AlphaCananogram> wth? <pkjr92> YES <[ssj100matt]> thats also for Rawsteel <[ssj100matt]> the biggest baby <gs68> Rob-flood him! <gs68> I missed the last idontknowhowmany episodes <Friz-Bee> hehehehehehehe <DarkTetsuya> LOL <act-deft> Awww... <act-deft> Rob'd <Friz-Bee> rob <Friz-Bee> rob <pkjr92> Rob <gs68> I Rob-flooded his Facebook wall. -->| Jaded ( has joined #orangelounge <Khimaera> *ferret* <hitstun|Forza2> hahaa <gs68> <gs68> Raymond A wrote <gs68> oops <gs68> at 3:26pm on February 10th, 2008: "Rob. Rob. Rob. Rob. Rob." <gs68> Monica is hot. Sha--ohfuckiforgothernamealready? Not a fan of the hair. <pkjr92> hello? <act-deft> blablabla <DarkTetsuya> WHAT! <AlphaCananogram> DJMorpheus, SPEAKING OF AMERICAN GLADIATORS, where's the podcast? <[ssj100matt]> DMN: Spoiler alert: shit load of commercials <gs68> Please respond. <Dj_darkknight> lol <Friz-Bee> They dont show anything untill 45 Min into the show <act-deft> XFD <gs68> The Travis & Jon Train-Wrecking Co. <DarkTetsuya> <3 heavenly star in nmh <act-deft> He did <_< <AlphaCananogram> DarkTetsuya?!??!?! <gs68> I MUST HAVE NMH. <DarkTetsuya> my brother rented it <gs68> I AM WILLING TO TRADE IN METROID PIECE OF SHIT 3. <AlphaCananogram> DarkTetsuya GENKI ROCKETS' HEAVENLY STAR IS IN NO MORE HEROES?!!?! <DarkTetsuya> yeah <act-deft> But since he was a OLRmyrecruit, we didn't payed attention <_< <gs68> but I could tell by the way he worded his messages. <AlphaCananogram> DarkTetsuya, i shall get No More Heroes just for HEAVENLY STAR <DarkTetsuya> LOL <DarkTetsuya> dmn doing LOKI ftw <hitstun|Forza2> alphacananogram: yes it is <hitstun|Forza2> believe it <hitstun|Forza2> it's in there <hitstun|Forza2> and i have no idea why <AlphaCananogram> is it a remix? <hitstun|Forza2> nope <AlphaCananogram> huh ,,, <gs68> I'd rent but, I'm in colleges, and you know what a number college homework does to time. <gs68> college* <AlphaCananogram> is it like bgm or just part of a movie clip>? <hitstun|Forza2> shop music <AlphaCananogram> huh <hitstun|Forza2> i think <hitstun|Forza2> i think i killed the chatroom <AlphaCananogram> i just spent a ton of money lately, shall get NMH eventually <AlphaCananogram> no, i did :P <AlphaCananogram> DIE DIE DIE! <act-deft> no, you didn't =P <act-deft> we're paying attention to Rob. act-deft> Though I think I killed it <_< <DarkTetsuya> like that's any differnet from the regular show? <[ssj100matt]> <RawSteelUT> Good bye, I ain't listening to this shit. <pkjr92> oh really? <gs68> current priority: Apollo Justice, NMH, SSBB <act-deft> *rimshot* <gs68> my college's computer science club is gonna get it anyway <pkjr92> ssj100matt, you don't want to fail at life do you? <Ryoma> baha <gs68> they have a wii and a GC, and SSBM is all they ever play. <gs68> when they're there. <[ssj100matt]> no but Rawsteel does <act-deft> XD <gs68> Ron Pwned? <HolyShounen> lol <gs68> HEY! <gs68> YOU DO NOT SAY HIS NAME! <act-deft> Travis, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND WITH THE PEOPLE! <gs68> YOU WILL ADDRESS HIM AS JACK VOLDEMORT OR JACK VON KARMA OR WHATEVER. <DarkTetsuya> oh lord <Friz-Bee> Sean Paul <HolyShounen> sweet * gs68 reengages the headphones. <AlphaCananogram> SNOO SNOO <Friz-Bee> where's wolf when you need him? <AlphaCananogram> not snook snook <gs68> YAY FOR CLOSED CAPTION <act-deft> SNOO SNOO!!! <Khimaera> snu snu! <AlphaCananogram> SNU SNU <AlphaCananogram> Khimaera, OMG HI! <Friz-Bee> DEAH!....... BU SNU SNU! <gs68> POWAAAAAAAAAAAAH SNU-SNU! </female terry?> <Khimaera> heya Alpha <Goldbanjo> futurama FTW <hitstun|Forza2> oh shit, i forgot she was in nba jam <act-deft> XD <gs68> Broes before Hoes? <[ssj100matt]> Hillary never cared about NY <gs68> Or if you're on the Indepentent Party (not decline-to-state, Indy Party), vote for your moms. * AlphaCananogram bought a dr. zoidberg figure,,, the box was damaged, so i got a discount, and i may open it and get another one, but mint condition <act-deft> I'm not either a Democrat nor a republican nor an Independent, I'm a Mexican =D <TigerClaw> Imagine Travis doing the State Of The Union <TigerClaw> hah <Friz-Bee> hahaha <gs68> Bill Sexton? <gs68> stabbed in the screwdriver with an ass? <gs68> oh wait <--| Jaded has left #orangelounge <Goldbanjo> I love the SFX on this show <gs68> WAITNO, I DON'T WANT NO BOOT TO THE HEAD <act-deft> BEWARE OF THE ASIAN CHICK!!! <AlphaCananogram> LOL!?!!?!?!!? <act-deft> XFD <AlphaCananogram> wtf <gs68> I DON'T WANT NO REPPUKEN! <AlphaCananogram> lol wah wah wah sound <AlphaCananogram> DMN, DJMorpheus, SEND ME THE WAH WAH WAH SOUND <act-deft> WE'RE ABOUT TO... BREAK!!! <[ssj100matt]> Alpha: im sure if you looked online you would find it <gs68> Not THAT break! Way to reset the stream! <act-deft> I'm tempted to skype <_< <Friz-Bee> do it |<-- HolyShounen has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <act-deft> DOOOOO IIITT!!! <pkjr92> oooohhhhhh a whole dollar! <[ssj100matt]> play some of the Rob Roberts tribute <AlphaCananogram> [ssj100matt], aint there over 9000 wah wah wah sounds online, i want the exact one they had <[ssj100matt]> Alpha: too bad <AlphaCananogram> [ssj100matt],,, wah wah wah :P <act-deft> <3 New Order. |<-- Brad--PodCulture has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.80 [Firefox]) <act-deft> Slow chat is slow... <hitstun|Forza2> indeed |<-- Drewnami has left (Read error: Connection reset by peer) <AlphaCananogram> lemme speed it up for yall <AlphaCananogram> nm <Goldbanjo> >_> =-= hitstun|Forza2 is now known as hitstun|food -->| Drewnami ( has joined #orangelounge =-= Mode #orangelounge +o Drewnami by ChanServ |<-- Drewnami has left (Read error: Connection reset by peer) <act-deft> <_< <[ssj100matt]> hahaha <Goldbanjo> XD <Dj_darkknight> lol <act-deft> XFD -->| Drewnami ( has joined #orangelounge <act-deft> SOMEONE RECORD THIS!!! =-= Mode #orangelounge +o Drewnami by ChanServ <ChanServ> [Drewnami] Bad joke master on deck! <Dj_darkknight> classic <Goldbanjo> im recording it <Goldbanjo> i always record bonus segments <Friz-Bee> good * act-deft dances <AlphaCananogram> sankkyu Goldbanjo <[ssj100matt]> act: Its already archived <act-deft> really? <pkjr92> will it be avil. on the podcast feed? <[ssj100matt]> this is from the Rob Roberts tribute i believe <pkjr92> avail. <act-deft> oh =O <AlphaCananogram> yep <Goldbanjo> well whatever. OLR dosnt give out there bonus segments normally though right. and whats the rob roberts tribute? <AlphaCananogram> LOOK LOOK, at my naked naked bum bum <[ssj100matt]> this is it <Goldbanjo> oh. I didnt even know about this until now <Goldbanjo> :) <Friz-Bee> Lames Jipton <AlphaCananogram> Goldbanjo, ya want a link? <Goldbanjo> yes plz <act-deft> XD <act-deft> alpha me too pz <Goldbanjo> akuda(my friend/another user of this show would love this) <AlphaCananogram> LOOK LOOK, at my naked naked bum bum <Friz-Bee> smal peaces of chease? -->| OLRmyRecruit6393 ( has joined #orangelounge <pkjr92> disturbing, to say the least <gs68> YO HO HO, HE TOOK A BITE OF BUM BUM * act-deft spit soda out of laughter <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> email your top 16 games of all time to dmn - =-= OLRmyRecruit6393 is now known as Lets_Have_Tea <act-deft> XD <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> please? =-= hitstun|food is now known as hitstun|Forza2 <Lets_Have_Tea> What the fuck? <hitstun|Forza2> i'll come up with something, DMN <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> AND CRYSIS IS NOT THE BEST GAME EVER MADE <AlphaCananogram> i gotta find it <act-deft> Tea, we've been Travis-Roll'D <gs68> wth I have like 5 volume controls <Friz-Bee> OLR's closed so we get Travis <Friz-Bee> car troubles <gs68> my kajetometer has activated emergency mode...-90,001! <hitstun|Forza2> oh shit! <Goldbanjo> this more about rob than i needed to know XD <gs68> NO... <gs68> NOOOO...... <Lets_Have_Tea> I'm confused <Lets_Have_Tea> lol <act-deft> I'm scared... <Lets_Have_Tea> same * gs68 - HP 6568/6568 <Goldbanjo> CHIA PET <Lets_Have_Tea> hold me, act-deft * gs68 - HP 32/6568 <act-deft> ... oh my gawd... <AlphaCananogram> LOVE THIS SONG <Goldbanjo> *gathers around the fire* <Friz-Bee> eh? * act-deft holds Lets_Have_Tea <AlphaCananogram> it needs a step file <Ryoma> hahahahahahahahahahaha * gs68 - HP 1/6568 (Cardiac arrest) <Friz-Bee> 2ND MIX STEPFILE <Friz-Bee> go go go go go go go * [ssj100matt] wonders why this isn't in OLRev 2nd mix <Friz-Bee> haahhhhhhh <Friz-Bee> no <Ryoma> oh god <Ryoma> OH GOD <Friz-Bee> DO NOT WNAT <Ryoma> i can never think about masturbation the same way again * act-deft ears are bleeding <Lets_Have_Tea> yea... 2nd mix <Lets_Have_Tea> 2nd mix <Lets_Have_Tea> WANT <Friz-Bee> now * gs68 - HP 0.19/6568 (Cardiac arrest, Seizure, Temp Insanity) <AlphaCananogram> FOUND IT! <gs68> asspiping stories? <Ryoma> I hope to god this is being recorded <Friz-Bee> Programme <act-deft> XFD =-= gs68 was booted from #orangelounge by DMN|Hot_4_Crush (FLATLINED) -->| gs68 ( has joined #orangelounge -->| OLRmyRecruit5561 ( has joined #orangelounge =-= OLRmyRecruit5561 is now known as BlondeDevil <hitstun|Forza2> hahaha <Lets_Have_Tea> Ryoma... yes <Lets_Have_Tea> very yes <Lets_Have_Tea> who is recording this? <pkjr92> i've got a poll of tonight on the forums (under random chatter). Who will win, Travis and DMN, or "The Regulars"? <Lets_Have_Tea> where do you live? <Ryoma> :D <Goldbanjo> I know i am <gs68> thousaaaaaands! <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> WOLF JUST FELL OH SHIT <AlphaCananogram> Lets_Have_Tea, are you talking about whole show or just this part? |<-- BlondeDevil has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <act-deft> XFD <Friz-Bee> i say we still need a olr wiki <Lets_Have_Tea> just this part <act-deft> friz, after hearing this, yeah! <Goldbanjo> friz-bee:i was thinking about that a couple weeks ago but too shy to bring it up <Friz-Bee> so that people who dont know all this stuff can understand <gs68> SHUT UP ROB! <Goldbanjo> I've been trying to take notes on episodes and log chats |<-- Lets_Have_Tea has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) -->| OLRmyRecruit7888 ( has joined #orangelounge =-= OLRmyRecruit7888 is now known as Lets_Have_Tea <act-deft> wait, so Rob did go to American Idol? <_<? <pkjr92> Rob gets a Platinum-Gold-Beat-Simon-over-the-head ticket! <Lets_Have_Tea> oops |<-- GERARDAMO has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <Friz-Bee> I AM YOUR BROTHER! YOUR BEST FRIEND FOREVER! <pkjr92> im felling it... <pkjr92> feeling <Lets_Have_Tea> so much 2nd mix potential here <act-deft> indeed. <Goldbanjo> SINGING THE SONG! tHE MUSIC THAT YOU LOVE-OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! <gs68> <pkjr92> Do I hear a coming Rob Remix? <DarkTetsuya> maybe lol act-deft> gs68, I'm working on it <_< <Friz-Bee> didnt we just hear this? <Drewnami> ...wait, haven't we heard this before? <AlphaCananogram> WOOT <AlphaCananogram> yes <[ssj100matt]> another 2nd mix song here <gs68> This station has re-hit a new low. <gs68> ...i take it back. <Lets_Have_Tea> lmao <act-deft> XFD <AlphaCananogram> lol at british coment <Friz-Bee> lolololo <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Travis. <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Travis. <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Travis. <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Travis. |<-- DJMorpheus has left (Read error: Connection reset by peer) <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Travis. <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Travis. <gs68> ...i take it forward. <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Travis. <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Travis. <act-deft> Travis. <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> HELLGA GOT OWNED <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> O HSHIT <gs68> ...i take it baack...forward...back...forward...backward...@_@ <Friz-Bee> can i has? -->| DJMorpheus ( has joined #orangelounge =-= Mode #orangelounge +o DJMorpheus by ChanServ <AlphaCananogram> damn, uploading is slow =-= Mode #orangelounge +v gk128 by DJMorpheus =-= Mode #orangelounge +v gs68 by DJMorpheus =-= Mode #orangelounge +v Khimaera by DJMorpheus <Goldbanjo> where u uploadin it? =-= Mode #orangelounge +v Lets_Have_Tea by DJMorpheus =-= Mode #orangelounge +v pkjr92 by DJMorpheus <Ryoma> hahahahahahahahahaha =-= Mode #orangelounge +v {GZ}dr4ev by DJMorpheus <act-deft> XD <pkjr92> where can i find "special singing"clips of the OLR team? <act-deft> This is gold <Lets_Have_Tea> lmao <therobd> What' <Lets_Have_Tea> this is so win <gs68> lol shack? <therobd> *What does Castlevania 2 say when the morning comes back? <therobd> I forget. <gs68> THE MORNING SUN HAS VANQUISHED THE HORRIBLE NIGHT. <therobd> ty <Lets_Have_Tea> hahahahaha <therobd> Hey, OLR people, by the way. <therobd> It's been a while. <act-deft> hi robd <Lets_Have_Tea> sup brother <gs68> you know, I'm thankful we have any sort of show tonight, and by extension an active chatroom <Lets_Have_Tea> I still want that deposit <therobd> I've worked most Sunday nights for the past few months. <gs68> this is my escape from a rejection I got hit with this weekend. <therobd> And I did close tonight, but I got back earlier than normal. <Ryoma> What a horrible night to have a curse... <therobd> So I get to listen to an OLR segment! <gs68> hmm... <Lets_Have_Tea> kinda <act-deft> "OLR" segment <_< <Lets_Have_Tea> lol <gs68> *12 hours later* THE MORNING SUN HAS VANQUISHED THE HORRIBLE WEEKEND. <therobd> Or "Love Shack." =-= act-deft is now known as act-deft|TRAVISROLLED <Ryoma> It's like a train wreck <Ryoma> You want to look away, but you just CAN'T. -->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XFD <SakuraMaxX> OH [DCC] Got DCC File Transfer offer from “AlphaCananogram” ( of “Rob_Roberts_Roast.mp3” (18.6 MiB) [Accept] [Decline]. <therobd> Oh, did OLR end already? <SakuraMaxX> MY <SakuraMaxX> GOD <hitstun|Forza2> DMN: my list is ready, just sorting it now <SakuraMaxX> Gradius <SakuraMaxX> is <[ssj100matt]> i forgot how long this was <SakuraMaxX> r0x0rz <Friz-Bee> GAYZITORIA <gs68> so, I'm very grateful that y'all are in here tonight, the randomness in here keeps me entertained <therobd> He's at Lalah's house? <therobd> LALAH! <therobd> NOOOOO <SakuraMaxX> Gradius is 1337 <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Drunk Rob! <therobd> DON'T STOP! <gs68> i mean yeah, I'm saying that this Rob Tribute is cheesy on every level, but I'll take this over a depressing, lonely night. <Lets_Have_Tea> lmao <Lets_Have_Tea> this is amazing <SakuraMaxX> Yosh! <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Cheesy yet win. <AlphaCananogram> yosh <Ryoma> This is the definition of blackmail material <therobd> Oh, I don't get a real OLR show? <therobd> :( <Lets_Have_Tea> you get a real chatroom <Friz-Bee> car troubles <Friz-Bee> nope <therobd> Ah. <DarkTetsuya> yeah <SakuraMaxX> my sanity during homework is ruined <AlphaCananogram> therobd, better than nothin <therobd> Oh, well, good enough. <[ssj100matt]> you get the Travis and DMN clusterfuck show <Lets_Have_Tea> haha <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Robd, you've just been TRAVIS-ROLL'D =-= Mode #orangelounge +v SakuraMaxX by DJMorpheus <SakuraMaxX> 34% of 536=? <SakuraMaxX> Listening to my iPod <SakuraMaxX> Can't concentrate [DCC] Got DCC File Transfer offer from “AlphaCananogram” ( of “Rob_Roberts_Roast.mp3” (18.6 MiB) [Accept] [Decline]. <SakuraMaxX> DMN is probably ranting about me still <hitstun|Forza2> dmn: top 16 = sent, FAILED <SakuraMaxX> xD <hitstun|Forza2> what's your email again? <Lets_Have_Tea> .... omg <gs68> hitstun: is cr*sis in it? <hitstun|Forza2> nope <gs68> GOOD <hitstun|Forza2> only one 360 game <SakuraMaxX> good <SakuraMaxX> don't make my mistake =-= SakuraMaxX was booted from #orangelounge by DMN|Hot_4_Crush (AYAUP) -->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge <Lets_Have_Tea> lmao <gs68> You've spared yourself a whole lot of kick rape. <Friz-Bee> it's the no show <SakuraMaxX> I think his email is <SakuraMaxX> <hitstun|Forza2> i think so <SakuraMaxX> or is it <SakuraMaxX> arg <gs68> I wouldn't take the Sex Quiz... <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> i think it's the former <gs68> ...because my sex life is nonexistent. =-= SakuraMaxX was booted from #orangelounge by DMN|Hot_4_Crush (SakuraMaxX) -->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge =-= SakuraMaxX was booted from #orangelounge by DMN|Hot_4_Crush (SakuraMaxX) -->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge <gs68> I've had sex with like...0 people. <SakuraMaxX> hm? <hitstun|Forza2> i've emailed him before =-= SakuraMaxX was booted from #orangelounge by DMN|Hot_4_Crush (SakuraMaxX) -->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge * gs68 takes 3--4 shots <SakuraMaxX> ?? * SakuraMaxX is confused <Lets_Have_Tea> it's okay gs68, I'm sure Rob would do ya <gs68> so...8th shot? <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Everyone has had more sex than me <SakuraMaxX> O Rly? <gs68> Lets_Have_Tea: I'm not THAT bi. <hitstun|Forza2> his email is <gs68> i'm kinda bi-curious. <gs68> no, slightly. <SakuraMaxX> I thought it was kick with an all caps comment <SakuraMaxX> did it update? <gs68> no...SHIT <Ranma[Katsucon]> ugh <gs68> actually, new rule: <Ranma[Katsucon]> yeesh <Lets_Have_Tea> lol <SakuraMaxX> roflmao <gs68> every time SakuraMaxX gets kicked, take a shot. =-= Ranma[Katsucon] is now known as Ranma <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XFD =-= Ranma is now known as Ranma[ConPlague] <SakuraMaxX> Everyone is gunna be dead <Lets_Have_Tea> I want to go get a drink <SakuraMaxX> by.. <SakuraMaxX> tomorrow? <gs68> this marks an 8th shot of dinuguan broth...that I'm not really drinking. <hitstun|Forza2> DMN: re-sent to gmail account <Lets_Have_Tea> but I don't want to leave this <Ranma[ConPlague]> wtf? <Friz-Bee> what? <Ranma[ConPlague]> Travis, live? whoa <gs68> Ranma: YES. <SakuraMaxX> I don't see it <Khimaera> I dont think I've laughed this much in a while... <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Ranma, we got TRAVIS-ROLL'D <gs68> IT'S CRUSH <Ryoma> This is fantastic therobd> ONE OF THESE DAYS <therobd> NOOOO <therobd> I'M GONNA END UP DECKING ROB! =-= Mode #orangelounge +v SakuraMaxX by Ranma[ConPlague] <SakuraMaxX> hm =-= Mode #orangelounge -v SakuraMaxX by DMN|Hot_4_Crush * gs68 pulls out a card. It turns into an FC with 820 HP. * gs68 jumps his FC onto White Base. <SakuraMaxX> eh <SakuraMaxX> ^^ * hitstun|Forza2 is currently driving a Sprinter with 149HP <therobd> gs68: AHHHHH <hitstun|Forza2> oh wait <SakuraMaxX> Oh yeah <SakuraMaxX> If I had a 360 <SakuraMaxX> I'd get Forza 2 <SakuraMaxX> Along with paadise <hitstun|Forza2> oh yeah, that game didn't make my list <SakuraMaxX> paradise* <SakuraMaxX> Gradius ftmfw <pkjr92> <param name="quitmessage" value="Even Superman must sleep... (sighs)"> <hitstun|Forza2> you probably know which one did <gs68> WHAT <gs68> Drunk Drunk Revolution? <SakuraMaxX> I don't <hitstun|Forza2> did anybody else send a list to dmn? <pkjr92> byebye everyone <gs68> REVERSE GONG <SakuraMaxX> eh? <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> ASSPIPER <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> ASSPIPER <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> ASSPIPER <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> ASSPIPER <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> ASSPIPER <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> ASSPIPER <SakuraMaxX> -.- <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> ASSPIPER <SakuraMaxX> -_- <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> ASSPIPER <Ranma[ConPlague]> who's hosting the skype call <DarkTetsuya> well that's fucking great =-= SakuraMaxX was booted from #orangelounge by DMN|Hot_4_Crush (NOPE) -->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge <SakuraMaxX> x.x <DarkTetsuya> its STILL FUCKING DOING IT <gs68> I'M AN ASSPIPER <gs68> I'M AN ASSPIPER <gs68> ASSPIPER <gs68> ASSPIPER <gs68> ASSPIPER <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> ASSPIPER! * SakuraMaxX coughs <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> Joe: your wii is fucked then <DMN|Hot_4_Crush> call noa tomorrow <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Drunk Show is drunking hilarious! <Friz-Bee> whats wrong? |<-- pkjr92 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <SakuraMaxX> I think his Wii died <DarkTetsuya> dmn: srsly? oh that's fucking fantastic -->| TygerClaw ( has joined #orangelounge <gs68> SHUT UP ROB! |<-- TigerClaw has left (Ping timeout) =-= TygerClaw is now known as TigerClaw <AlphaCananogram> DarkTetsuya, what is it doing? <SakuraMaxX> FU of the week: My damn Linux won't work! <--| gk128 has left #orangelounge <Goldbanjo> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> TRAVIS-ROLL'D <DarkTetsuya> alpha: shutting off randomly <gs68> fufufufufufu <AlphaCananogram> o fug <SakuraMaxX> Never heard that happen before <Goldbanjo> are they gonna podcast this? <AlphaCananogram> they fucking better <[ssj100matt]> yes * gs68 gives this show the G-Suck Stamp of EPIC WIN. <[ssj100matt]> they will <SakuraMaxX> hahaha <SakuraMaxX> sweet <Goldbanjo> good cuase i stopped recording <Ranma[ConPlague]> answer travis you lil cocksucker -->| leachim6 ( has joined #orangelounge * act-deft|TRAVISROLLED schedules Wednesday and Saturday nights. <leachim6> wtf <DarkTetsuya> dmn: but I used those fucking gameslop cables, ergo fucking me over huh <leachim6> is there no REAL OLR tonight <Goldbanjo> right b4 the end of the music break <Friz-Bee> DT has the first case of Blue ring of death (with out the ring) <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Blue Light of Death <_< <Friz-Bee> or that <SakuraMaxX> My friend said something weird <leachim6> so wtf is going on ? <[ssj100matt]> Travis and DMN show <SakuraMaxX> If 360 was RROD, PS3 should have Blu-Rays of Light <leachim6> wtf ... he is so usual <SakuraMaxX> has* <SakuraMaxX> go |<-- SakuraMaxX has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]) <leachim6> its like a shedule <leachim6> next is ranma <leachim6> you watch <Lets_Have_Tea> GS68 I LOVE YOU <leachim6> Lets_Have_Tea, you really hate <leachim6> come on <leachim6> who hates tea <leachim6> not even like snapple <leachim6> its not even real tea <Lets_Have_Tea> to be fair, I haven't really given it a fighting chance <Lets_Have_Tea> what kind of tea should I try? <leachim6> you should try some of the stuff they serve at starbucks <leachim6> its pretty good <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Chat <3's You gs68. leachim6> or panera <Friz-Bee> Girls are icky <leachim6> they have some cooky flavors at starbucks <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> and I'm a Mac. <leachim6> am I'm a pc <leachim6> running LINUX! <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Hi PC whatcha doing? <Friz-Bee> I'm ralph * drawls on myself* <leachim6> Ohh....just laughing at this windows guy with a virus <leachim6> I am so broke <leachim6> I can't afford a mac <leachim6> how about you mac ? <Lets_Have_Tea> My MAC rules <Lets_Have_Tea> <3 my macbook <Lets_Have_Tea> PRO ofcourse <leachim6> thank you ! <leachim6> Ohh go drink some tea... <Lets_Have_Tea> ..... <leachim6> wtf lol <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Not much, just doing boring stuff, since, you know... I can't play games.. <Goldbanjo> My gaming week: A mix of Elite beat agents ,Jump ultimate stars,mario party ds,Tetris

DS,Half-life, Internet stuff( including the rotate the circle game), and several old

gamecube and ps2 games i haven't made progress in quite a long time: super smash bros

melee, amplitude, burnout 3 and I think thats it.

<Goldbanjo> ^i had that ready <Goldbanjo> :) <leachim6> you can't just stick the card into the slim psp ? <hitstun|Forza2> pretty sure you can <leachim6> where is ranma ? <leachim6> he is always the second caller <Friz-Bee> CLUSTER BOMB! CLUSTER BOMB! <Lets_Have_Tea> I still have a fatty DS... how oldschool am I? <Ranma[ConPlague]> Yes? <leachim6> ... <leachim6> wtf is going on <Lets_Have_Tea> sex muffins <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> DSPhat <leachim6> hey Ranma[ConPlague] how come you didn't call second like you always do ? <Ranma[ConPlague]> Travis and DMN are not letting the normal callers in. <leachim6> ohh <AlphaCananogram> act-deft|TRAVISROLLED: I PMED YA <Ranma[ConPlague]> Plus I already called TDL last night <leachim6> I am 15 ... <Friz-Bee> Ds Fat to Light to Ultra Light Super Small <leachim6> so I have no opinion <leachim6> O rly <Lets_Have_Tea> hahahahaha <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> sorry alpha <_< <Friz-Bee> thank you for that <hitstun|Forza2> i forgot, i actually played a little a18 this week <leachim6> wow...getting some great content tonight <Friz-Bee> i totally need to hear this <Lets_Have_Tea> lmao <leachim6> no .. lets read some emailz with gay musicks yay! <Friz-Bee> SNAP <Friz-Bee> hahahahaha <Friz-Bee> YES =-= Mode #orangelounge +vv leachim6 TigerClaw by Ranma[ConPlague] <Friz-Bee> YES <leachim6> and have jamie verbally abuse the writers for having bad grammer <leachim6> thanks Ranma[ConPlague] <Friz-Bee> Ass Titties <Friz-Bee> Ass N Titties <Lets_Have_Tea> word <leachim6> wow ... you weren't kidding about clusterfuck <[ssj100matt]> the bad grammer emails do need to be abused <gs68> I'm pretty sure she doesn't listen to this, so as far as being friends is concerned, I should be safe. <leachim6> damnit ... my stream keeps going in an out -->| [1]Khimaera ( has joined #orangelounge <Dj_darkknight> wb <leachim6> is anyone else having problems with the stream -->| OLRmyRecruit6106 (~javac@ has joined #orangelounge <gs68> i mean yeah, this show has a few thousand subscribers, but that's only a few thousand of 300 mil. <leachim6> it's skipping all over the place |<-- Khimaera has left (Ping timeout) =-= [1]Khimaera is now known as Khimaera <leachim6> ok DMN and Travis ... you guys gotta make fun of random listeners for having bad grammer <leachim6> and try to do it with a squeaky jamie voice ? <gs68> THE DRINKING GAME THREAD: <[ssj100matt]> i added a few new ones last night <leachim6> every time ranma is the first caller take a shot <leachim6> ever time that someone mentions the Eye of Judgement bet take a shot <gs68> For all the non-alcoholics out there, drink of choice tonight is dinuguan broth. <leachim6> ever time a listener gets verbally abused because of bad grammer take a shot <leachim6> take 2 if it's not jamie <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Leachim that's already there. <Dj_darkknight> and mass effect is OVER! <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> the EoJ thing <Dj_darkknight> lol <TigerClaw> Speaking of Nascar, Did you watched the Daytona 500? <leachim6> the second part isn't <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> yeah, the 2nd thing would be perfect. <leachim6> yeah! <gs68> Black Man? Is that a Robot Master? <AlphaCananogram> everytime i send in a song that is gonged within 20 secs, take a shot <Dj_darkknight> lol <leachim6> Every time someone says "<blank> would be so much better with dragon force" <[ssj100matt]> DT forgot to add my conditions when he put it in the master list <gs68> Every time I hype up a cagematch pick, only for people to not like it, take a shot. <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <[ssj100matt]> we don't need jewish mothers on the line <leachim6> o rly <AlphaCananogram> Lets_Have_Tea, i pmed ya <AlphaCananogram> damn i need to go to bed <leachim6> o rly <[ssj100matt]> DMN: we do? <leachim6> Yqaris! <leachim6> Yaris! <leachim6> for realz <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <hitstun|Forza2> haha <leachim6> I say The Orange Box <leachim6> really ... it's that awesome <leachim6> nevermind <leachim6> ok ... nevermind <hitstun|Forza2> i forgot to put chrono trigger on that list <leachim6> I was bidding on a FinalFantasy 6 disk today <leachim6> I lost <leachim6> I gotta get it <hitstun|Forza2> i forgot a lot of things, actually <leachim6> I have played every one except 6 <leachim6> I have like every single snes game ever made on my psp <Lets_Have_Tea> I couldn't get into 6 <AlphaCananogram> DMN|Hot_4_Crush, DMN i'm gonna gift him super metroid as soon as he gets Classic Controller <leachim6> which I purchased for free *cough* <Friz-Bee> if i made a list it would be 70% N64 games <leachim6> Ocarina ... awesome |<-- OLRmyRecruit6106 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <[ssj100matt]> someone call in <Goldbanjo> lulz <leachim6> never... <Friz-Bee> Perfect Dark -->| OLRmyRecruit4188 (~javac@ has joined #orangelounge <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> OLR. WE KNOW DRAMA <gs68> DMN is a lean mean kicking machine. <Jonathanf> And i've got mame .123 minus the CHDs, but you don't see me going around saying it. <Dj_darkknight> lol * leachim6 kicks act-deft|TRAVISROLLED for Copyright Infringement <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> OLR. WE KNOW DRAMA (not rly) <leachim6> who is the chick in the background ? <leachim6> how about <leachim6> OLD , WE HAVE RANMA <gs68> DMN should do a chatroom rendition of Boot To The Head. <leachim6> its even better ! <Khimaera> oh comon... <leachim6> O rly... Khimaera> we love drewball <leachim6> damn stream is lagging out again <[ssj100matt]> esp Khim <Jonathanf> Sounds good. I'll play one of the people of calgary <TigerClaw> Travis, Your not gonna believe this. But Paramount is working in a CGI animated film of are you ready for this?...... The Smurfs <Dj_darkknight> hey jon <gs68> funny you say that, I know TWO Asian chicks named Jen(ny). <Dj_darkknight> i need a favor <Jonathanf> Hi <[ssj100matt]> Tigerclaw: old news <Jonathanf> find Forest of Illusion yet? <Dj_darkknight> i been banned from the game <Friz-Bee> SMURFS? <Lets_Have_Tea> the asian is a lie <leachim6> just let it rip <gs68> shit, I lost the game. <TigerClaw> Old news, This is from yesterday <leachim6> no damnit <leachim6> The cake is a lie! <Goldbanjo> tigerclaw: they must be running out of good ideas <Goldbanjo> and in 30 years there will be a remake of it <Goldbanjo> XD <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Benz? <[ssj100matt]> Then someone got the memo late... They have been talking about it for at least a year <leachim6> my strength is Cake , my weaknes is the damn GlaDOS voice * gs68 ran out of dinuguan...time for banana ketchup shots! <gs68> shit, how many shots did I take again? <Friz-Bee> i want a text-to-speech GlaDOS voice <leachim6> damnit <leachim6> that is full of awesome and win * gs68 takes a shot. [9] <leachim6> Full of Awesome and Win also known as fan <leachim6> whoops * act-deft|TRAVISROLLED shots himself with alcohol... <leachim6> Full of Awesome and wiN <gs68> no, I'm not taking alcohol shots. <hitstun|Forza2> friz-bee: glados actually has a voice actor - you would need that one software that re-creates singer's voices * leachim6 shoots act-deft|TRAVISROLLED with his shotgun <gs68> tonight it was pig pudding broth shots and banana ketchup. <leachim6> best weapon evar <leachim6> I am not a fucker :( * act-deft|TRAVISROLLED is dead and now a zombie <[ssj100matt]> Someone call in: skype TravisDonovan <AlphaCananogram> CRAP, i turned off psp with skype <AlphaCananogram> shit <Ryoma> I want to <leachim6> what the heck am I gonna say <gs68> Yes, there's such thing as banana ketchup. Yes, it sucks and fails badly in comparison to tomato ketchup. Or catsup. Or cat sup. Or whatever. <AlphaCananogram> thanks a lot dmn td <leachim6> they don't wanna hear a squeaky 15 year old on skype <Jonathanf> It's just like tomaco <Khimaera> yay jeff dunham! <leachim6> my voice sounsd like a 9 year old <leachim6> is it ranma~! <gs68> No I'm not! <gs68> I'm signed off >_< <leachim6> damn ... I loose the bet with my self <gs68> of skype, that is! <leachim6> yes! <leachim6> my school lunch <Lets_Have_Tea> GS68 call them <[ssj100matt]> he already did <DarkTetsuya> dmn: you think lying it sideways would help? I unplugged it, plugged it in again, and it hasn't done it again <gs68> paranormal experiences? Like, aliens, time--*haruhi-raped* <Lets_Have_Tea> AGAIN <leachim6> no <leachim6> Meh Hee Ko <Friz-Bee> that's New Mexico <DarkTetsuya> should I call in? XD <Friz-Bee> that has UFO's <leachim6> wtf , really ?!? <Lets_Have_Tea> lmao <[ssj100matt]> ... <AlphaCananogram> lmooo <[ssj100matt]> wah wah wah wah to DMN's joke <Friz-Bee> hahahahaha <Lets_Have_Tea> hahahaha <leachim6> acept me on skype travis <leachim6> is he in the chatroom <leachim6> what is his nick <leachim6> u phale! <[ssj100matt]> he's on another call chill out -->| TygerClaw ( has joined #orangelounge <leachim6> ok ... skype chat works |<-- TigerClaw has left (Ping timeout) <leachim6> what's a life ? <leachim6> can I buy one on ebay ? <Lets_Have_Tea> a what? <leachim6> can I buy it now!?!? =-= TygerClaw is now known as TigerClaw <gs68> What is this 'life' you speak of? <Friz-Bee> what is love? <AlphaCananogram> wait, is this like a conference call? <AlphaCananogram> i dont' know if psp could work <[ssj100matt]> Guys on a show and <3 are coming back on Weds soon <Friz-Bee> i think they have 2 skypes open <leachim6> its our trainwreck <leachim6> told you! Khimaera debates calling in <leachim6> ranma is on every show <leachim6> Ranma[ConPlague], call in !?!? <DarkTetsuya> Khimaera: oh that'd be fun XD <Khimaera> DT: i dunno.... <[ssj100matt]> leach: you need to calm down sir <AlphaCananogram> wa that the xmas show? <Goldbanjo> 5 people? does anyone know what episode no that is? that would be cool to hear :) <leachim6> rofl <Goldbanjo> I was listening to the xmas show and i dont think that was it :( <leachim6> can one of you do a DarkSakura impersonation for the heck of it <leachim6> Briefs... <gs68> boxer-briefs! * gs68 hi-fives act-deft <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> BOXER BRIEFS FTW! <AlphaCananogram> boxer briefs ftw <leachim6> I hate boxors <leachim6> boxers... <[ssj100matt]> OLR ep 666 <gs68> briefs too tight, boxers too loose <leachim6> yes! <[ssj100matt]> it is <Drewnami> <.< <gs68> it's like the Great Compromise of underwear. <Drewnami> >.>; <leachim6> just buy a size larger <leachim6> radio <Ryoma> HI FUCKER <AlphaCananogram> DJMorpheus IT MAY HAVE BEEN UPLOADED TO USL SITE <Goldbanjo> k thx ill do some listening <leachim6> me a moron...can we talk about games tonight ? <leachim6> just a little <Lets_Have_Tea> about what? <Goldbanjo> CAPZ R TEH 1337 * DMN|Hot_4_Crush kicks Drewnami off <[ssj100matt]> leach: we did <Goldbanjo> jk <leachim6> I missed it <Drewnami> O.O <leachim6> my parents are around... <leachim6> I can't drop the f-bomb -->| thelegendofzaku ( has joined #orangelounge <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <Khimaera> cunt <Khimaera> :P <leachim6> I was more of a joke <leachim6> lol... <Friz-Bee> CUNT OH NOES <AlphaCananogram> DJMorpheus this better be podcasted cause i have to go to bed, GOTTA WORK TOMORROW MORNIN <DarkTetsuya> oh man, she's really gonna regret missing tonight :( <leachim6> just for the heck of it can one of you do a DarkSakura impression <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> CUNTPIPER -->| Jaded ( has joined #orangelounge <leachim6> with the annoyance and squeaky voice <leachim6> then you gotta make fun of a fan for bad grammer <thelegendofzaku> yay for ghetto-rigged OLR show tonite <leachim6> then you say "hey rob , hey rob , hey rob , hey rob , hey rob , hey rob" <leachim6> "hi" <leachim6> you can replace rob with travis * leachim6 needs a life DarkTetsuya> I dunno if travis can uphold the gay quota :P <Jaded> "it doesnt say anything about running a radio station in here" <[ssj100matt]> i like this guy <Jaded> lol. <Jaded> I think DT would be the only one here would get that. <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> DT speaks the truth, though Travis should be a guest soon <Jaded> maybe darkknight. <leachim6> going to a baseball game is like watching pain dry ... except it's hot and expensive ... <[ssj100matt]> Go YANKS! <DarkTetsuya> Jaded: lol <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Colorado is going to win this year <_< <[ssj100matt]> Ervin Santana has no trade value anymore * act-deft|TRAVISROLLED doesn't know shit about Baseball <Jaded> same here. <Goldbanjo> waaaaaaaaoo <leachim6> *paint <DarkTetsuya> lol <leachim6> damn internets.... <Jaded> I had to hookup the soundboard tonight :) <Friz-Bee> i'm use to haveing a losing team in baseball......... and football as well <DarkTetsuya> oh dmn you ass <3 <Goldbanjo> XD <DarkTetsuya> that did it <Goldbanjo> lol <leachim6> I gotta reboot <Jaded> lol <leachim6> see you guys in 5 =-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv Jaded Khimaera thelegendofzaku by Ranma[ConPlague] =-= Mode #orangelounge +v TigerClaw by Ranma[ConPlague] <DarkTetsuya> ranma: gonna call in? XD <DarkTetsuya> wait whos on the 360? <Jaded> lol... No, but how about you DT :) <Khimaera> ... <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> There's Something about Mary Reference FTW! <thelegendofzaku> have you seen my ferret? <Khimaera> drew didn't brush his teef last night, his toofbrush was dryy~ <Drewnami> <.< <Friz-Bee> you have a ferret? <Drewnami> Aren't you a fuckin' snitch. * Khimaera grins <DarkTetsuya> token black man <Jaded> are there really calls cueuing up? or are they just saying that? LOL. * act-deft|TRAVISROLLED takes a shot |<-- leachim6 has left (Read error: Connection reset by peer) <thelegendofzaku> <DarkTetsuya> token black man = "bling, bling!" and "that is whack!" <thelegendofzaku> fix'd <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <Jaded> LOL. <Goldbanjo> LOL <Lets_Have_Tea> lol <Goldbanjo> totally <Friz-Bee> call back <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD, not even zaku does that! <Khimaera> the lulz...they are epic <Ryoma> this is epic in general <Khimaera> yes it is <DarkTetsuya> and there you go <Friz-Bee> take tham <DarkTetsuya> LOL <gs68> thelegendofbemanitalkonskype? <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <DarkTetsuya> yeah there you go * act-deft|TRAVISROLLED takes shot <Ranma[ConPlague]> hang up the call <DarkTetsuya> act-deft|TRAVISROLLED: what was that for <DarkTetsuya> ? <gs68> I'm not taking my shot yet, he has yet to bring up Bemani. <DarkTetsuya> gs68: oh llo <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> gs68, not according to my rule <gs68> wait, Ranma and act-deft? <DarkTetsuya> well somehow I get the feeling he won't... well maybe with dmn but travis just isnt into those games * gs68 takes 2 shots. [10GET!] [11] <Goldbanjo> robs got a funny name. <Goldbanjo> :) <gs68> RobRobobs? |<-- OLRmyRecruit4188 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <Goldbanjo> ^_^ <Khimaera> meow? <Goldbanjo> woof <DarkTetsuya> meow? <Goldbanjo> wtf <DarkTetsuya> *ferret* <Goldbanjo> omg <Goldbanjo> neato <Friz-Bee> lies <Goldbanjo> orly? <gs68> what's with all the water on the new American Gladiators? <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Every time Zaku/Ranma/Ravensdolphin call (if the 3 call, it's 3 different shots) <Lets_Have_Tea> the nice is a lie <gs68> I swear that's enough to kill the entire Belmont line. <DarkTetsuya> act-deft|TRAVISROLLED: oh, I forgot lol <[ssj100matt]> "We are cool together" = gay! <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> we just need Ravensdolphin to get the thrice-combo <Ranma[ConPlague]> Travis, did you hit the record button <gs68> hang tough has it, joust has it, Eliminator has it, wall thingy has it, hit and run, and so on <gs68> I don't recall this much in the old AG <DarkTetsuya> matt: singing the songs, the music that you loooooooooooooooooooooooooove <AlphaCananogram> o fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk <DarkTetsuya> btw didn't you step that yet? <hitstun|Forza2> i don't think they used water at all in the old AG <AlphaCananogram> ZA BEDDO <gs68> SJGP 2006 too had a in-pit fight. <AlphaCananogram> NIGHT ALL |<-- AlphaCananogram has left (Quit) * act-deft|TRAVISROLLED takes shot (NASCAR'D) <hitstun|Forza2> well, what was at the bottom of hang tough? <Friz-Bee> SPORTS * gs68 takes a shot of banana ketchup. [12 HAPPY SKY] <[ssj100matt]> fucking Evan <Ranma[ConPlague]> ? <TigerClaw> Yeah, Ryan Newman win the Daytona 500 <DarkTetsuya> oh lord <gs68> It's Daytona! DAY-TO-NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! <DarkTetsuya> oh god <DarkTetsuya> oh great <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> LET'S GO AWAY! <[ssj100matt]> woah drew <[ssj100matt]> this should be good <DarkTetsuya> OSHI <DarkTetsuya> you ass <Khimaera> oshi- <gs68> FU to the Belmont family for having two shit-ass weaknesses: Water and changing jump direction! <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> drewball! <Khimaera> drewball! <Khimaera> yes! <Ranma[ConPlague]> Drewball FTMFW * DMN|Hot_4_Crush serves the drewball to Khimaera <DarkTetsuya> gs68: la mulana = starts with 'changing direction while in midair' and immunity to water comes later * Khimaera spikes the Drewball across the net to Ranma <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> shit he said fuck! <thelegendofzaku> remember kids, NASCAR stock cars == "Hickmobiles" <DarkTetsuya> LOL <TigerClaw> I thought the series was good <thelegendofzaku> F1 is the real mans racer * Ranma[ConPlague] runs back, catches Drewball and tosses it across to [ssj100matt] <[ssj100matt]> drew: i didn't like it <DarkTetsuya> aww <Ranma[ConPlague]> shit! <Ranma[ConPlague]> i need to d/l knight rider! <Drewnami> muahahahaha <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <gs68> oh fuck <gs68> WHERE'S ALPHA?! * [ssj100matt] catches it with his helmet and runs out of bounds <Lets_Have_Tea> My roommate watched it, he said it was rather crazily Ford endorsed <gs68> WHERE'S MAXX?! (there went the DMNsanity shortbus crew T.T) <Friz-Bee> DO IT <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <Friz-Bee> DO <DarkTetsuya> game over <Khimaera> im glad my phone isnt working... <Drewnami> fuck, I said shit. <DarkTetsuya> oh come ON * gs68 magically fixes Khim's phone. >:) <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Shit! You said fuck <DarkTetsuya> oh for gods sake <Jaded> no it didnt. <gs68> cell phone! <gs68> cell phone! <[ssj100matt]> My skype is good <[ssj100matt]> Everyone call in <Jaded> skype is working fine over here. <Lets_Have_Tea> burning cell phone <thelegendofzaku> you, gotta live "Travis Donovan Present's: The Ghetto-Rigged OLR Gong Show!" <Drewnami> ARE YOU OKAY? <Drewnami> BUSTAH LULZ! <Lets_Have_Tea> no <Lets_Have_Tea> skype <Khimaera> gs68: yeah....i dont think thats going to work <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> yeah, it's working <[ssj100matt]> ... <gs68> that's going in the drinking game rules. <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> wah wah wah wah... * gs68 takes a shot of banana ketchup. [13 DistorteD] <DarkTetsuya> oh god <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <thelegendofzaku> goddamnit, fuck that shit * gs68 gives tonight's show a SECOND G-Suck Stamp of EPIC WIN <Lets_Have_Tea> lol <Drewnami> o.o <[ssj100matt]> hahaha <Friz-Bee> "I think i am" <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XFD * act-deft|TRAVISROLLED takes two shots more <Goldbanjo> wait this ISNT being recorded he said? <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> it is. <Jaded> this IS. <Goldbanjo> oh ok phew <gs68> I'M STILL FREAKIN' EXCITED! <Goldbanjo> that woulda sucked * Drewnami cosplays as Bandit <Drewnami> Trans Am~ <thelegendofzaku> Travis, why don't you just fly to NYC, ring on my doorbell, and kick my nutsack with a steel-toed boot? That does greater justice than Skype Gonging my ass. <gs68> this calls for some true love makin' <Ryoma> own'd <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> 9 minutes for this clusterfuck of a show ends. <Goldbanjo> OR YOU WILL DIE! <Drewnami> gong! <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <DarkTetsuya> yeah you need to save this somewhere <[ssj100matt]> wtf zaku let it go <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> DO IT!!! <Drewnami> what's the number? * gs68 CTRL+C's "/msg DMN|Hot_4_Crush GONG" for reference <Ranma[ConPlague]> DENIED! <Khimaera> yes...whats the number... <Khimaera> because apparently my phone is fixed <Drewnami> repeat that number >.>; <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> <Goldbanjo> O_O <Goldbanjo> O_O <Jaded> LOL. <Ranma[ConPlague]> wtf? <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> gs68! <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <Drewnami> FUCKING TYPE OUT THE NUMBER, ASSPIPERS <[ssj100matt]> 1-254-230-1835 <DarkTetsuya> you ass <gs68> I was trying to say "FUCK" and "crush" <gs68> so i tried to say FUCK CRUSH <Jaded> someones sidetracked :) <Khimaera> tried calling..busy tone * Khimaera shrugs DarkTetsuya> ooh hey there you go <DarkTetsuya> damn <DarkTetsuya> oh gods <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> <_< <Friz-Bee> PRESS Z OR R TWICE <Ranma[ConPlague]> who the fuck called? <Jaded> hehe. <Friz-Bee> act_Deft <Drewnami> fuck fuck fuck fuck, mutha mutha fuck, mutha mutha fuck, mutha fuck mutha fuck noiche noiche noiche. one, two, one two three fore noiche, noiche, noiche... <Ranma[ConPlague]> oi <Friz-Bee> do it <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> that was me <_< <gs68> SOMEONE CALL DAMMIT <Jaded> lol. <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Orgasm;d <gs68> i already had my 30 seconds of fail <gs68> ...NOT gong. <Lets_Have_Tea> lol <Friz-Bee> i like spanish swear words <Jaded> you know, looking at the volume levels, this show is literally unbalanced :) <Ranma[ConPlague]> <^> <DarkTetsuya> how bout steve 'DONT FUCKIN SIT DOWN' wilcos? <Goldbanjo> I love <^> <Drewnami> Khim, keep calling :D <gs68> YOU SON OF A BITCH, I SHOULD'VE SAID THAT <Drewnami> WAIT, WHAT? <DarkTetsuya> LOL <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> was that Jamie? <Friz-Bee> GONG <Lets_Have_Tea> lmao <Ranma[ConPlague]> ? <Drewnami> That was Khim, I think. o_o <Lets_Have_Tea> Lets_have_tea <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XFD <Lets_Have_Tea> was the long distance plan <Khimaera> nope wasnt me <Drewnami> HEYYYYYYYYYYY <Drewnami> 'mere <Lets_Have_Tea> lol <gs68> this is the greatest 10 minutes of radio ever. <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> indeed. <Friz-Bee> no because i have skype <Jaded> lol. <DarkTetsuya> uh oh <Drewnami> zomg hi khim <Friz-Bee> Call rob agan <DarkTetsuya> oh lord <gs68> You HAD to bring back a GOAS joke, didn't you? <Drewnami> die in a fire <thelegendofzaku> Go watch that shitty travesty of a movie called Knight Rider after American Gladiators. <gs68> It's Khim's boo--*boom* <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <Friz-Bee> who? * Ranma[ConPlague] bitchslaps thelegendofzaku <Jaded> for those of you who dont have skype.. You have 3 minutes to download it, add travis, and call echo123 :) <thelegendofzaku> since KITT's voice is none other whan Val Kilmer <thelegendofzaku> booooo <Goldbanjo> RAWRRRR!!!! <Goldbanjo> I love that sound <[ssj100matt]> Khim wins <Goldbanjo> XD <Drewnami> xD <DarkTetsuya> zaku: well he ain't a t/a, so they don't have the original actor <[ssj100matt]> HAVE KHIM TAKE THE SEX QUIZ <Friz-Bee> everyone should have skpe <Jaded> LOL. * Drewnami is a ronpaulican, dammit >.> <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <hitstun|Forza2> whatever happened to howard dean? <hitstun|Forza2> he was cool <hitstun|Forza2> yeaaaaaaaah! <Drewnami> They took him to the funny farm :3 <Lets_Have_Tea> ahahahaa <Goldbanjo> good night everyone. <Lets_Have_Tea> good night banjo <Friz-Bee> WERE GOING TO OHIO AND NEW YOUK AND THEN WERE GONNA TAKE BACK THE WHITE HOUSE! YEAAAHHHHHHH! <Ranma[ConPlague]> Travis, podcast this shit or it's your ass <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> good times! <Lets_Have_Tea> it's midnight <DarkTetsuya> so you're not gonna upload it :P <Drewnami> Khim wins~ <gs68> my final thought: OMAE WA MO SHINDE IRU. <DarkTetsuya> ranma: seconded <Goldbanjo> 7 hours 15min till school for me <Khimaera> its the boobies...i swear <hitstun|Forza2> good fucking game <Jaded> no keep it uncut :) <gs68> No, DON'T EDIT IT (except the music break) <Jaded> everyones likes the uncut aspect. <Drewnami> Boobies = +5 to win. <[ssj100matt]> edit out the bad shit? so the show is 30secs? <Goldbanjo> fuckcuntshit <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> if he edits the bad shit there won't be a podcast <Goldbanjo> so true <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> XD <Friz-Bee> nice Priates remix <DarkTetsuya> damn, just short of 3 hours <gs68> PIE ASS <gs68> PIE ASS <gs68> PIE ASS <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> TRAVIS-ROLL'D <--| hitstun|Forza2 has left #orangelounge <thelegendofzaku> watch Knight Rider now <thelegendofzaku> you west coast folks <Goldbanjo> lol satan |<-- DJMorpheus has left (Quit: Trillian ( <Lets_Have_Tea> wow <Lets_Have_Tea> well that was entertaining <Friz-Bee> yeah <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> Travis and Jon: COAST TO CURSE! <Lets_Have_Tea> I got a few good lulz * gs68 gives it the G-Suck Stamp of EPIC PLATINUM LEVEL 12 WIN <Friz-Bee> who did this remix? <Khimaera> That was so entertaining <Lets_Have_Tea> just... wish they would have accepted my long distance plan * act-deft|TRAVISROLLED gives it the act-deft seal of approval <Lets_Have_Tea> it comes with boobies <Lets_Have_Tea> *shrug* <Khimaera> funny how boobies didnt sell the long distance plan... <thelegendofzaku> family is on now west coasters <thelegendofzaku> family guy is on now west coasters <Lets_Have_Tea> I know, right? <Lets_Have_Tea> lol |<-- DarkTetsuya has left (Ping timeout) <Drewnami> Boobehs~ <Lets_Have_Tea> I'm straight up east coast <Lets_Have_Tea> it's getting late <Khimaera> It was only because I did a Peanut impersonation <--| Jaded has left #orangelounge <Lets_Have_Tea> :S <Goldbanjo> *dances while rapping up everything for the night* <act-deft|TRAVISROLLED> good thing it's still early, I have to take a bath and prepares things for work tomorrow. <thelegendofzaku> yay, now i get to play my rainbow six vegas and teabag my kills |<-- Friz-Bee has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) * gs68 dances to the result music from WMMT3 =-= act-deft|TRAVISROLLED is now known as act-deft <act-deft> I'm gone <gs68> speaking of which I didn't mention WMMT3 tonight (outside of gaming week)...until know <Lets_Have_Tea> OLR wins at life <gs68> take care <Lets_Have_Tea> I'm going to bed though <act-deft> zya! <Lets_Have_Tea> with Deft <act-deft> =3 <Lets_Have_Tea> laterz guys <gs68> have fun tonight, you two <--| thelegendofzaku has left #orangelounge <--| Lets_Have_Tea has left #orangelounge |<-- act-deft has left (Quit: We've been TRAVIS ROLLED and IT WAS A BIG AND HUGE EPIC CLUSTERFUCK) Goldbanjo: End of my chat log for this episode <DarkTetsuya> ooh hey there you go <DarkTetsuya> damn