The Sex Quiz is a segment of Under Sedation Live 4.0.

The quiz, issued by Travis Donovan, asks various questions about the player's sex life.

It is traditional for the Sex Quiz to be offered to a female caller, though on rare occasions, it has been given out to men (such as Skie).

The Sex Quiz was originally started back in the Under Sedation Live 1.0 days. Many of the people who participated in the Sex Quiz were Skie and Iguanagrrl.

People who have participated in the Sex Quiz Edit

  • Skie (twice)
  • Ranma
  • Ssj100matt
  • Xtopher
  • PoPanda (Sephiroth1215's girlfriend)
  • Mokie (Ranma's friend)
  • akeripper (aka the Angry Swede)
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