Still Tuned In is an Orange Lounge Radio-inspired parody of the end credits song to Portal, "Still Alive":


This was a Trainwreck
I'm making a flood here
Rob. Rob. Rob.

Its hard to overstate Rob's ir-ri-tation

Orange Lounge Ra-di-o
We podcast the news, because we can.
For the lulz in all of us, except the ones who are banned

But there's no sense crying over every douchebag
you just keep on talking 'till you're out of FUs
Till the podcast gets done and Drew makes a bad pun
for the people who are still tuned in

I'm not even angsty
I'm being so sincere right now

Even though some stupid kid shot someone
And tore him to pieces
and threw every piece in a boat fire
They decayed
And Rob gave him a big fat stupid award

Now the squeals of ferret make a beautiful chime
And the whole thing isn't in the podcast on time
But I'm glad Rob's not sick
So the podcast's there quick
For the people who are still tuned in

Go ahead and kick me
I think I'd prefer to skype instead
Maybe you'll find someone else to call you?

Maybe Tack Jhompson?
He's such a joke, ha ha, DISBARRED
Anyways, we're eating pie
It's so delicious and moist

Look at us, still singing when there's news to be told
The outdoors are hot, but inside here it's so cold
So just keep on the light
O-L-R Sunday night
At 6 Pacific 9 Eastern time

And lis-ten through All-Games
We also pod-cast one day a week
Jamie's fantastic and Rob's still alive
And while you listen we'll be still laughing
And when LOKI rants we'll be still tuned in
Still tuned in
Still tuned in

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