Rob Roberts, known more commonly as skie, is one of the hosts of Orange Lounge Radio.


Rob's life, or rather the lulz-y side of it, is pretty much summarized and poked fun at in the Rob Roberts Roast.


Rob used to co-host Under Sedation Live with Travis Donovan, and then left. Currently, Rob hosts Orange Lounge Radio with LOKI and DarkSakura, and has been doing so since the show's beginning in 2002. He also used to host another show on the station, Guys on a Show, along with Xtofer, until the show went on indefinite hiatus.


  • "WHAT?!" (in response to a Rob Flood)
  • "DMN wrote: 'Uh, F, you are an asspiper, LOL.' Did you hear that, everybody? I'm an asspiper!"
  • "I quit."(used in a joking manner)
  • "Live radio, boys and girls..." - whenever a mishap (music playing at the wrong time, or other technical difficulty, like a youtube video that refuses to cooperate) occurs during the show
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