SakuraMaxX (otherwise known as Phantasma) is a Vietnamese American Orange Lounge Radio listener and Chat Room user. His favorite phrase is KA-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

General InfoEdit

  • Age: 14
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Houston, Texas
  • Occupation: Student.
  • Listener since: 2007
  • Number of actual bans from #orangelounge: 2

Username OriginEdit

SakuraMaxX is a portmanteau of the beatmania IIDX song "Sakura" and Dance Dance Revolution song "MaxX Unlimited."


SakuraMaxX began listening to OLR as early as the age of 12, which at the time stood out; most message boards on the internet disallow users under the age of 13 from posting. He often brings up the fact that he's younger than the rest of the listeners to try to find his way out of problems. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Some users such as DarkTetsuya call him an attention whore. He has a love for free MMORPGs, and some FPS games

Current Activity as a OLR listenerEdit

SakuraMaxX is an active user of the OLR chatroom, and listens to Orange Lounge Radio and DMNsanity. Sometimes, however, he has moments of immaturity (not surprising given his age); in fact, this got him banned from the chatroom once. To this day, SakuraMaxX's immaturity has gotten him in bad terms with some fellow listeners and show hosts, particularly DMN.

DMN occasionally draws comparisons between him and KevinDDR, another OLR listener, who is only a year older yet acts and behaves far more maturely.

Recently, he has become the butt of a joke after nominating Crysis as his all-time favorite game for OLR March Madness. As a result, he has, more or less, become DMN's kick bitch.

Game consoles ownedEdit

7th generation

  • Wii

6th generation

  • GameCube
  • PlayStation 2 (Slim model)

5th generation

  • Nintendo 64

3rd generation

  • NES (does not work)



AIM: Magnum Crux

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