STFU was a half hour show taped live (but aired tape delayed) hosted by DMN and DJTyrant. The show was modeled very similarly to the ESPN sports talk show, PTI (Pardon the Interruption). The show lasted 18 episodes.

Format Edit

  • Show begins with some banter between the hosts
  • Top stories, 3-4 video game stories of the week
  • Music break
  • 5 good minutes, guest comes on and talks to the hosts
  • Different segment each week including: Toss Up, Odds Makers, Role Play and Over/Under
  • Final segment included Happy Happy Time which included a Birthday (sometimes a big challenge to find a video game related birthday for that week), Anniversary and Happy Trails.

Guests Edit

Guest included but were not limited to:

  • MC Frontalot
  • Robert Summa (Destructoid / GGL)
  • Scott Ramsoomair (VGCats)
  • LOKI
  • The RobD
  • DJ Darkknight
  • Gamer Andy

Guest Hosts Edit

  • Ash Paulson (Episode 16)
  • Heather Nielsen

Archive Edit

Some of the episodes are available to listen to at the following address: