The Rob Roberts Roast is a 45 minute audio mockumentry of Rob Roberts(AKA skie) life, from his "early years", through his schooling years, and ending in the present with him being the internet radio host he is today. Some notable things mentioned include rob's discovery of his sexual orientation, him singing "Love shack baby" during a karaoke night, and him leaving various random drunken voicemail's to his friends. It was put together by Travis Donovan. Due to popular demand the first 20 minutes of the tribute was re-aired on Episode 1 of the Travis and DMN show during their extended midshow musical break. Due to the fact that a chat room user gave a recording of the file to everyone that was a chatroom regular, the hosts of OLR decided to release the file officially for on-demand listening.

Direct link to "Inside The Internet Radio Studio-Rob Roberts"

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