RawSteelUT is an American Orange Lounge Radio listener and Chat Room user. He has drawn controversy in the OLR chatroom for his views on video game piracy and insults aimed at chatroom ops and hosts of OLR-affiliated shows.

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Current Activity as an OLR Listener Edit

RawSteelUT listens to OLR live and actively participates in the chatroom.

RawSteelUT is a very vocal critic of several topics, such as the Wii and game piracy. More often not, his stomach turns whenever LOKI (or either other host for that matter) starts discussing hacking or modding video game consoles. Though this criticism was taken lightly for some time, it was not until a recent incident that these criticisms came to a stronger light.

Conflict with DMN and Travis DonavanEdit

On the evening of February 24, 2008, RawSteelUT was kicked by DMN, and upon rejoining the chatroom, threw a bit of a fit at DMN and other chatroom ops, having taken DMN's kick seriously. (DMN's kicks, most of the time, are merely for the lulz.)

Then, as the Travis Donavan Clusterfuck came on the air, RawSteelUT left the chatroom, leaving this message:

* RawSteelUT has quit IRC (Quit: Well, Donovan's coming on, time to get the sand paper. *fapfapfap*)

This was the second time RawSteelUT had timed his quit to coincide with the TDC. This time around, however, he made it clear why he quit.

When Travis came on the air, he started off ranting about RawSteelUT, particularly said quittings. DMN came on the air as well, adding onto just what is wrong with him. DMN brought up his YouTube profile and one of his recent videos, taking note of RawSteelUT's obesity and hint of ebonics in his speech.

Since then, Travis has invited RawSteelUT to come onto his show, get on Skype, and say, to his and DMN's face, what he has to say. RawSteelUT has yet to comment.

Then during the March 2, 2008 episode of Orange Lounge Radio, DarkSakura, during her Mailbag segment, read Ranma's email, which concerned RawSteelUT's stance on piracy, which would further escalate the conflict and controversy. By the end of the show, RawSteelUT had, not surprisingly, grown frustrated with the chatroom's attacks towards him, and ended his evening with a chatroom FU to chatters who mocked and criticized him.

Later that week, RawSteelUT uploaded a new video onto his YouTube profile. [1] Not too long after, DMN left a couple of comments criticizing him and explaining the motive behind the "attacks" on him, and not surprisingly, RawSteelUT deleted those comments and banned DMN from further commenting on his page.

Though fellow listeners and ops have told RawSteelUT haters to cool it, some would continue to make their hatred for him public.

On April 20, 2008, at 8:25pm PST, DMN officially banned RawSteelUT from the chatroom after RawSteelUT called him an "asshole."

On April 27, 2008, at 8:10pm PST, Ranma unbanned RawSteelUT at DarkSakura's request during RSUT's email in the Mailbag

RawSteelUT no longer comes into the chatroom, but still communicates with OLR through emails.

Quotes about RawSteelUTEdit

  • Goldbanjo: "RawsteelUT is a cowardly user who likes to run away from travis donovan becuase he knows how awesome he is. He also loves to brag about his video game collections on youtube. The most famous of these is his "wii collection" The only things that match up in size to these massive collection is his barbie doll collection. Which likes to play with greatly for hours on end."
  • DMN:
[163607] <DMNsteelUT> if he does show up and pisses me off
[163629] <ssj100matt|BRAWL> Rawsteelball?
[163639] <Dj_darkknight> u will be civilized
[163645] <Dj_darkknight> even thou i know better
[163646] <Dj_darkknight> lol
[163653] <DMNsteelUT> Like hell I will
[163701] <DMNsteelUT> He's a whiney bitch
[163714] <DMNsteelUT> 29 going on 12
[163734] <DMNsteelUT> And he acts like a fucking know-it0all
[163759] <DMNsteelUT> and implies himself has some sort or righteous person
[163804] <DMNsteelUT> fuck that noise
[163813] <DMNsteelUT> That's not what the OLR community is all about
[163827] <DMNsteelUT> Also this chatroom has room for only one asshole
[163834] <DMNsteelUT> And I was here first. =P
[163906] <DMNsteelUT> so brawl online as soon as gay nick is done with his disgaea battle
[163911] <Dj_darkknight> lol fine
[163926] <DarkTetsuya> dmn: oshi-- well you have my info rite
[163937] <Dj_darkknight> there better be some jtv action tonight post show
[163940] <DarkTetsuya> I'm unlocking something I found it might be another demo
[163942] <DMNsteelUT> DK - I'm a prick to alpha and sakuramaxx only in jest
[163947] <Dj_darkknight> an olr shoot out
[163955] <DMNsteelUT> Deep down, i dont mind em
[164005] <DMNsteelUT> but this guy infuriates me
[164027] <DMNsteelUT> I give sakura the benefit of the doubt cause hes still a kid
[164100] <DMNsteelUT> but if you're 29 and 1) act like you are better than the rest of us
 and 2) cant take criticism, you can fuck off.
[164148] <Dj_darkknight> fair enought
[164201] <DMNsteelUT> I mean you're 30, right?
[164222] <DMNsteelUT> And you're as far from being a douchebag as humanely possible
[164224] <Dj_darkknight> 31 and i understand what u saying
[164250] <DMNsteelUT> I'll put it like this
[164255] <Dj_darkknight> thats only cause i know i am not a specialist in video gaming
[164302] <Dj_darkknight> i know my place
[164303] <Dj_darkknight> lol
[164307] <DMNsteelUT> First time the fucker is condescending towards anyone, I kick him
[164310] <DMNsteelUT> No fuck
[164313] <DMNsteelUT> I'll warn him
[164316] <DMNsteelUT> Second will be a kick
[164321] <DMNsteelUT> Third time I ban his ass
[164325] <DMNsteelUT> I'm sick of his shit
[164342] <Dj_darkknight> yeah
[164342] <DMNsteelUT> Dude
[164348] <DMNsteelUT> I know a ton of shit about games
[164403] <DMNsteelUT> But that last thing I want to do is make others feel like shit about
[164416] <Dj_darkknight> yeah
[164417] <DMNsteelUT> I share my wealth of knowledge, not use it as a weapon
[164443] <Dj_darkknight> right
[164455] <DMNsteelUT> Blame it my living in LA, but my tolerance for stupid assholes is 
next to nil.
[164517] <Dj_darkknight> lol
[164519] <gs68|out> Criticism--if it opens pages in your brain--is a good thing.
[164530] <gs68|out> Take the horse shit and turn it into manure.
[164531] <DMNsteelUT> Criticism is a good tool
[164534] <DMNsteelUT> If you use it right
[164539] <DMNsteelUT> being consecending is one thing
[164556] <DMNsteelUT> like take the deleted comments i posted in his latest vid
[164602] <Dj_darkknight> but there's postive criticism and negitive criticism
[164605] <DMNsteelUT> Indeed
[164610] <gs68|out> like I said on his YouTube page, he needs to grow up and learn from 
what peopel say abotu him
[164656] <DMNsteelUT> I regularly have to take and dish criticism at work
[164730] <DMNsteelUT> dt: WHUAH
[164758] <DarkTetsuya> eh its just... yknow princess isn't all that useful in the first 
level :P
[164759] <DMNsteelUT> shit
[164827] <DMNsteelUT> my con work involves using criticism and channeling it into making 
the con better
[164925] <Dj_darkknight> well what it boils down to is
[164945] <Dj_darkknight> people handle criticism very differently
[164946] <DMNsteelUT> rawsteel is a dipshit - that is what it boils down to

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