Orange Lounge Revolution is a collaboration project between several of the show's listeners, who have all contibuted to the project. A Stepmania theme/simulator file collection, it was originally developed by tweak_. but after months of inactivity, went into limbo for a time.

Several months passed before long-time listener DarkTetsuya picked up the pieces and went to work ressurecting the project. The end result contains 28 songs, many of which created/stepped by the listeners as well as several four song 'courses' with varying themes (such as Roughly 170, which features several fast songs, and a Listener Submitted course, featuring many of the listeners' creations.)

Work recently concluded for the finishing touches to Orange Lounge Revolution 2nd MIX, which features over 100 songs and even more courses including some all new 'challenge' courses, and new more difficult steps for some existing songs. The new mix also includes more songs sung by the OLR cast and crew, including some never before heard songs from USL (Under Sedation Live) and Travis Donovan Live.

Orange Lounge Revolution 2nd MIX can be downloaded at

Trivia: Did you know the release date was a reference to Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME`s original arcade release date in 2003?

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