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Orange Lounge Radio is an internet talk show dedicated to video games and the gamer lifestyle. Originally focusing on the DDR and the Bemani scene, the show has since expanded its focus to all video games in general, along with occasional talks about pinball, food, politics, and ferrets.

The attraction and charm of Orange Lounge Radio is its human factor. During the show you will not only hear about all the latest news in the video game world, but you'll hear a little about the personal lives of the hosts. If you are new to the show this aspect may seem unappealing, but over time you begin to look forward to not only the latest bits of news regarding the gaming world, but also hearing about each host's week. As well, there are frequent guest appearences and interactions via Skype and Twitter that bring a fresh perspective on the week's news and commentary.

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Orange Lounge Radio was initially less structured then the current version of the show. However, the 'idea' behind the show has always remained the same - getting together and BSing about videogames and life while eating dinner at the local restaurant after a long night of gaming at the arcade.

Orange Lounge Radio was started on May 25th, 2002 as the station officially went up on Live 365. The first episode of the Sunday show, aired June 23rd, 2002. The show is broadcast live every Sunday night from Sacremento, California. Orignally broadcast from Skie's apartment, the show has recently moved to Dark Sakura's residence.

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