Global* ---------- END OF MESSAGE(S) OF THE DAY ---------- [INFO] You are now marked as away (just listening no chat.). Click the nickname button or use the |/back| command to return from being away. -->| YOU (Goldbanjo) have joined #orangelounge =-= Topic for #orangelounge is “|| Orange Lounge Radio | | OLR MARCH MADNESS! for more info. | Call us! 877-GAME-OLR (4263657) or Skype: orangeloungeradio ||” =-= Topic for #orangelounge was set by ChanServ on Saturday, February 02, 2008 1:36:00 PM <skie> Bobby's not even rebroadcasting last nights show tonight? <skie> LAZY! <skie> jk =-= Mode #orangelounge +vv AlphaCananogram Goldbanjo by skie -->| PkerUNO ( has joined #orangelounge <PkerUNO> yo [INFO] You are no longer marked as away. -->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge =-= Mode #orangelounge +vv PkerUNO SakuraMaxX by skie <SakuraMaxX> oi! <Goldbanjo> hi <SakuraMaxX> sup? -->| OLRmyRecruit7874 ( has joined #orangelounge <SakuraMaxX> hi <PkerUNO> how long till the show starts? =-= OLRmyRecruit7874 is now known as Loser <ssj100matt> i like how all the people next to the stage rocking out to Tom Petty are old enough to be his kids <Loser> hey <ssj100matt> 45mins <PkerUNO> cool <SakuraMaxX> I'm trying to buy a new cellphone <SakuraMaxX> for T-mobile <SakuraMaxX> I might get a V3t since I realized the Motorola RAZR isn't what has a durability issue <SakuraMaxX> It's just that it goes through abuse rofl <SakuraMaxX> So I am trying to find a V3t on ebay <Foodie_Monster> skie: hey buddy <PkerUNO> V3t is what brand? <skie> hello... just trying to get to work lol <Foodie_Monster> I think I'll try to call in today <skie> i think i got it <Foodie_Monster> it's been a while =-= Mode #orangelounge +v Loser by skie <SakuraMaxX> Motorola <SakuraMaxX> RAZR <SakuraMaxX> Hey skie <SakuraMaxX> You hear that he who must not be named defended Mass Effect? <Foodie_Monster> SakuraMaxX: I actually have to say something related to Mass Effect myself <PkerUNO> hahahaha motorola <Foodie_Monster> having finished it yesterday <PkerUNO> oh <Foodie_Monster> I agree 100% with Geoff Keighley <PkerUNO> I finished Zack Wiki <Foodie_Monster> it is the best piece of fiction I've seen in my life <PkerUNO> was most entertaining <Foodie_Monster> and I'm not kidding. <SakuraMaxX> JT said that the stuff Fox said was ridiculous <SakuraMaxX> -->| ElNoNombreHombre ( has joined #orangelounge <Foodie_Monster> Here <Foodie_Monster> I wrote a post about it on the AGR forum <Foodie_Monster> <SakuraMaxX> I gotta move. Bye <Foodie_Monster> if anyone cares <SakuraMaxX> Bioware is sexy |<-- SakuraMaxX has left (Read error: EOF from client) <PkerUNO> oh <PkerUNO> I got to play SSBB <PkerUNO> with 4 other like-minded friends <PkerUNO> all I have to say is GAME OF THE F-ING DECADE -->| OLRmyRecruit9022 ( has joined #orangelounge =-= OLRmyRecruit9022 is now known as The <The> Hi =-= The is now known as The_Godfather <Foodie_Monster> Hey <Foodie_Monster> what's up <The_Godfather> How we doin <The_Godfather> not too much <The_Godfather> just watching Superbowl <Foodie_Monster> Doing alright. I want to replay Mass Effect <Foodie_Monster> I loved that thing. <The_Godfather> its not over lol * PkerUNO is listening to Super Sprøde <The_Godfather> who runs the skype for orange lounge? |<-- The_Godfather has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) -->| OLRmyRecruit9617 ( has joined #orangelounge =-= OLRmyRecruit9617 is now known as The_Godfather <The_Godfather> damn <The_Godfather> i broke it lol |<-- The_Godfather has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) =-= Mode #orangelounge +v ElNoNombreHombre by skie <skie> SMASH BROS BRAWL IN DA HOUSE <ssj100matt> oh shit <PkerUNO> skie: old :P <ssj100matt> Superbowl and Smash... in one night... <ssj100matt> throw OLR in the mix and its a 3 way of fun <DarkTetsuya> says the guy IN JAPAN :( -->| DarkSakura ( has joined #orangelounge <PkerUNO> whaaaaaat <PkerUNO> :P =-= Mode #orangelounge +o DarkSakura by ChanServ <PkerUNO> you're just jealous!

<AlphaCananogram> skie: NANI!?!?!?!

<AlphaCananogram> GIMME!

<skie> we're up on fyi <ssj100matt> the Europeans are the one's who are really jealous... they don't even have a release date <PkerUNO> I take offence to that sir <PkerUNO> we do have one <PkerUNO> "Q2 2008" <PkerUNO> Just have to wait for Q2ober to come along

<AlphaCananogram> skie, please record footage/ show some during show someting,,

=-= AlphaCananogram is now known as AlphaCananogram|SHOWER

<AlphaCananogram|SHOWER> brb

<ssj100matt> Alpha: it will be up after the show <PkerUNO> I forget when that is though, is it before may or after? :P -->| OLRmyRecruit9840 ( has joined #orangelounge

<AlphaCananogram|SHOWER> i hear it

<AlphaCananogram|SHOWER> i wanna see tv/game :P

|<-- OLRmyRecruit9840 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) -->| OLRmyRecruit7067 ( has joined #orangelounge =-= OLRmyRecruit7067 is now known as Orko

<AlphaCananogram|SHOWER> ALIFABA!

<AlphaCananogram|SHOWER> o snap showr

-->| Corey31 ( has joined #orangelounge =-= AlphaCananogram|SHOWER is now known as AlphaCananogram

<AlphaCananogram> well, i'll do shower later

=-= Corey31 is now known as Corey31|Go <PkerUNO> worst/best japanese pun ever: <ssj100matt> there are alot of WTF commercials this year <Orko> the chat is being funky so I'll chat in here and check the video every once in a while =-= Corey31|Go is now known as Corey31 <Goldbanjo> guys I don't know whether akuda will be joining us tonight due to the superbowl. =-= AlphaCananogram is now known as AFK|AlphaCananogram <PkerUNO> is the video feed already up? <Orko> yeah <gs68> if Akuda doesn't join, give him a headbutt to the chest. <Goldbanjo> XD -->| OLRmyRecruit1744 (~javac@ has joined #orangelounge <Orko> well, it was, not now <Goldbanjo> wtf is happening to the video feed? |<-- OLRmyRecruit1744 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <Goldbanjo> is it just me <skie> cam down for JUST a sec <Goldbanjo> k <Goldbanjo> brb g2g 2 bathroom -->| OLRmyRecruit1935 (~javac@ has joined #orangelounge <PkerUNO> well crap =-= OLRmyRecruit1935 is now known as DrBurst <DrBurst> NYG 3 NE 7 <DrBurst> if anyone wanted 2 know <PkerUNO> looks like I have a lesson during the first half of the show <Corey31> I am rooting for New England but don't care that much since my Bills suck and aren't in it, If the Giants win it at least it would be a huge upset -->| shadowsliar ( has joined #orangelounge <PkerUNO> hands up who doesn't care about this extraordinarily large vessel for soup and other liquids <Goldbanjo> *ack* <Goldbanjo> back * PkerUNO puts his hands up * gs68 explodes <gs68> I get to the last 2 notes of this song on DJMP2, then... <gs68> "YOU NEED MORE PRACTICE, NEVER GIVE IT UP!" |<-- Corey31 has left (Ping timeout) -->| Corey31|Go ( has joined #orangelounge <PkerUNO> gs68: I feel your pain :[ <PkerUNO> what the hell was that? <PkerUNO> a bottle of what? <PkerUNO> oh wow the video is so stuttery <gs68> Squeeze, on 8B/Hard <PkerUNO> oh and Fragma :[ <PkerUNO> yikes, 8B :[ <gs68> i miss background animations. <gs68> 8B takes time <gs68> it's mostly hard because the L and R buttons don't have their own columns <Goldbanjo> thankss guys <gs68> I almost never, EVER play on 5 or 4B unless it's part of a mission <PkerUNO> I only ever play 4, 5 and 6B <PkerUNO> never 8 :P <DrBurst> teh net are at war -->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge <DrBurst> Project chanology will win <PkerUNO> hopefully =-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv Corey31|Go DrBurst Orko by DarkSakura =-= Mode #orangelounge +vv SakuraMaxX shadowsliar by DarkSakura <SakuraMaxX> ORANGE LOUNGE RADIO VS SUPER BOWL <DarkSakura> They're playing Smash Bros! <SakuraMaxX> REZ!!! <Goldbanjo> TIME! SUDDEN DEATH! <SakuraMaxX> I want Rez <PkerUNO> is it live now? <SakuraMaxX> It looks so sexy <DarkTetsuya> PkerUNO: still on preshow <SakuraMaxX> Area 5 music is awesome <gs68> I already have Rez on PS2, bought it on Play-Asia for US$14 <SakuraMaxX> ORANGE LOUNGE RADIO VS SUPER BOWL <SakuraMaxX> BATTLE START <Goldbanjo> :) * gs68 sets mode: +b everyonediscussingsuperbowl <DrBurst> super crits on the first hit <DrBurst> ORL's Turn <skie> we just showed mario circuit stage on cam lol <skie> it's hot <SakuraMaxX> Magnum Break rofl <SakuraMaxX> what, you playing Brawl? <skie> yup <SakuraMaxX> DAMN YOU <SakuraMaxX> I'm going to wait <SakuraMaxX> Because I'm not like Loki <PkerUNO> so what's on Justin.TV isn't actually live? <SakuraMaxX> Who has to open up everything with electricity surging through it -->| OLRmyRecruit1356 ( has joined #orangelounge <SakuraMaxX> sexy music <SakuraMaxX> which area is this? <DarkTetsuya> PkerUNO: yeah it is, it might be delayed I'm not sure <PkerUNO> oh <DrBurst> flag on the play <PkerUNO> I'm still hearing Fragma <DrBurst> against NYG * gs68 won't get caught! 700m till goal =-= OLRmyRecruit1356 is now known as portalkombat <DrBurst> 1st and 15 -->| OLRmyRecruit3952 ( has joined #orangelounge <SakuraMaxX> Area 5 music rocks <gs68> who has the pink hair? =-= OLRmyRecruit3952 is now known as SONofDAD <PkerUNO> I'm not seeing Rez or SSBB <portalkombat> G-fense! <DrBurst> pass incomplete <DarkSakura> That's our special guest!! <darkzombie> are we talking Rez and football here? <darkzombie> by chance <DrBurst> this is drburst with live updates of the superbowl <darkzombie> o.O <portalkombat> darkzombie, you bet <SakuraMaxX> My gaming week: Nothing until the weekend <darkzombie> alrighty <PkerUNO> nope, Justin.TV is showing last week's episode <skie> CAM: <DrBurst> i have to write a review of Rez HD for my school newspaper <SakuraMaxX> I got the iso files for Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 with the expansions -->| OLRmyRecruit2563 ( has joined #orangelounge <SakuraMaxX> And then get a disk emu <SakuraMaxX> And then I gave it to my brother <darkzombie> i still need to buy some points <gs68> DrBurst: Your school's newspaper does game reviews? <darkzombie> for Rez <SakuraMaxX> And he said he's gunna play it during class <gs68> Dammit, why didn't I join mine's? =-= OLRmyRecruit2563 is now known as DancingJesus <PkerUNO> skie: it says Not Broadcasting and shows last week's show <SakuraMaxX> I'm telling every 360 owner with live to get Rez HD <gs68> stop repeating that clip! <portalkombat> I hate the ats <darkzombie> DrBurst: that's awesome, i wish my hs did those. <SakuraMaxX> They don't listen to me because I'm not popular <portalkombat> *PATS |<-- Orko has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) -->| OLRmyRecruit1229 ( has joined #orangelounge <SakuraMaxX> So I tell them they they are fucking messed up if they don't want Rez <DrBurst> 2nd and 1 <DrBurst> 1st down =-= OLRmyRecruit1229 is now known as orko <DrBurst> NE <darkzombie> except i'm not in hs anymore. |<-- shadowsliar has left (Quit) <gs68> SakuraMaxX: Some people don't agree with your game tastes. SO WHAT? <SakuraMaxX> my brother has 30 bucks on the Patriots <gs68> I'm a WMMT3 fanboy, but do I go around telling people at my college's arcade to play it? <portalkombat> SakuraMaxx, Your brother will be disappointed <SakuraMaxX> gs68: I'm trying to get more people on because all of us seem to like it (assuming you have a 360) <portalkombat> hopefully <DrBurst> 18 yard pass complete <DrBurst> NE -->| OLRmyRecruit6958 ( has joined #orangelounge <gs68> (in fact, my fanboyness has already gotten me in trouble with some classmates, don't need them to bite my fucking head off.) <darkzombie> heh -->| OLRmyRecruit0566 ( has joined #orangelounge <DrBurst> on the 50 <SakuraMaxX> I can't believe RockBand is coming to Wii <portalkombat> DONT SCORE <SakuraMaxX> That means I don't need a PS2 <DrBurst> pass incomplete <darkzombie> wooo <SakuraMaxX> But I still need one anyways <DrBurst> 2nd and 10 <SakuraMaxX> And then a 360 <DrBurst> Ne has the ball <PkerUNO> is the video feed supposed to be live yet? <SONofDAD> I like REZ alot, but i'm a little more hyped for IKARUGA HD <skie> it should be up <PkerUNO> because I'm still seing last week's * gs68 targets 8 random people <orko> its working for me * gs68 fires away <SakuraMaxX> Ikauruga HD? Seriously? <SakuraMaxX> Such thing? <DrBurst> still on the 50 <SakuraMaxX> HOLY CRAP <DrBurst> flag <PkerUNO> "Not Broadcasting" |<-- OLRmyRecruit6958 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) -->| OLRmyRecruit2672 ( has joined #orangelounge <gs68> I demand Radiant Silvergun on VC. * SakuraMaxX wishes ther would be such thing as Touhou HD <darkzombie> Rock Band for Wii would be sweet with nunchuk drums. <DrBurst> 5 yard against NE <skie> click the little reload icon in bottom right <SakuraMaxX> It's probably the same controllers <SONofDAD> IKARUGA HD with online co-op will OWN <SakuraMaxX> But with Wii remote slots <PkerUNO> no change <ssj100matt> Dr: Your really not going to do that the whole show are you? :P <SakuraMaxX> To keep it comfy <DrBurst> huge pass <DrBurst> incomplete <DrBurst> 3rd and 15 <PkerUNO> even with a complete refresh of the page <DrBurst> NE has the ball

<OLRmyRecruit2672> Superbowl who?!

<darkzombie> DrBurst: =/ <SakuraMaxX> Rez doesn't count as a 3d bullet hell, does it? <DrBurst> what i'm doing a service =-= OLRmyRecruit2672 is now known as Surtur <PkerUNO> Justin.TV uses a port other than 80, doesn't it? :/ <darkzombie> for the deaf <gs68> port town...but waht stage? <SONofDAD> If we wanted super bowl stats, we would wathd the game <ssj100matt> FALCON PAUCH! <SONofDAD> *watch <PkerUNO> even the channels marked as live on the front page show up as "Not Broadcasting" <DrBurst> fine i'll turn down the updates <SakuraMaxX> FIRED -->| hitstun ( has joined #orangelounge <PkerUNO> ffs <hitstun> hiyo =-= OLRmyRecruit0566 is now known as DJ_Jinnai <PkerUNO> I can never listen to this show live :[ <DJ_Jinnai> yoops <SONofDAD> Just update the stats when something SIGNIFICANT happens |<-- AFK|AlphaCananogram has left (Ping timeout) <DJ_Jinnai> oops* <darkzombie> as fa as rock band goes, i'll probably wait until the sequel <SakuraMaxX> oh noes <darkzombie> far* -->| AlphaCananogram|TIRED ( has joined #orangelounge <SakuraMaxX> I need to look at the song list -->| OLRmyRecruit3715 ( has joined #orangelounge <SakuraMaxX> I never cared =-= OLRmyRecruit3715 is now known as GERARDAMO <DrBurst> does anyone want updates <GERARDAMO> Announcer in Brawl = Lose -->| Brad--PodCulture ( has joined #orangelounge =-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv AlphaCananogram|TIRED Brad--PodCulture DancingJesus by skie =-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv DJ_Jinnai GERARDAMO hitstun by skie =-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv orko portalkombat SONofDAD by skie * gs68 opens train door. THIS IS AN OLR TRAINWRECK. <darkzombie> i'm curious as to how Harmonix will continue their stellar support for DLC =-= Mode #orangelounge +v Surtur by skie <SakuraMaxX> It reminds me of some announcer in a super hero cartoon <SakuraMaxX> lol <DJ_Jinnai> nom nom nom nom <gs68> (train scheduled to arrive at this time and depart 3 minutes later to facilitate transfers from -->| [LOKIOLR] ( has joined #orangelounge <SakuraMaxX> YES <SakuraMaxX> HELL YEAH <DrBurst> ... anyone <ssj100matt> luckly im not going to play it for the announcer <hitstun> hooray! just in time <gs68> Put the gear in 2...3, 2, 1, GO! <SakuraMaxX> Hey, Loki <DrBurst> *cry* <SONofDAD> AGENTS ARE....GO!!!! <SakuraMaxX> You fix up your pc yet? <portalkombat> Orange. Lounge. Radio <darkzombie> This just in: separate friend code required for each instrument during online play. <gs68> Pirates vs. Ninjas? NO! <SakuraMaxX> Oblivion wasn't ever online yet? <darkzombie> Woot. * ssj100matt takes 3 shots <gs68> *facepalmbook* <portalkombat> Dark Sakura's not there <SakuraMaxX> I alwaqys thought it was an online rpg <DarkTetsuya> lol <DarkSakura> Yes I am. DUH. <DrBurst> wrong intro? <hitstun> watching the super bowl? <Surtur> If you guys used Shoutcast I could listen on my PSP <DJ_Jinnai> im sick of the pirates vs ninjas joke <gs68> Wrong music! LIFE -1 <gs68> Put the gear in 2...3, 2, 1, GO! <DrBurst> new england just punted |<-- SakuraMaxX has left (Read error: EOF from client) <SONofDAD> BLONK! -->| OLRmyRecruit4185 ( has joined #orangelounge <GERARDAMO> Hi Dark Sakura <DJ_Jinnai> derrrr internet <darkzombie> Hey, an OLR commercial during the super bowl <gs68> DarkSakura has started speaking. ALL SB DISCUSSION IS BANNED FROM HERE ON OUT. <portalkombat> If the Giants don't win...... =-= OLRmyRecruit4185 is now known as Friz-Bee <portalkombat> I will die <gs68> except commercials. also cocks. <DJ_Jinnai> super bowl = most watched in... malaysia <GERARDAMO> I like her hair <gs68> Identify yourself, pink hair-chan! <GERARDAMO> :o She gets the rainbow blankie! <DarkTetsuya> LOL <DrBurst> score NYG 3 NE 7 <DrBurst> hug <gs68> Jonathan. <gs68> Charlotte. <gs68> Jonathan. <Friz-Bee> NO SPOLIERS <gs68> Charlotte. <portalkombat> GIANTS <DrBurst> huge run by the NYG <SONofDAD> POR ftw -->| OLRmyRecruit6762 ( has joined #orangelounge

<portalkombat> Loki is my new hero

<Friz-Bee> can you read japanese or is there english in there?

=-= OLRmyRecruit6762 is now known as cheezburger

<gs68> Play-ASSia

<PkerUNO> guh, this sucks

<DrBurst> NYG in the 40

=-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv [LOKIOLR] cheezburger Friz-Bee by skie

<PkerUNO> please change to something better than :[

<gs68> Play-ASSia sucks, and their affilate program sucks.

<Friz-Bee> does it?

=-= Mode #orangelounge +o [LOKIOLR] by DarkTetsuya

<portalkombat> Play Asia rules all

<gs68> Gaming week: IDAS4, WMMT3, DJMAX Portable 2, Castlevania DXC

<GERARDAMO> Gaming Week - Rez, Rez, Lumines, Rez, NiGHTS, E4, Rock Band, Rez, Rez

<GERARDAMO> Did I mention Rez?

<portalkombat> G-MEN

<Friz-Bee> i think you did

<ssj100matt> YEAH!

<portalkombat> 1st down

<DrBurst> 1st down at the 12 NYG

<SONofDAD> My Gaming Week: DMC4 demo, REZ HD demo, and KING OF KONG: Fistful of quarters

<gs68> also i broke my Tsukuba IB record. (new record is 2'56")

<DarkTetsuya> SONofDAD: how was that? I might check it out

<gs68> also, SVGL had a "Initial D Super Week" where card renewal is only $1

<Friz-Bee> do level 9 bots in Smash still suck?

<DrBurst> gaints at the ...

<DarkTetsuya> uh oh LOL

<portalkombat> What a comeback by the Rangers today SSJ100matt

<SONofDAD> King of kong is pretty damn funny and a well made documentary

-->| OLRmyRecruit5551 ( has joined #orangelounge

-->| BlackLab ( has joined #orangelounge

<DrBurst> 5 yard

<SONofDAD> worth a rental at least

=-= OLRmyRecruit5551 is now known as halo7master

<DrBurst> tounch down gaints

<portalkombat> TOUCHDOWN

<ssj100matt> YEAH TD GIANTS!

<Friz-Bee> Another one bites the dust...........

<halo7master> what is the score on the game

<darkzombie> Patriots better pull through!

<Friz-Bee> 9-7

<portalkombat> undefeated? I think NOT!

<Friz-Bee> NY

<darkzombie> 10-7

<gs68> The Patriots have got a new title: [First Black Mark]

<hitstun> My Gaming Week: I Wanna Be The Guy, Megaman MHX, Hyper Street Fighter II, Rez HD, Bomberman Live, Tetris Splash, Disgaea AOD, Mega Man 5, and I watched my friend play No More Heroes

<DJ_Jinnai> turned on live 365, turned on justin tv but turned off justin tv's audio

<DarkTetsuya> viking funeral? oh lol

<DrBurst> zomg this is epic

<ssj100matt> Viking Funeral for the Eye of Judgment soon?

<DJ_Jinnai> oh god football talk.....

<Friz-Bee> Time Up!

<portalkombat> hitsun, I wanna be the guy is the hardest game EVER

<Goldbanjo> My gaming week: Just some flashflashrevolution

<DarkTetsuya> portalkombat: I dunno, la mulana's pretty tough too



<DarkTetsuya> but once you have the right items you can more or less save whenever you want so...

<DrBurst> 10-7

<GERARDAMO> All this football talk is confusing me...

<DJ_Jinnai> played phoenix wright and mario kart

<Goldbanjo> Readings keeping me from videogames. OH NO!

<halo7master> what is the score on the super bowl know

<ssj100matt> 10-7 Giants

<DrBurst> 10 NYG 7 NE

<DJ_Jinnai> should be a "talk football = kick" rule tonight

<DrBurst> no

<halo7master> nice



<Friz-Bee> lions?

<GERARDAMO> Playing Rez on a Mono system... No fun... :(

<gs68> oh yeah, I forgot.

<DarkSakura> Talk Soccer, I hump your leg.

<ssj100matt> Its the SB... 1 day out of the year

<DrBurst> bring it

<Surtur> I played FFVII on a real PS1 today

<portalkombat> DJ_JInnai, stop hatin!

<DrBurst> american football

<BlackLab> you cannot avoid the super bowl

<BlackLab> don't try

<orko> all hail Man U

<DJ_Jinnai> lol its a videogame show.

=-= AlphaCananogram|TIRED is now known as AFK|AlphaCananogram

* gs68 sets mode: +b *!*@~javac@

<gs68> or whatever

<cheezburger> im doing my homeworkk,listining to olr and chating at the same time

<BlackLab> Madden -> Super Bowl predicitons

<DrBurst> kickoff

<Surtur> Do my homework!

<cheezburger> homework sucks!!!

<cheezburger> 8th grade

<portalkombat> Burnout=Better than Rez?

-->| OLRmyRecruit0824 ( has joined #orangelounge

<Friz-Bee> 3! 2! 1! GO!

<BlackLab> Rez is in a league of it's own

<gs68> DarkSakura, don't be afraid to kickban...

<portalkombat> No halo for MO

-->| Phedre (~gia@Flick.plays-countar-skript.gamesurge) has joined #orangelounge

=-= OLRmyRecruit0824 is now known as macman

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<cheezburger> SSBB!?!

<macman> Smash Bros in the His House?

<TigerClaw> Skie, I bet you were dancing and pulling out your glowsticks while playing Rez HD?

<DarkTetsuya> they put in on CD on PS2 ;_;

<cheezburger> who got ssbb?

<Friz-Bee> Turn it off. It's rude to play games that we non-importers dont have yet

* macman just shat myself!

<GERARDAMO> Trance Vibrator feels like a back massage on 360 :D

<Friz-Bee> loki has it

<portalkombat> Rez=MUST PLAY WITH LSD

<cheezburger> cooooooooooool

<hitstun> i dunno, i think i liked panzer dragoon orta more...

<DJ_Jinnai> yeah dont be afraid to kick... i know they cant live without OLR.

<darkzombie> i got SSBB

<gs68> [181656] <RawSteelUT> Turn it off. It's rude to play games that we non-importers dont have yet

<gs68> fixed

<cheezburger> i preorded ssbb like 5 months ago

<Friz-Bee> i hope he can read japanese

<hitstun> and bomberman live is probably better too

<BlackLab> trance mission + alcohol = 2 hours wasted

<DrBurst> Ne at the 33

<macman> Rez + Drugs = Rez. Rez - Drugs = 0.

<Surtur> My NA sponser won't let me play rez hd

<portalkombat> fuck randy moss

<DJ_Jinnai> who?

<hitstun> but rez hd is awesome, and have a 360 and don't already rez, you'd be stupid not to pick this up

<GERARDAMO> Trance Mission makes me woozie...\

=-= OLRmyRecruit0034 is now known as Joeshi16

<DrBurst> 1st down NE

<gs68> macman: go to hell

<BlackLab> who are the guests in studio today?

<BlackLab> i do not recognize them

<ssj100matt> Puppy: Musical Guest

<Friz-Bee> two new people

<cheezburger> ive been playing battlefront 2 on my ps2

* gs68 should get back to score-attacking Rez sometime.

<GERARDAMO> I don't know who not Rob, Loki, Jamie, or Mo is...

<DrBurst> 3rd and 7 NE has the ball

<BlackLab> Adam Freeland is a gOD

<DarkTetsuya> HI ROB <3

<SONofDAD> TABULA RASA already went clearance at my TARGET

<cheezburger> my psp just broke...

<macman> Outdoors? Why would you do that?

=-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv BlackLab halo7master Joeshi16 by DarkSakura

<DrBurst> 4th and 7 new england

=-= Mode #orangelounge +vv macman Phedre by DarkSakura

<DJ_Jinnai> its the NFL chat now.

<DJ_Jinnai> >.>

<DancingJesus> drburst, please die

<portalkombat> cheezburger,what happened

<gs68> DarkSakura, like I said, don't be afraid to kickban superbowl fans.

<halo7master> super bowl

<Goldbanjo> oh leave drburst alone. just ignore the comments if you dont like football

<ssj100matt> im doing both Rob (SB and OLR)... im getting Double Penetration of entertainment

<gs68> oh hi, halo7yearsold.

<darkzombie> soup or bowl?

<Joeshi16> Winner of my 0x1d0x1d0x1d0x1d0x1d0x1dSuperbowl Sunday: Orange Lounge Radi0x1c0x1c0x1c0x1c0x1c0x1co

<BlackLab> seriously, football is not offensive

<BlackLab> it's not like he's linking 2girls2cup in here

<cheezburger> msg/ macman have i been talking to u about my broken psp?

<DarkSakura> It offends me. =D

<DrBurst> who is the one who can kick me

<DarkSakura> I really couldn't be bothered.

* gs68 goes Mei [A14] on BlackLab

<DarkSakura> That would be me.

<DarkSakura> And Rob.

<DarkSakura> And Loki

<DarkSakura> Ane Drew.

<DarkSakura> and*

<macman> quote unquote Massage.


<Friz-Bee> i do blame them

<DarkSakura> Ane Ranchan

<DarkSakura> And DT

<Drewnami> Meep?

-->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge

<DarkSakura> So a bunch of us.

* gs68 slaps SakuraMaxX around a bit with a large trout

<DrBurst> ... ok do i want to aggro darksakura

<DarkSakura> =D

<Drewnami> I'd

<gs68> DrBurst: NO. Trust me you don't want to die.

<SakuraMaxX> What are they talking about?

<SakuraMaxX> HI JAMIE

<DarkSakura> HOLA

<ssj100matt> that wouldn't be a smart move

<gs68> SakuraMaxX: Child porn.

* Drewnami will flog anyone who upsets Jamie.

<cheezburger> macman privite chat...

<SakuraMaxX> wtf

<DrBurst> i have people to back me

<DarkSakura> <333333333

<SakuraMaxX> So do we have the musical guest?

<DrBurst> who's healing me

<DrBurst> i need lots of heals

<portalkombat> I WANT PORTAL SONG NOW

<DarkTetsuya> back me wool? XD

<PkerUNO> may have found an http tunnel app :O

<DarkSakura> We do this every year. Talk of the Stupor Bowl, you get the boot.

<gs68> basically a bunch of muscular guys sexually experimenting with each other and eating babies for dinner.

<DJ_Jinnai> i see a baditz maru in justin tv.

<SakuraMaxX> kick Jamie

<gs68> the same goes for their idiot fans.

<SakuraMaxX> rofl

<Joeshi16> Nintendo Factories are firing blanks

<GERARDAMO> Jamie, I heart your name for Super Bowl, I'ma steal it

<DarkSakura> <e

<DarkSakura> <3

<cheezburger> make the world throw up


SakuraMaxX> Let's play a game

<Goldbanjo> ME WANT SONG 2

<SakuraMaxX> Complete the lyrics line by line

<Goldbanjo> too

<SakuraMaxX> This was a triumph

<DrBurst> Wow big ban cannon

<DJ_Jinnai> i want my gaming news... not espn

-->| {GZ}dr4ev ( has joined #orangelounge

=-= AFK|AlphaCananogram is now known as AlphaCananogram

<AlphaCananogram> what i mis/

<ssj100matt> at least let us celebrate whoever wins

<Friz-Bee> LIE

<Joeshi16> Thats for Part B

<DJ_Jinnai> cake!

<cheezburger> i have cake

* gs68 points a gun at AlphaCananogram. Are you watching the Shit Bowl?

<macman> Wait.. We aren't hitting her with a Shovel? I'm outta here.

<DJ_Jinnai> cheese cake

<BlackLab> i'm baking cookies

=-= gs68 is now known as CD-I_Ganon

<AlphaCananogram> gs68, FUCK NO

<cheezburger> ug

<portalkombat> the cake is true

<CD-I_Ganon> good.

<DarkSakura> STUPOR BOWL.

<AlphaCananogram> had to wash hair

<halo7master> cake

<GERARDAMO> I made cake for Portal song :D

<DarkSakura> I bought cake. =D

<Joeshi16> Knock her out with a Weighted Companion Cube

<DrBurst> um... i give

<SakuraMaxX> Is she better than JoCo?


<Joeshi16> shell never see it coming

<hitstun> i may need a youtube comment filter

<GERARDAMO> It was a Funfetti Cake

<DJ_Jinnai> gs68: sad day today.

=-= CD-I_Ganon is now known as gs68

<DrBurst> i think DarkSakura is like 2 lvs two high

<Friz-Bee> I heard Kirby

* AlphaCananogram hears ssbb, and is jealous,,,

<DrBurst> but i'll be back with epic gear next year

<Friz-Bee> i like the lights

-->| Vastokian ( has joined #orangelounge

<portalkombat> My friend made a portal cake for the super bowl, whoops don't ban me please

<DJ_Jinnai> the decorations ROCK

<DrBurst> your going down DarkSakura

<macman> Yes, the 11 year old girl, named Rob.

* gs68 slaps portalkombat around a bit with a large trout

=-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv SakuraMaxX Vastokian {GZ}dr4ev by DarkSakura

<BlackLab> i would totally play rock band with complete strangers

<GERARDAMO> macman - lmao

<{GZ}dr4ev> restart the show for the superbowl

<gs68> in the words of CD-I Ganon, YOU MUST DIE!!

* gs68 shoots lightning

<DarkSakura> I did at New Year's! I was really drunk, too.

* gs68 shoots lightning

<cheezburger> superbowl sucks

<gs68> facehax

<gs68> myhax

<Joeshi16> Its MY SPACE ALL MINE!

<gs68> friendshax

<gs68> Your space is mine, and your face is a book.

<DJ_Jinnai> 80GB is adios at frys

-->| Aisu (~anon@ has joined #orangelounge

<{GZ}dr4ev> who was the special guest for tonight that was so secret

<Friz-Bee> Do Kirby's final smash

<Vastokian> Mo!

<DrBurst> *test

<Joeshi16> PS3 Now in 31 F0x080x080x080x08lavors

<SakuraMaxX> Rock Band for Wii gives me blue bawls

|<-- DrBurst has left (Quit: Java chat, out!)

-->| OLRmyRecruit1402 (~javac@ has joined #orangelounge

<gs68> yeah that's right, DrBurst.

<DarkTetsuya> 'someday'

|<-- OLRmyRecruit1402 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!)


<macman> Futureproof and Funproof.


-->| OLRmyRecruit7957 (~javac@ has joined #orangelounge

<GERARDAMO> I want Strawberry PS3!

<Joeshi16> You'll need space for all those trailers for PS4 games


=-= OLRmyRecruit7957 is now known as DrBurst

<Aisu> Ah, trailers, the best part of the gaming experience.

<gs68> in before sudden apperance of RawSteel.

<cheezburger> lol

<ssj100matt> Mo is hot

<orko> porn > cake

<gs68> porn > lie

<cheezburger> cake is good!

<Goldbanjo> YAY PIRACY!( *downloaded Photoshop CS3 today*)

<SakuraMaxX> The pron is a lie

<Vastokian> cake is a lie!

<Aisu> The porn is a lie

<SakuraMaxX> porn*

<BlackLab> Pirates porn = High Def money shots

<portalkombat> porn might be better than portal

<Aisu> pr0n*

<gs68> Porn or death?

<cheezburger> ...2 girls one cake LOL

<gs68> no wait

<SakuraMaxX> rofl

<gs68> porn cake!

<SakuraMaxX> Chell

<portalkombat> lmao

<SakuraMaxX> Chell

<Aisu> GLaDOS porn.

<Joeshi16> Pirates in HDDVD will save the HDDVD

<SakuraMaxX> OH

<Aisu> "Oh. Oh yes. Yes. Yes."

<SakuraMaxX> OHOH

<gs68> porntal!

<GERARDAMO> Cake + Porn = win

<SakuraMaxX> 2 girls one cake = Chell and GLaDOS

<DrBurst> lol

<ssj100matt> Microsoft: 5 sku plenty of games in 1 year

<DJ_Jinnai> PS3...WHY?!!?!

<gs68> PSuck3?

<Friz-Bee> i wish there was a text-to-speech GLaDOS voice

<DrBurst> Cake + Porn = lose

<Goldbanjo> Give me porn or give me death!

<GERARDAMO> PS3 = Piece of Shit 3

<DrBurst> no win

<Joeshi16> Wii 1 year, 1 SKU, 1 Game

<SakuraMaxX> Friz-Bee: who knows?

<SakuraMaxX> Chances are that someone will make it

<Friz-Bee> i think someone made one that sounded kinda like it

<DJ_Jinnai> ps3 is looking more like the PSX product they brought out (not the psone)

<portalkombat> For every new PS3 sku there is less good games

<orko> mmmmmmmmm, pixel porn

<gs68> Did someone say, coffee?

=-= gs68 is now known as Godot


* Godot grabs magically sliding cup of coffee

<DJ_Jinnai> HOLD IT!

* Godot drinks.


<hitstun> my friend just told me about this: a 1.5TB external duo hard drive for $67.99:

<SONofDAD> PS2 is famous for DISC READ ERRORS

=-= Godot is now known as gs68

<hitstun> 1.5 TB Hi-Speed USB / eSATA-300 Duo Pro Drive External Hard Drive

<BlackLab> oh shit i still have my original copy

<Joeshi16> GTA4: Porn Edition PS3 Exclusi0x080x080x080x080x080x080x08ve

<gs68> Offended? By porn? rofl

<hitstun> but it says Starting Price...

-->| OLRmyRecruit8146 ( has joined #orangelounge

<gs68> Joeshie, stop with the dot crap, or else you will DIE.

<BlackLab> i need to get my $10

<Joeshi16> ...

<Aisu> The dots are exciting!

<ssj100matt> Rob: If your disc is scratched to shit you can basically get a replacement for free

<DJ_Jinnai> i thought they learned their lesson on hot coffee.... guess not.

<Joeshi16> I dunno what you are talking about

<DarkTetsuya> but who'd be offended by that? especially with everything else that was in the M-rated game?

<gs68> GTA raped MAH BABY

<DarkTetsuya> er actually it was AO briefly right

=-= OLRmyRecruit8146 is now known as ravensdolphin

<Vastokian> poor baby

<portalkombat> Lot's of homeless people will be suing Rockstar

<macman> Play a Game and Get 5 buck, or lose my gamer dignity? 5 dollars, plz.

<SONofDAD> free 5 bucks? Five volcano tacos at TACO BELL

<SakuraMaxX> This was a triumph

<DJ_Jinnai> o.o 5 bucks! fifty 10 cent ramen packets!!!!!!!!

=-= Mode #orangelounge +vvv Aisu DrBurst ravensdolphin by skie

<BlackLab> i wouldn't put it past RockStar to make fun of the Hot Coffee scandal in GTA4 somewhere

<Aisu> Woo, I get a + symbol.

<DarkTetsuya> but can you drive the new camaro? :D~~

<ssj100matt> In ID4 you can get a hot coffee on your dash

<gs68> but can you drive a ya--*spartan-kicked*

<Aisu> Your girlfriend invites you in for Hot Coffee in a sexy voice. And then you go inside with her and drink actual coffee. Your character gets a caffeine boost.

<portalkombat> hot coffe car in Forza 2 coming up!

<portalkombat> *coffe


<portalkombat> *coffee

<SakuraMaxX> COFFEE*

<Joeshi16> By the way the dots have a name... its AN ELLIPSIS not "dots"

<DarkTetsuya> *coughs, takes a shot*

<gs68> I heard that in CvS2, you can see some TRUE LOVE MAKIN'

<portalkombat> I can't spell

<darkzombie> we 360 owners need our episodic content

<DarkTetsuya> moar dots

<hitstun> haha

<Aisu> dot dot dot

<Vastokian> Portal Song!

<AlphaCananogram> people can't be patient with online console games, cause a lot of the servers for these games are shut down

<DJ_Jinnai> ilike my sugar with coffee and cream

<AlphaCananogram> I WAS THAT DUMB TODAY

<GERARDAMO> I like my sugar on cake?

<AlphaCananogram> GUESS WHO'S CALLING?!

<Aisu> The sugar is truth.

<DJ_Jinnai> powder sugrrrrrrrrr

<halo7master> 3.90m33 is out

<darkzombie> the coffee is a lie


<gs68> coffee? lie?



<portalkombat> PORTAL SONG or death?

<DJ_Jinnai> the pres is a lie

<SakuraMaxX> This was a triumph

<DJ_Jinnai> lol

<DJ_Jinnai> nice sfx

<Friz-Bee> best sound ever

<Joeshi16> Exploitation and crack? WHats wrong with the industry

<gs68> speaking of geeakoo10 syebuhn i might cosplay as young Edgeworth at Fanime

<AlphaCananogram> Friz-Bee, agreed

<Goldbanjo> cool sound

<DarkTetsuya> inject? speaking of crack... :P

<SONofDAD> Price is right losing sound is better

<portalkombat> dud dud da pish


<gs68> injection of l--*32nd glissandos'd*

<Friz-Bee> i can still hear the SSBB theme

<GERARDAMO> gs68 - lol

<SONofDAD> HOT 1.5 beef injection!

<Aisu> Actually, it originally came out on the Internets.

<SakuraMaxX> Flow?

<Aisu> Flow started off as a browser game.

<Aisu> Yeah.

<SakuraMaxX> Urban Dance Uprising?

<AlphaCananogram> it's probably a downloadable game

<SakuraMaxX> That insult of a rhythm game?

<SONofDAD> Urban Dance Squad?

<Aisu> Elite Beat Agents!

<gs68> jubeat.

<SakuraMaxX> JEWBEAT

<GERARDAMO> Jewbeat?

<halo7master> o Dark AleX's Time Machine: install 1.50 kernel on your PSP Slim

<AlphaCananogram> has there been footage of jubeat yet??

<DJ_Jinnai> i want professor layton.

<SakuraMaxX> That game would be good if I put that racist jew at my school in there

<DarkTetsuya> picpic?

<gs68> i hope it's pronounced hoobeat or yoobeat...

<SakuraMaxX> HOOOO

<halo7master> here is the link

<gs68> MaxX! Stop turning into haado gei!

<ssj100matt> The Club demo = crap

<SakuraMaxX> aww


<DJ_Jinnai> dark alex = sony's bin laden

<DarkTetsuya> gs68: yeah its yubeat... I haven't seen any videos of it yet htough

<DarkTetsuya> though*

<cheezburger> lol

<AlphaCananogram> gs68, it's yubeat

<AlphaCananogram> or yuubeat

<SakuraMaxX> jewbeat

<Joeshi16> Ahh Patriots just scored (not that anyone probally cares)

<Friz-Bee> it will allways be jewbeat in out hearts

<SakuraMaxX> gross

<SakuraMaxX> AC on DS

<GERARDAMO> jewbeatdown


<ssj100matt> Sakura: yeah you can stop that

<cheezburger> my dad got me turok on the n64 when i was 5

* macman wants to play SSBB sooo bad.

<AlphaCananogram> ahghgh, /my olr died, had to restart

<AlphaCananogram> me too

* Drewnami nom noms TaQitos.

<gs68> crank that ko--*crucified*

<DarkTetsuya> absolutely dreadful. *takes another shot*

* SakuraMaxX is popular in his ELA class

<GERARDAMO> Yay karaoke games!

<gs68> NOOOOOO!


<DJ_Jinnai> i bet kaz wants to get dark alex in a ring... steel cage match

* gs68 goes into cardiac arrest

<SakuraMaxX> We were in the library, and I showed them my friend's blog that I work with

<AlphaCananogram> downstream panic's music WORSE THAN LOCO ROCO, too annoying

<SakuraMaxX> And we put the SSBB roster on there

<AlphaCananogram> loco roco's music is superb

<SakuraMaxX> And them not being the geeks like me and barely using the internet, they haven't seen the roster

<Aisu> My Horse and Me is going to be the game of the year, y/n

<GERARDAMO> Wait... people don't like the music in Loco Roco!?

<SakuraMaxX> So I'm famous

<ssj100matt> his English Accent is banned in all 50 states and all of Europe

<GERARDAMO> I have the soundtrack...

<Friz-Bee> Puppy Bowl

<DrBurst> is it worth the week long ban?

<BlackLab> did i just hear someone say PUPPY??

<SakuraMaxX> I finally managed to stop using my fake British accent that sucked ass

<SakuraMaxX> but was better than Skie's

<BlackLab> ..i watched the Puppy Bowl for two hours today =X

<SakuraMaxX> Imagine Puppyz

<Aisu> I wanted to see the Puppy Bowl.

<SONofDAD> In the Circuit City Ad, it said NO MORE HEROES comes out on wednesday. Nothing like being a week late!

<Aisu> But my dorm has no TV.

<Aisu> This sucks. :/

<GERARDAMO> I, unfortunately, watch the crosswords show...

<cheezburger> ive been watching the puppy bowl on the animal planet

<GERARDAMO> And I know the words...

<Joeshi16> Futurama Merv Griffin

<DJ_Jinnai> Dr: take a hit for your team.

<gs68> a puppy bowl is fine too.

<DJ_Jinnai> i dunno...

<SakuraMaxX> a puppy bowl

<gs68> DrBurst:

<BlackLab> why was i not invited to the puppy bowl D=

<ssj100matt> Dr: No one cares about the SB... don't do it

=-= gs68 is now known as CD-I_Mario

<CD-I_Mario> No.

=-= CD-I_Mario is now known as gs68


<SakuraMaxX> my dad would probably be stupid and make some joke about eating dogs


<gs68> Being whored out in SSBM since 2001!

<SakuraMaxX> if I mentioned the puppy bowl

<ssj100matt> the people who do care are quiet (like me)

<SakuraMaxX> EW

<Friz-Bee> ...........

<gs68> [184225] <gs68> a puppy bowl is fine too.

<Friz-Bee> MAJOR WII

<SakuraMaxX> I'm sorry, Japan


<cheezburger> that was a f****** awesome movie!!!

<macman> Major Wii? Is that ona them pornographic games?

<gs68> That's what he said.

<Friz-Bee> dude, i gust got a Major Wii

<gs68> gutter?

<SakuraMaxX> 2 minutes?

* gs68 drifts a bike down a gutter.

<cheezburger> sexy!!!!!!!!!!!

<DJ_Jinnai> nintendo? porn? rly???

<SakuraMaxX> ROFL YES

<Friz-Bee> i'll bet you can

<gs68> lingerie-clad chick killing zombies?

<gs68> COUNT ME IN

<DarkTetsuya> and a major wii...

<Vastokian> what gets better than that!

<DarkTetsuya> ooookay then

<Aisu> Niiice.

<cheezburger> ...

<SakuraMaxX> ....

<DJ_Jinnai> that game has a sexy girl in it

<SakuraMaxX> Heavenly Sword

<DJ_Jinnai> unlike red ninja... >.>

<SONofDAD> Same company as BULLET WITCH?

<GERARDAMO> Uh... What would the controls be in the lingerie game, because I have a feeling some people will get it wrong...

<DJ_Jinnai> red ninja = unsexy controls

<Aisu> Princess Maker, awesome. XD


<DJ_Jinnai> princess maker wii

<DJ_Jinnai> xD

<Joeshi16> Sorry Loki You're Favorite Game is in Another Castle

<DarkTetsuya> there've been... THIRTEEN OF THEM?


|<-- macman has left (Quit: Java chat, out!)


<DarkSakura> L!!!

<SONofDAD> Tingle Costume Maker 5

<SakuraMaxX> I want one

<DarkSakura> LLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

<SakuraMaxX> I want a machine

<portalkombat> Pikachoo?


<Aisu> ...

<cheezburger> sonofdad lol


<SakuraMaxX> And I started watching it

<GERARDAMO> Can Loki's power in OLRPG be turn into Tingle?


<SakuraMaxX> only problem



<SakuraMaxX> Every fucking picture of L is the same SakuraMaxX> I'm like wtf?

<SakuraMaxX> But still

<Aisu> Now I just want more Mikami stuff.

<DarkTetsuya> moar gundam?

<cheezburger> psp broke

<SakuraMaxX> DeathNote is cool

<Aisu> Nobody loves Mikami.

<Aisu> L gets all the love.

<SakuraMaxX> Wonder if I could torrent it

<DJ_Jinnai> deathtards

<DJ_Jinnai> xD

<portalkombat> cheezburger: awww that sucks

<SakuraMaxX> which episode is America on?

<Joeshi16> My analog stick broke on my PSP

<Aisu> I dunno

<Aisu> I don't follow the dub.

<Aisu> I prefer the manga in general.

<DarkTetsuya> so orange slices?

<cheezburger> my mathbook knocked my psp of the desk and cracked the screen

|<-- Foodie_Monster has left (Ping timeout)

<Aisu> The Rainbow Boxes

<SakuraMaxX> my cell phone's outer screen is cracked, and the lcd is destroyed

<SakuraMaxX> won't display anything

<SakuraMaxX> So I don't know whether to pick up the phone

<SakuraMaxX> or not

<DarkTetsuya> *headdesk*

<Joeshi16> I love the whole box the same. I dont pick favorites

<DJ_Jinnai> hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

<Aisu> It might explode.

<DarkTetsuya> [EXPLICIT]

<cheezburger> what preformence?

<DJ_Jinnai> major wiiii

<Friz-Bee> i never would have guessed it

<SakuraMaxX> woohoo

|<-- AlphaCananogram has left (Ping timeout)

<DJ_Jinnai> yay more portallllllll

<Joeshi16> SHOCKER1

<portalkombat> wooo

<Aisu> Yaaay

<SakuraMaxX> Please don't be Chell again

<Friz-Bee> This Was A Triumph

<SakuraMaxX> Please be a hot character

<Aisu> But Chell has awesome leg things

<GERARDAMO> Wait... No wantee Portal sequel...

<DJ_Jinnai> MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Friz-Bee> portal Multi player

-->| AlphaCananogram (~alphacana@AlphaCananogram.user.gamesurge) has joined #orangelounge

<SakuraMaxX> portal multiplayer

<Joeshi16> Why dont they do more gravity stuff and it can be kinda like Prey but you get to control all that stuff

<SakuraMaxX> lol portal gun deathmatch

<Aisu> I am!

<GERARDAMO> Friz-Bee - How?

<SakuraMaxX> that wowuld be fun

<Aisu> I know Mo! Hiiii Mo!

* Aisu waves

<cheezburger> hi

<Friz-Bee> i dont know but id like to see

<SakuraMaxX> use portals to drop turrets, cubes, and other stuff on players

<SakuraMaxX> HELLO

<Brad--PodCulture> hello or something

<Vastokian> Mo=totally awesome!

<AlphaCananogram> my internets died for a minute

<Friz-Bee> most confusing thing ever i want it

<DJ_Jinnai> anyone STILL ALIVE?

<SakuraMaxX> I'm SakuraMaxx on YouTube


<SakuraMaxX> I make crappy machinima

<Joeshi16> Portal CTF and Assault

<portalkombat> Jake taking all the credit


<DJ_Jinnai> yay

<cheezburger> im eating chocolate iceing

<DarkTetsuya> ONE NITE ONLY

<Aisu> This is going to be cool~

<AlphaCananogram> damn LIVE365

<AlphaCananogram> PLAY

<SakuraMaxX> automatic highlight on

<AlphaCananogram> STOP PLAYING AD!

<portalkombat> YES

<AlphaCananogram> yes

<AlphaCananogram> just in time

<SONofDAD> Have her do a version of YOU ARE MY BROTHER


<SakuraMaxX> Rock meter = green

<cheezburger> can i intrest you in a record deal?

<Joeshi16> lol

<DarkTetsuya> SONofDAD: LOL...

<GERARDAMO> I has cake with me now!

<DJ_Jinnai> [<3] <--- companion cube


<cheezburger> seriously

<Joeshi16> I need cake

<portalkombat> *holds up lighter*

<SakuraMaxX> PURE WIN

<cheezburger> im head of a record company

<DarkTetsuya> Jinnai: lol

<SONofDAD> WOW! Mo sounds clear and sexy!

<SakuraMaxX> WOOT

<DJ_Jinnai> xD

<GERARDAMO> This gives me a Major Wii XP

<Goldbanjo> GOOD JOB!!!!!!! song=1337

<DJ_Jinnai> sounds good OLR

=-= Mode #orangelounge +v AlphaCananogram by DarkSakura

<Joeshi16> I produce CDs. On garageband atleast


<Aisu> This is awesome~

* Aisu rocks out.

<cheezburger> play the detachable penis song!

<ssj100matt> thats banned

<SakuraMaxX> That was a joke, ha-ha, FAT CHANCE

<Joeshi16> Fox News will never talk about awesome moments in gaming like this

<Friz-Bee> rob the mic holder

<cheezburger> lol

<SakuraMaxX> delicious and moist

<DJ_Jinnai> loki is so pimp.

<SakuraMaxX> the cake, or you?

<Friz-Bee> om nom nom

<portalkombat> THIS SONG PWNS ALL

<cheezburger> im eating cake right now and im sick of it





* ssj100matt claps


<DarkTetsuya> nice XD

<Goldbanjo> *claps*

<DrBurst> wwoot

<DJ_Jinnai> stihyl ahlivee

* Aisu applauds.

* SakuraMaxX claps

<hitstun> that song would win cagematches

<AlphaCananogram> WOOT

<portalkombat> CLAPCALP

<GERARDAMO> Applause

<SakuraMaxX> YES

<Friz-Bee> Melicious And Moist

<Vastokian> Clap!



<DarkTetsuya> hitstun: srsly


=-= Ranma[NYC] is now known as Ranma

<Friz-Bee> Delicious And Moist

<Brad--PodCulture> *Freebird*

<SONofDAD> downright awesome!

* SakuraMaxX thinks you should've gotten a green screen

<ssj100matt> Mo sounds as good as she looks

<cheezburger> clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap

<DJ_Jinnai> yay

<DJ_Jinnai> clappppp

<halo7master> nice

<Aisu> claaaaap

<Vastokian> I <3 Mo!

* SakuraMaxX a green screen with an audience

<DarkTetsuya> oh god LOL


<DarkTetsuya> LOL

<DJ_Jinnai> clap x9000

<Aisu> palc



<DarkTetsuya> /r/ chickroll during ab XD

<Joeshi16> Learn the theme to Duke Nukem Fovever and play it 20 years from now (jk) that was awesome


<Ranma> fuck it, i think the giants are done

<SakuraMaxX> SO SEXY

<SakuraMaxX> OMG SEXY

<DarkTetsuya> wait that shot doesnt count does it?


<cheezburger> ok

<portalkombat> never say die Ranma

<cheezburger> ...

<DancingJesus> the was awesomeness

<cheezburger> ...

<Joeshi16> 4 more!

<cheezburger> alot

<SakuraMaxX> 4 more?!?

<ssj100matt> YEAH!


<Ranma> YESD

<cheezburger> 4 more!?!?!?!?!?



<ssj100matt> shhhh

<Joeshi16> Yes! Giants scored for the lead with 30 seconds left

<SakuraMaxX> NO

<cheezburger> i play on expert

<GERARDAMO> No more Guitar Hero plz

<SakuraMaxX> Giants win?

<Ranma> YES

<Joeshi16> 30 seconds

<SakuraMaxX> NOOOOO

<hitstun> guitar hero jungle beat?

<Ranma> 16 - 14 GIANTS!!!!

<ssj100matt> shhhhhhh

<DJ_Jinnai> lol i see sports sakura....

<Joeshi16> but they have the lead

<SakuraMaxX> I could care less

<cheezburger> i can play through the fire and flames on expert

* gs68 slaps SakuraMaxX around a bit with a large trout

<gs68> NO!

<SakuraMaxX> But my brother had 30 bucks on the Patriots

<Ranma> 17 - 14 GIANTS!!!!

<GERARDAMO> Is it finally Guitar Hero with WoW characters now?

<Friz-Bee> not anymore

<SakuraMaxX> football isn't my kind of thing

<cheezburger> my dads friend already won 100

<SakuraMaxX> OH SHNAP

<cheezburger> i think football sucks


<GERARDAMO> cheezburger - QFE

<Joeshi16> Im doing both right now

<BlackLab> will there be any Olive Garden with the guests after the show?

<SakuraMaxX> Take a shot!

<Aisu> I never cared about football

<DarkTetsuya> 2nd mix coming 'soon'

<portalkombat> Im about to faint

<Aisu> Except for in my early childhood when I was kind of forced to by my grandmother.

<Joeshi16> GWAR in Guitar Hero and WoW


<portalkombat> World of guitar hero

<Aisu> I live in LA. We have no football.

<SakuraMaxX> Guitarcraft

<DarkTetsuya> *takes a shot*

<SONofDAD> Guitar hero needs DEF LEPPARD edition

<{GZ}dr4ev> giants are winning

<DarkTetsuya> wtf? XD

<cheezburger> lol

<DJ_Jinnai> Play DragonForce Mo

<ssj100matt> Ravensdolphins rap

<Aisu> CHOCOLATE RAIN *headbangs*

<hitstun> play some joe satriani

<SakuraMaxX> Diablo + GH

<SakuraMaxX> = win

<SONofDAD> more DETHKLOK "Hatredy"

|<-- portalkombat has left (Quit: Java chat, out!)

<cheezburger> AC/DC

<DancingJesus> tay zonday should be a gh boss

<orko> guitar hero, journey edition............

<BlackLab> there needs to be more player-reccommended tracks for DLC in GH and RB

<Friz-Bee> ChocoBezerk

<ssj100matt> moar Dethklok

<GERARDAMO> I love Freezepop! Freezepop is not LOL...

<cheezburger> mmmmmmmmmm

<halo7master> hard core heavy medal !!!!!!

<GERARDAMO> We have Wonderwall

<Aisu> Choklit raaaeeeeeeiiiiiiinnnnn

<DJ_Jinnai> freezepop yay

<cheezburger> YEAH!!!!!!!

<Friz-Bee> Dont just stand ther GO CHOCOLATE RAIN!

<hitstun> robo-ky?

<gs68> Don't get caught! 25 seconds till goal!

<cheezburger> 25 seconds is one hour of tv

<Aisu> Some stay dry while others feel the pain! CHOKLIT REIIIIIGN!

<Friz-Bee> Don't just stand! Don't just stand! Don't just stand! Don't just stand! Go Bezerk

<SakuraMaxX> rofl

<DJ_Jinnai> SEGA!!!!!

<DJ_Jinnai> need a new streets of rage plz.....

<SakuraMaxX> PSO is sexy

<DarkTetsuya> DJ_Jinnai: after what they did to sonic and nights?

<SONofDAD> sega genesis or game gear? Mega pegasis or reindeer?

<SakuraMaxX> Would PSU work on Vista?

<SakuraMaxX> Before I try to buy it?

<cheezburger> idk

<DJ_Jinnai> DT: different team.

<DarkTetsuya> DJ_Jinnai: oh

<Ranma> SakuraMaxX: yES AND NO

<SakuraMaxX> What's the yes?

<DarkTetsuya> still, if they can't get yuzo koshiro to do the music, they should just not even bother

<DJ_Jinnai> guy who wrote the music for streets of rage did the music for actraiser

<DarkTetsuya> yeah

<cheezburger> who plays runescape?

<DarkTetsuya> also wangan midnight maxtune

<DrBurst> yes i remember that

<SakuraMaxX> I quit RuneScape

<DrBurst> we needed that


<DrBurst> I quit

<GERARDAMO> Wait... DT... I loved NiGHTS JOD...

<SakuraMaxX> Win a sex doll

<DJ_Jinnai> i want big bumpin 2

<DJ_Jinnai> xD

<DrBurst> i heard they at long last have summoning

<GERARDAMO> Er at least... the first mission in each level of NiGHTS...

<DJ_Jinnai> sneak king 2?

<SakuraMaxX> And a lifetime supply of old spice

<DarkTetsuya> GERARDAMO: I couldn't get the hang of it, trying to kill the first boss

<Joeshi16> They shoyuld give you Fusion Frenzy when they lock your live account

<DarkTetsuya> I wasn't even using the motion controls it got on my nerves :/

<ssj100matt> YEAHHHHHHH

<SakuraMaxX> do they give you the sex doll again?

<Joeshi16> Giants won

-->| OLRmyRecruit4821 ( has joined #orangelounge

<Brad--PodCulture> LOL....funny he mentioned the HD DVD drive....just picked up a used one cheap this week

|<-- SakuraMaxX has left (Read error: EOF from client)


<GERARDAMO> DT - Oh... I did... But I haven't played NiD in forever...



<DarkSakura> Um, yay.

<SONofDAD> WOW! What a Upset!

<Joeshi16> thats true

-->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge

<Friz-Bee> Giants win the pendent! Giants win the pendent! oops... worng sport

<DarkSakura> THE WORLD CUP!

<DarkSakura> Wait, wrong Football.

<DarkTetsuya> lol


<Ranma> omg fireworks!

<orko> man U what??

<SONofDAD> They win the denslow cup!

<ssj100matt> Karma just got Scot Rubin bad


<DancingJesus> omg...i will NOT be listening to all games tommorow

<GERARDAMO> Puppy Bowl is a real sport


=-= ssj100matt is now known as ssj100matt|Giants_WIN


=-= Mode #orangelounge +v SakuraMaxX by DarkSakura

<DarkTetsuya> BlackLab: wait they have a winner?

<DarkSakura> CORGI!!

<Aisu> I want a corgi someday.

<Aisu> I would name it Ein.

<DarkTetsuya> I thought they just ran around for three hours :P

<BlackLab> there wasn't any pure-breed labs in it =(

<DrBurst> yes Jet set was great

<{GZ}dr4ev> giants win the SB

<DarkTetsuya> they need a wii sequel

<SakuraMaxX> nooooo

<Brad--PodCulture> Beagles are the bestest dog

<SONofDAD> I want JET GRIND RADIO from dreamcast instead

<DarkTetsuya> LOKI: I KNOW!!!

<TigerClaw> Giants Win The Superbowl!

<DarkTetsuya> rob: damnit!

<DarkTetsuya> <- shihtzu 4 lyfe

<DJ_Jinnai> b&

<SakuraMaxX> Shih tzus are sexy

<GERARDAMO> XBLA needs more Dreamcast games

<DrBurst> understand understand, understand understand, understand understand the concept of love Go!

<DarkTetsuya> my mom had one, he was 'special'

<Ranma> Hi Five to all my giants!

<Aisu> Munchkin cats ;~;

<SakuraMaxX> THE SHOW DERAILED (right?)

<DarkTetsuya> LOL


<SakuraMaxX> Take a shot

<GERARDAMO> I have a Shih tzu and it's really ugly and smelly

<BlackLab> I AM A PUPPY

<Aisu> Munchkin cats are the cutest things ever

<gs68> so this is how the 12 members of the patriots died 100 years ago.

<DrBurst> what was the name of that song

<halo7master> the NYG won?

<Vastokian> yea

<DJ_Jinnai> sports history?! NERDY!

<DarkTetsuya> GERARDAMO: give it a bath :P


<Aisu> This is a midget cat.

<Aisu> You cannot deny the cute.

<GERARDAMO> I really want to play this...

<GERARDAMO> I want Columns on XBLA!

<DarkTetsuya> I want catz 2 and froghat

<Aisu> I want more Battletoads


<BlackLab> where is the Puppy Bowl XBLA game? GERARDAMO> Loki has like OVER 9,000 360's!


<GERARDAMO> Wrong company

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Finally a Championship comes back to NY

<DJ_Jinnai> loki, please MOD american football.


<SONofDAD> It's all because of Cammy's HIGH DEF ASS

<cheezburger> GINTS WIN AND I DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

<SakuraMaxX> EyeShield 21 is awesomeness

<DarkTetsuya> daigo! XD

<gs68> It's Cammy!


<hitstun> balrog was a beast in SF2Y

<hitstun> SF2T*

<Joeshi16> I play as Link

<DrBurst> mailbag

<SakuraMaxX> balrog is a boss in Maple Story

<hitstun> way too fast, damage way too high

<SakuraMaxX> Which is fun game

<DrBurst> i fail


<gs68> balrog is a toaster in Cave Story

<hitstun> balrog is a boss in cave story too

<hitstun> yeah

<Joeshi16> I dare to be stupid

<SakuraMaxX> LOL

<gs68> Jack von Karma?

<gs68> Oh.

<SakuraMaxX> WTF


<DJ_Jinnai> LEAVE TYRONE ALONE!!!!!!!! YOU BASTARDS!!!! *rols eyes*

<SONofDAD> Cris Crocker ftl

<DJ_Jinnai> son: haha'

<SakuraMaxX> He already had a mental issue

<SONofDAD> lol

<GERARDAMO> Did he explode the baby?

<Friz-Bee> Ghost Recon? The babie Killing Game?

<Friz-Bee> babby*

<Vastokian> obviously...

<Joeshi16> Ghost Recon is based off a book. TOM CLANCY KILLED A BABY!

<SakuraMaxX> he was already a homicidal maniac inside

<DJ_Jinnai> exploding babies??

<SakuraMaxX> GR only woke it up

<DJ_Jinnai> ooh!

<SONofDAD> exploding BABYZ

<Joeshi16> Well not a book but an author

<DrBurst> idk

-->| Jonathanf ( has joined #orangelounge

<DrBurst> exploding babies are cool

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Rob: This is coming from the show that was talking about exploding babies 1 week ago

<gs68> BABY FUCK

<gs68> BABY FUCK


<SakuraMaxX> what song is that for the segment anyways?

<DarkTetsuya> *takes another shot: 'LOKI makes an offcolor comment"

<DJ_Jinnai> gs68: ewwww

<DarkTetsuya> *

<DrBurst> wait that the mailbag music

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> gs: not cool

<DJ_Jinnai> pedo

<DrBurst> ... i'm confused

<Joeshi16> Bowling with Babies on the Virtual Console

* AlphaCananogram is back

<gs68> y'all fail at catching references

|<-- SakuraMaxX has left (Read error: EOF from client)

<DrBurst> oo that one

* AlphaCananogram missed lot,,

<Friz-Bee> i love how a guy plays games and kills a kid and hes blamed on the game. i'm sure there are som killers out there who eat ice cream, should we ban THAT?

|<-- Surtur has left (Quit: Java chat, out!)

<AlphaCananogram> damn crap

<gs68> SPEED CAR

<BlackLab> Lucky + Wild >>> Outrun

<gs68> SPEED CAR


<hitstun> excellent

<DarkTetsuya> gs68: wrong game

<DJ_Jinnai> gs68: we dont wanna know the reference.

<DarkTetsuya> right company tho :P

<orko> ahhhhhhh, lucky + I heart thee

<GERARDAMO> Yay Outrun!

-->| act-deft ( has joined #orangelounge

<SONofDAD> Classic Game of the week : BATMAN NES

<hitstun> my derby owners club horse is named Roll-Cancel Blanka

<act-deft> NYG>Patriots

<BlackLab> WAIT!!! Lucky and WIld teached kids to do drive-by shootings!

<act-deft> Super Manning Bros.!

<SONofDAD> OUTRUN coast to coast is pretty solid also

<DJ_Jinnai> classic game of the FOREVER: Mother Series

<Friz-Bee> NEW YORKE'D

<act-deft> Hi btw.

<act-deft> and bye >_>

<orko> so thats why all my neighbors are dead.........damn you lucky and wild

<act-deft> BTW, has skie told you the news?

<Goldbanjo> wow i leave for a minute to talk to my parents about the pats losing and miss part of the classic game. what is it?

<Friz-Bee> what is that?

<act-deft> >_>

<DarkTetsuya> outrun

<Friz-Bee> do tell

<act-deft> so he hasn't <_

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Karma just got Scot Rubin bad

<Friz-Bee> tell

<act-deft> <_<

<Friz-Bee> now

<Ranma> ssj100matt|Giants_WIN: O RLY?

<act-deft> surprise, surprise

<act-deft> well zya later guyz

=-= Ranma is now known as Ranma[GIANTSBABY

=-= Ranma[GIANTSBABY is now known as Ranma[GIANTSBABY]

<hitstun> outrunners was fun

<Goldbanjo> what game is darksakura talking about?

<SONofDAD> Could You Play this in SHENMUE or was that SPACE HARRIER?

<OLRmyRecruit4821> Outrunners had the two fat guys in the orange Volkswagen Beetle, which was awesome.

|<-- act-deft has left (Quit)

<BlackLab> DarkTetsuya> outrun

<hitstun> that car was great, too

<gs68> OutRunners = 2-gear car = LOLWUT

=-= Mode #orangelounge +v Jonathanf by skie

<gs68> also I can't find that game outside of the Philippines anymore.

<hitstun> whoo-ee!

<DJ_Jinnai> haha

<gs68> wang--*shot*

<orko> me and my buddies used to have drunken outrun tourneys...........aww, those were the days

<DJ_Jinnai> lol FOB

<DarkTetsuya> how bout galaxian 3?

<--| Corey31|Go has left #orangelounge

<gs68> lol, S8H

<gs68> they had a 6 (or was it 8?) player setup and if you won you won a prize

<gs68> over in MGM in Las Vegas

<DJ_Jinnai> part /b/

<BlackLab> aw damn match game

<DJ_Jinnai> yay match game

<BlackLab> i wanna be there for it =(


<gs68> match game >>>>> beat the host

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Rob: play "We are the Champions"

<DancingJesus> w00t matchgame

<Aisu> No killing Mo.

<Goldbanjo> damn. I lost my recording of the preshow brawl footage( for akuda and roboboy)

<DancingJesus> i watched it on tv like 2 days ago

<BlackLab> oh lol

<AlphaCananogram> lmao

<BlackLab> i bought rez hd already


<gs68> Rez HD code? Pass.

<BlackLab> so no match game for me =(

<gs68> I no have a 360!

<Aisu> I don't have a 360, so.

<AlphaCananogram> lmao

<GERARDAMO> No! I'm gonna miss Match game

<hitstun> how did you get this code? i want to give people japanese stuff

<Aisu> I have no next-gen consoles, and no TV. Fail.

<gs68> I'll just spam answers in here.

<GERARDAMO> I bought Rez anyway...

<DJ_Jinnai> you win a 360 ultimate.... lol.

<Aisu> I need to get a TV for my dorm.




<BlackLab> nice fumble rob


* ssj100matt|Giants_WIN cranks out the booze

<AlphaCananogram> it's a rip and reencoding of ssbb music files

<AlphaCananogram> but this will do

<Aisu> This song makes me nostalgic.

<AlphaCananogram> i love this song


<gs68> Rising DUNK!!

<gs68> Powah DUNK!!

<Aisu> Quick, someone get me a GameCube controller!

<BlackLab> F-Zero X wins

<gs68> BUSTAAAA DUNK!!!!!

<BlackLab> the X-Cup = most fun ever

<BlackLab> randomly generated tracks

<Goldbanjo> I love fzero

<BlackLab> you dont see that in racing games nowadays

-->| SakuraMaxX ( has joined #orangelounge

<DJ_Jinnai> ok so i assume world cup talk will happen in here too later this year.

|<-- DrBurst has left (Ping timeout)

<gs68> BlackLab: One of the courses I got in X-Cup = LOL ALL OF THE CPUS FALL OFF AND DIE

<BlackLab> EXACTLY


<DJ_Jinnai> and golf finals

<DJ_Jinnai> and nba finals

<Aisu> My favorite music in Melee was the Fire Emblem music.

<BlackLab> i had a kick ass record time on the death race mode too

<Aisu> I forget what it was called, but it was the alternate song for the Temple and Marth/Roy's personal song.

<DJ_Jinnai> and rugby

<BlackLab> i finished death race in like, 15 seconds


<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> I wanna see some Lucario action


|<-- GERARDAMO has left (Quit: Java chat, out!)

<DJ_Jinnai> SPOILERS: Mario is in SSBB

<SakuraMaxX> Lucario is cool

<Aisu> What's a spolier?

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> good luck avoiding the internet from the spoilers

<Friz-Bee> other than Lucario NO SPOLIERS

<Aisu> I know what a spoiler is, but... :P

<SakuraMaxX> spoiler: Peach is a ho 0_o'

<Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Skie: Play the final fantasy victory theme

<Friz-Bee> good not spoilers

<Friz-Bee> no*

<DJ_Jinnai> with a name like peach... i dont need to know her rear dimensions.

<AlphaCananogram> TOO LOW, TOO ZOOMED IN!

<DancingJesus> spoiler: your mom's in ssbb

<gs68> 4 lives, no items, Final Destination only

<AlphaCananogram> nm

<Friz-Bee> can anyone there read japanese?

<DJ_Jinnai> ooh spoilers

<Aisu> Spoiler: I'm the final boss of SSBB

<DJ_Jinnai> OMG MEGAMAN!!!!!

<Friz-Bee> SA-NAY-KU

<Friz-Bee> SA-NAY-KU

<gs68> Final boss: The Judge from Phoenix Wright.

<Aisu> That'd be awesome.

<Friz-Bee> C FALCON


<Aisu> I want Phoenix Wright in SSBB now. Darn.


<Aisu> Special move: "OBJECTION"

<SakuraMaxX> I want a trophy of Dawn because I'm a pervert

<DancingJesus> i wish dixie kong was in it

<Friz-Bee> do WArio and Pikmin

<Friz-Bee> Pikmin

<Friz-Bee> SA-NAY-KU

<DJ_Jinnai> woah new SSBB character: KING HIPPO?!

<SakuraMaxX> wth?

<SONofDAD> Spoiler: TEY ZONDAY is the final boss!

<DJ_Jinnai> NO.

<Friz-Bee> is that Falco?

<AlphaCananogram> DancingJesus: there is data on the ssbb disc named dixie


<DJ_Jinnai> xD

<Aisu> I want Chocolate Rain as background music.

<SakuraMaxX> trophy

<AlphaCananogram> DancingJesus, so it may , MAYYYYYYYYY be possible as DLC

<SakuraMaxX> Now check for Dawn, alpha

<SakuraMaxX> lol

|<-- [LOKIOLR] has left (Ping timeout)

<DancingJesus> oooohh

<AlphaCananogram> SakuraMaxX, Shuddap!

<DJ_Jinnai> super snake BROS

<Friz-Bee> i wanna see some Pikmin action

<SakuraMaxX> ROFLMAO

<DancingJesus> sweet, dixie's my favorite character of all time

<Friz-Bee> Pikmin Vs. SA-NAY-KU

<AlphaCananogram> DancingJesus, but it's possible it was scrapped data,,,

<Aisu> I'm just going to play Ike.

<DJ_Jinnai> barrelroll

<SakuraMaxX> or a trophy

<Aisu> I always like the pretty men. >>

<SakuraMaxX> I'm gunna play as Pit

<SakuraMaxX> And Lucario

<AlphaCananogram> but still, they need to remove scrapped data if it aint used

<SakuraMaxX> And then use Link since I've always been using him

<DancingJesus> well ill have to stick with diddy for now

<SakuraMaxX> Alpha, trophy.

<Goldbanjo> lol matching music

<Friz-Bee> why did Nintendo have to SHAFT THE USA?

<AlphaCananogram> ?


<SakuraMaxX> Dixie trophy

<gs68> What's all thsi SB talk in the studio?

<Jonathanf> 9 days

<SakuraMaxX> if not a character

<DJ_Jinnai> nintendo, stop keeping mother from USA

<gs68> I thought OLR no likey the Suwe Boll!

<AlphaCananogram> DJ_Jinnai, is there a reason why they do this?

<SakuraMaxX> German people are cool

<Aisu> It's hard to translate, maybe?

<Aisu> Iunno.

<DJ_Jinnai> alpha: because they are meanies.

<AlphaCananogram> :|

<Aisu> And that.

<DJ_Jinnai> less pokemans, more mother.

<Friz-Bee> i wanna see C Falcon's Final Smash

-->| OLRmyRecruit9488 ( has joined #orangelounge

-->| shadowsliar ( has joined #orangelounge

<AlphaCananogram> video so sluggish

<SakuraMaxX> Friz-bee

<SakuraMaxX> It's really weird

<gs68> you know what's bullshit? I'll buy this game, practice, and then when i play at my school's computer science club, get shat on.

<Friz-Bee> is it?

=-= OLRmyRecruit9488 is now known as darkshy

<darkshy> hey all

<Jonathanf> where's the video stream again?

<cheezburger> my ears are starting to hurt

<gs68> i want to play competitively, but I suck at mind games which means I'm in the hell that is the gap between casual play and competitive play.

<DJ_Jinnai> ill play this using the GC controller...


<SakuraMaxX> same here

<gs68> this music sounds depressing.

<Friz-Bee> TIME UP!

<Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> skie, we need victory musics!

<SakuraMaxX> omfg announcer sucks so much

<SONofDAD> Speed it up now! !

<Friz-Bee> i hope theres Chemical Plant Zone for Sonic

<Friz-Bee> Needs pokemon Anime Announcer

<SakuraMaxX> lol

<Jonathanf> Hm...sonic?

<SakuraMaxX> needs more loli

<SakuraMaxX> *silence*?

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Ranma: i think the only victory music we are going to get is the FF victory theme

<SONofDAD> Needs more Bill Cosby: PO-KEY-MON?

<darkshy> Dude brawl is the best

<darkshy> if you want I know like 3 youtube profiles with vids

<darkshy> from the japanese game

<Friz-Bee> dont wanna know

<Friz-Bee> wanna be suprised

<Jonathanf> Fire Emblem

<Aisu> I love this music.

<darkshy> whatever man brawl is freaking awesome

<SakuraMaxX> SSBB: Every character's final smash

<DJ_Jinnai> son: will it give you brain damage?

<SakuraMaxX> 8 minute video, holy crap

<darkshy> but I won't spoil anything

<Friz-Bee> spoil = bad


<DJ_Jinnai> HALO!

<darkshy> halo isn't that good man

<DJ_Jinnai> haha lol.

<darkshy> I like it but cmon

<darkshy> brawl owns

<darkshy> alot

<SakuraMaxX> Brawl owns

<BlackLab> awwww poor bellacheck...go cry loser face

<DJ_Jinnai> psshback to your 360s guys!

<Friz-Bee> Next match: Pikmin Vs. Pit

<SakuraMaxX> lol Pit

<darkshy> do you get your updates from the official site?

<SakuraMaxX> not anymore

<DJ_Jinnai> now everyones praising wii? bandwagon....

|<-- DancingJesus has left (Quit: Java chat, out!)

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> The dark version of every character is going to spammed online

<darkshy> talking to friz

<darkshy> oh yeah

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Jinnai: more like the Smash bandwagon

=-= darkshy is now known as darkshy|GIANTS

<DJ_Jinnai> haha

<Friz-Bee> yeah i do

<DJ_Jinnai> wii is now the SSBB console.

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> if it was on any other system (including the Nomad) people would buy it

|<-- SakuraMaxX has left (Read error: EOF from client)

-->| OLRmyRecruit6805 ( has joined #orangelounge

<DJ_Jinnai> i think SSBB is wii's halo.

<BlackLab> i am craving Olive Garden breaksticks right now

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> maybe not the Virtual Boy

<darkshy|GIANTS> you hear about the leak on the site?

<BlackLab> but i dont wanna just go there for breadsticks myself =x

<Jonathanf> Sonic!

<DJ_Jinnai> im gonna wait a bit longer for a 360

<OLRmyRecruit6805> hey, when does the radio thing start?


<Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> already did

<orko> lucas

<Friz-Bee> lololol

<DJ_Jinnai> maybe when i get my tax return

<gs68> Falcon!

<OLRmyRecruit6805> really? this is my frist time listening live

<gs68> Falcon!

<gs68> Falcon!

<OLRmyRecruit6805> all i hear is smash bros music

<darkshy|GIANTS> can't say anything....hard to resist

<Friz-Bee> i hade a chance to get a Virtual Boy but i got a GB Pocket instad

<BlackLab> midshow break

<BlackLab> another minute or so until they come back live

<AlphaCananogram> darkshy|GIANTS: UPDATE YOUR WII FRIEND CODE LIST, i registered your code long time ago, you need to reregister me, since i had my wii replaced/fixed by nintendo and have new code

<darkshy|GIANTS> great music, but the stage stunk IMO

<darkshy|GIANTS> oh sorry man

<darkshy|GIANTS> I'll get on it ASAP

<Goldbanjo> super smash brothers brawl comes out two days before my birthday :) (my birthday is 3/11)

<Friz-Bee> i still havent regestered anyome on my wii

<DJ_Jinnai> SSBB is cool... but needs to be on 360

<DJ_Jinnai> haha

<AlphaCananogram> cause i need all the people i can to play with on ssbb/ any wii game

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Once the game comes out in the US i will run a big Tourni with prizes for OLR

<darkshy|GIANTS> Jinnai ae you mad?


<DJ_Jinnai> BABY!

<darkshy|GIANTS> @ssj I'll win them allall

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> he's just busting people balls

<DJ_Jinnai> yeah im busting balls

<DJ_Jinnai> sorry lol

<SONofDAD> What should i get? SMASH BROs BRAWL or M&M Kart Racing?

<Friz-Bee> well have to use skype or somthing if we wanna talk while playing

<DJ_Jinnai> i own a wii and i cant wait for this game to come out

<Goldbanjo> oh shit i shouldn't have looked away OMG PIKMIN!!!!

<darkshy|GIANTS> @DAD brawl!

<TigerClaw> Can you guys pick Wolf?

<darkshy|GIANTS> should I say?

<Friz-Bee> WHAT THE HECK?!?

<Friz-Bee> WHAT THE HECK?!?

<darkshy|GIANTS> should I say the list?

<Goldbanjo> *vows to stay glued to justintv for the rest of the shoeing

<DJ_Jinnai> im getting a little sick of neutopia for the virtual console...

<Goldbanjo> showing

<darkshy|GIANTS> I don't want to be mean to friz

<Friz-Bee> Cant Let You Do That, Star Fox!

=-= gs68 is now known as Godot



<DarkTetsuya> was it guiness?

* Godot throws coffee at darkshy

=-= Godot is now known as gs68

<BlackLab> beer and cake?

<BlackLab> that's blasphemoius

<DarkTetsuya> aha


<DarkTetsuya> see


<DarkTetsuya> ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees?

<darkshy|GIANTS> is the demo out in america?

<Aisu> Is the cake delicious and moist?

<DarkTetsuya> sorry guys, she's taken :P

<DJ_Jinnai> move the camera now

<Friz-Bee> Smash is delicious and moist

<DarkTetsuya> LOL

<gs68> Super Bowl XLII: Guns of the Patriots

<orko> I can't seem to find mo on youtube.........I lose

<DarkTetsuya> gs68: oh I see what you did there

<gs68> er XLXII, or whatevr

<DarkTetsuya> *takes a shot*

<Goldbanjo> SONIC!

<TigerClaw> Can you guys pit Wolf vs Fox McCloud?

<orko> lucas!!

<DarkTetsuya> ooh do pits stage! love that mmusic

<TigerClaw> hah

<DarkTetsuya> music*

<Friz-Bee> Pikmin = Olmar

<Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Skie, we want victory music!

<DarkTetsuya> tiger: is wolf even in that?

<TigerClaw> yeah

<hitstun> i'm actually going to have to reserve this game now

<Goldbanjo> oh yay olimar/pikmin

<Friz-Bee> me too

<TigerClaw> Wolf and Falco are playable characters

<hitstun> it's been a while since i bought a new game


<DarkTetsuya> how do you know what to do?

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Tigerclaw: No spoiler zone... Friz-bee will cry


<DJ_Jinnai> i cant wait for final fantasy to get up to XLII >.>

|<-- halo7master has left (Quit: Java chat, out!)

-->| Dj_darkknight (~Dj_darkkn@ has joined #orangelounge

<DarkTetsuya> well you gotta do her final smash first

=-= Mode #orangelounge +o Dj_darkknight by ChanServ

<Friz-Bee> Smach Ball


<DJ_Jinnai> halomaster was not amused with the brawl talk

<Dj_darkknight> hey guys

<Goldbanjo> way to go loki >_> (jk)

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Loki: you have to press R while your selecting Samus to play as Zero Suit Samus...

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> That is if your playing with a Cube controller

<Friz-Bee> B

<Friz-Bee> B

<Friz-Bee> B

<Friz-Bee> B

<Friz-Bee> B

<Joeshi16> I think I'm turning Japenese 0x080x08now

<DarkTetsuya> but its great tv!

<DJ_Jinnai> later guys.... RO

|<-- DJ_Jinnai has left (Quit: Java chat, out!)


<Friz-Bee> 2

<Friz-Bee> 2

=-= Mode #orangelounge +vv darkshy|GIANTS shadowsliar by Ranma[GIANTSBABY]

<Goldbanjo> DT: exactly

* Aisu spins in circles.

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Classic is still (R)


<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> nunchuck is Z and wiimote is -

<Aisu> caek



<Goldbanjo> Not lovely for me. pats lost


<Goldbanjo> but olr makes it all good

<hitstun> they seriously tried to make SSBB the best game ever

-->| [LOKIOLR] ( has joined #orangelounge

<Aisu> Puppy bowl > super bowl

<Friz-Bee> Thanks act-deft!

<darkshy|GIANTS> LOL

=-= Mode #orangelounge +o [LOKIOLR] by DarkTetsuya

<Friz-Bee> Thanks act-deft!

<shadowsliar> OMG Matchgame

<DarkTetsuya> *takes a shot*

<Friz-Bee> "Koopa"

<Joeshi16> Up Up Down Down Left Left Right Right A B Select Start. Is that the code?

<darkshy|GIANTS> THX YO


-->| Jaded ( has joined #orangelounge

-->| OLRmyRecruit7702 ( has joined #orangelounge

=-= OLRmyRecruit7702 is now known as halo7master

<OLRmyRecruit6805> i wonder if my name thing changed

<OLRmyRecruit6805> ach, still hasn't

<Goldbanjo> I hope its better than ACWW. it was a disappointment compared to the GC game

=-= OLRmyRecruit6805 is now known as OLRmyRecruit680

<Joeshi16> In Animal Crossing Im a level 70 Zebra

<Goldbanjo> lol

<darkshy|GIANTS> LOL

<SONofDAD> AWWWW... NO PROJECT H.A.M.M.E.R? Dare I dream?

* OLRmyRecruit680 OneNightStans

<OLRmyRecruit680> there we go

<OLRmyRecruit680> ach!

<Jaded> lol... The ability to go into a random town and rape it.

<Joeshi16> Nook is the Store Nazi

=-= hitstun is now known as hitstun|BombermanLive

=-= OLRmyRecruit680 is now known as OneNightStans

<Aisu> You will always be Tom Nook's bitch.

=-= Mode #orangelounge +v OneNightStans by Dj_darkknight

<Aisu> If you have competition, he bashes in your kneecaps.

<ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> uh oh... another Harvest moon letter

=-= Mode #orangelounge +v halo7master by Dj_darkknight

=-= Mode #orangelounge +v Jaded by Dj_darkknight

<OneNightStans> ???

<Goldbanjo> canvas curse was my 1st ds game

<Joeshi16> Cooking Mama was good on my Wii (innuendo)

<Aisu> Cooking Mama on DS is awesome <3

* Aisu now feels like cooking.

<OneNightStans> Mama should be a hidden character in SSBB

<Aisu> That'd be awesome

<Aisu> "YOUR COOKING IS BAD *throws bronze medal*"

* Friz-Bee put's on the Beerman make from Majora's Mask

<SONofDAD> I wanted UM JAMMER LAMMY 2 on the Wii!

<Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> We need Mario Paint Wii.

<OLRmyRecruit4821> Speaking of the same, I heard there was a replica of Umjammer Lammy's guitar made.

<OneNightStans> OMG!!!

<Jaded> Aisu: Mama would hit you with a frying pan.

<OneNightStans> a marching band gamee!!!!

<darkshy|GIANTS> I'm a band geek now

<Aisu> Jaded: Agreed.

<OneNightStans> that's so me

<OLRmyRecruit4821> Parappa can go screw himself, Umjamma Foreva!

<darkshy|GIANTS> oh wait parapa?

<Aisu> Jaded: Her final smash is forcing the characters to follow bizarre instructions.

<Jaded> and eat spinich to power up lol.


OneNightStans> there was an aracade version of umjammer lammy?? <OneNightStans> i'm a band nerd!!!! <OneNightStans> i just had rehearsal tonight <Jaded> lol... I am a music geek :) <Aisu> I just listen to music, I can't play it. <OneNightStans> we were discussing arrange mario for our band <Aisu> Although my friends want me to learn guitar in 6 months. |<-- Joeshi16 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) -->| OLRmyRecruit1523 ( has joined #orangelounge <Jaded> id still hear it, even though its been done like a bazillion times :) =-= OLRmyRecruit1523 is now known as Joeshi16 <Aisu> I apparently need to learn how to play loud angry Japanese rock. =-= Mode #orangelounge +v Joeshi16 by Ranma[GIANTSBABY] <Jaded> like Daikenkai? LOL. <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> HEY... im still waiting on NHL Street <Jaded> aka the Japanese version of Disturbed/system of a down lol. <Dj_darkknight> well street hockey isn't as popular as it was back in the day |<-- darkshy|GIANTS has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <Aisu> Not Daikenkai, thank God <Jaded> or rather, Des Row. <Aisu> I need to learn how to play Zetsubou Billy by Maximum the Hormone <Aisu> This is going to be... difficult <Friz-Bee> No Suprise There <Friz-Bee> it's gonna happen here <Joeshi16> imagine if SSBB was for the DS in Japan as well <Friz-Bee> oh boy............... <SONofDAD> A ME BLOW! <DarkTetsuya> lol 'smash' I see what you did there <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> People will buy a Wii just to play SSBB <Aisu> I'd buy a Wii just for SSBB <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Orange Box killed the Halo craze <SONofDAD> It may top COD 4 <DarkTetsuya> yeah free publicity <halo7master> yes gta4 <Joeshi16> How many people bought Manhunt 2 though in comparison <halo7master> yes <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> i will take off work for Brawl <SONofDAD> SMASH needs hot coffee! <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> ssj100matt|Giants_WIN: My friend Paul did that. <BlackLab> i skipped a day of class for many games <DarkTetsuya> 62 hours <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> He orded a JP Wii and SSBB <Friz-Bee> i'll be on break when smash comes out <DarkTetsuya> ... for my first runthrough <Goldbanjo> hey!Don't insult firefox! <DarkTetsuya> some of those are just .... what the fuck <OneNightStans> whoopie... <DarkTetsuya> are they *really* considering doing some of those? <DarkTetsuya> a teddy bear?! <Joeshi16> wow sooo original pieces of plastic for Wii remotes <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> ssj100matt|Giants_WIN: <Goldbanjo> good! insult acrobat! <DarkTetsuya> like the one that goes in the skateboard?! <AlphaCananogram> it's to prevent others to create crap to ruin wii, but it didn't work <SONofDAD> WiiMote Dildo Casing? <AlphaCananogram> [LOKIOLR]: MAIL ME THE Wii Wheel <Joeshi16> That is like Lucas. Just awesome <AlphaCananogram> i'll pay for postage :P <gs68> I played one of those VR things once, the helmet was heavy as hell and I couldn't see sht. <Jonathanf> Spider Man 3 <OneNightStans> lol a powerglove come-back <Joeshi16> Im gonna patent a banana <Aisu> Wiinana <Jonathanf> lol, imbominiable snowman. <DarkTetsuya> *takes another shot: loki makes an offcolor commetn* <DarkTetsuya> and trade them over wifi! <Friz-Bee> I love cats! I love Kitties! Squeze them into itty-bitties <Aisu> I would play Kill Teddy Ruxpin. <Goldbanjo> Imagine Teddy bears <DarkTetsuya> I think so, didn't they announce saw VI? <OneNightStans> LAME! <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Wait... They actually have a story to make a game out of that crap <OneNightStans> sorry, did i say that? <DarkTetsuya> er, five and six <Joeshi16> haha writers for Saw <gs68> Saw Cap <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> They're only doing six saw movies, five is in production now. <DarkTetsuya> *takes a shot: 'anyways' <DarkTetsuya> * <Joeshi16> Hey sick death row inmates. Give us some sick ways to kill someone. <Goldbanjo> thompson will be all over that game........... <Joeshi16> No cause Saw is based off a movie so it wont harm children like video games <DarkTetsuya> Goldbanjo: I dunno, T2 didn't make it <gs68> YOU DO NOT. SAY. HIS NAME. -->| OLRmyRecruit9348 ( has joined #orangelounge <OLRmyRecruit9348> hey what was her youtube username again??? <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Can we get Friday the 13th: The Game plz? * gs68 takes a shot...of coffee <DarkTetsuya> *takes a shot: voldemort* <gs68> Jack von Karma. <Goldbanjo> >_> oh plz. ill be the dumbledore of OLR <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> We are getting a Nightmare on Elm St remake... <Friz-Bee> FU to march 9th <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> ssj100matt|Giants_WIN: Isn't it a prequel? <gs68> FU to my bathroom's plumbing for being an asspiper and backing into my shower. <Joeshi16> Sonic and Mario in the Saw Movie (The new game) <DarkTetsuya> ranma: if you call, remind them re: drinking game pls? <{GZ}dr4ev> F_U to the "SAW" game <DarkTetsuya> DS saw The Doctor? :P <orko> fu to the cam still being on ssbb.............I'm so jealous <OLRmyRecruit9348> what was that chick's youtube username who sang the portal song??? <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Ranma: remake... new halloween style <DarkSakura> I wish! <Goldbanjo> aw wisdom teeth can suck <{GZ}dr4ev> f-U to operator11 and josh harris for aboandoning it <DarkSakura> He'd just use the Sonic Screwdriver to fix my hand. <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> {GZ}dr4ev: Oro? <DarkSakura> Yeah, my lower two left huge holes that never closed up. <gs68> Loki, you're the one who said that Microsoft had a kick-ass warranty whatever...oh wait you haxed it. <DarkTetsuya> DarkSakura: \m/ <DarkSakura> It took three months and another month of still not being able to eat solid food. <DarkTetsuya> damn that sucks :/ <DarkSakura> I was on antibiotics and vicodin the whole time. <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> ssj100matt|Giants_WIN: Rob zombie is doing it? <Aisu> I'm getting out of chat, bye all~ Nice to talk to you guys. <Joeshi16> Insanity: Apply Directly to the Forehead <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> no word on who <gs68> FU to the fact that I suck at FPS's AND fighting games! <DarkTetsuya> LOL <Aisu> Say hi to Mo for me or something. |<-- Aisu has left (Quit) <Friz-Bee> SNAMP SHOT <DarkTetsuya> yeah FU JAKE <3 <Friz-Bee> SNAP SHOT <gs68> FU to people on network-based games who, just because I'm new, means I should be kicked off the game forever. <Goldbanjo> my fu is to a math test at my school i took this week that kept making me take it over and over............. <BlackLab> we need more studio view on camera and less SSBB <Goldbanjo> its one of them internet tests <DarkTetsuya> moar than likely :P <Joeshi16> Yeah cause they were never new at games. I hate people like that. <BlackLab> we need to see more of Mo <BlackLab> because we hardly ever see girls on camera <DarkTetsuya> *rob recues schlagwerk by accident* :PO <DarkTetsuya> :P* <gs68> i decided to download Subspace Continuum, then joined a game, then got flamed for being a noob. <BlackLab> cause jamie values her soul too much -->| {GZ}dr3ev ( has joined #orangelounge <Goldbanjo> roboboy just won't shut up about spore to me :) oh plz god not 2009! <Joeshi16> Spore will be out when we have already evolved past this stage <gs68> man this holiday CHINESE man</kah> <halo7master> here is your halo3 on a PC look at this <DarkTetsuya> 2009? hopefully those camaros will roll out by then <DarkTetsuya> what can I say, I'm in love :P <Jonathanf> nani?! <Jonathanf> ... |<-- {GZ}dr4ev has left (*.net *.split) <Jonathanf> someone's using a video in cable i'm sure <DarkTetsuya> Jonathanf: you know the concept camaro from the TF movie? <Jonathanf> never saw the movie <DarkTetsuya> wtf? FIRED :P <Jonathanf> I never liked TF to begin with until they reached beast wars <DarkTetsuya> I never got into beast wars, ironically enough <DarkTetsuya> well except battle beasts, tho I dunno if that really counts or not <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Beat Wars = Epic Win <Goldbanjo> XD I've gotta play christmas knights some time <Goldbanjo> or nights period <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Beast Machines = Epic Fail |<-- OLRmyRecruit4821 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <halo7master> show this to moe <Friz-Bee> 88 MPH <Friz-Bee> Loki is Doc Brown <shadowsliar> Why tempt him to exploit, Rob? <OLRmyRecruit9348> how do i find mo on youtube??!??!! <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Lucario unlocked <Friz-Bee> OH SNNAP <OneNightStans> yay, lucario <Friz-Bee> Sold me <OneNightStans> i wonder why mewtwo isn't in it anymore <OneNightStans> oops, spoiler <PkerUNO> because he sucked <SONofDAD> What? No HUEY LEWIS? or ROBERT PALMER? <Friz-Bee> never mind <PkerUNO> I unlocked sonic for my friends \o/ <OneNightStans> omg, robert palmer would be fun <halo7master> pokemon movie 10 is almost out in the us <PkerUNO> and they tried 3 times, I got him first time :P <Friz-Bee> good job spoling Lucario nintendo <OneNightStans> oopth <Goldbanjo> use lucario on smash before you have to move the camera |<-- DarkTetsuya has left (Ping timeout) <Friz-Bee> good choice though <Joeshi16> USB 2000 <Friz-Bee> how did her do that? <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> he didn't unlock Lucario because he didn't beat him <OneNightStans> i want to see R.O.B.'s final smash <Goldbanjo> damn <Friz-Bee> he was just playing normal browl <Goldbanjo> V_V <OLRmyRecruit9348> someone please tell me how to find mo on youtube.... : ( <orko> yay!!!!!!!! studio again..........happy time <halo7master> god play Perfect World <Friz-Bee> how could you lose to Lucario?!?!? <OneNightStans> who's the chick with the pink hair? <ElNoNombreHombre> oh! <halo7master> becouse he is good <gs68> Squeeze [8B-HD] = YAY IIDX ENDING SYNDROME <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Onenight: musical guest <BlackLab> my tax return will fund my iphone! =D =D =D <OneNightStans> oh okay. how do you mute <Friz-Bee> theres a speaker icon <Joeshi16> Suck Up: +1 Lvl <Goldbanjo> After my nervious call a few weeks back something tells me he'll be fine <Goldbanjo> :P <Goldbanjo> if he heard it <gs68> DarkSakura vs. LOKI: Round 1, fight! <halo7master> psptube =-= Mode #orangelounge +v {GZ}dr3ev by Ranma[GIANTSBABY] <Friz-Bee> "Good enough" famous last words * hitstun|BombermanLive restarts stream due to choppyness <gs68> but i passed it <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> {GZ}dr3ev: What did you say about operator11 before? =-= hitstun|BombermanLive is now known as hitstun <Joeshi16> thats why Youtube was made dont worry <{GZ}dr3ev> that josh harris abandoned it <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> who is he? The person behind op11? <Friz-Bee> it got axed <{GZ}dr3ev> yes <halo7master> amixia <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> ahh -->| Kaiser|StabbingIRC ( has joined #orangelounge <{GZ}dr3ev> he is theo ne that got scott rubin started during the pseudo days <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Mo's Youtube page <Joeshi16> I like Macs but the Air is kind of lame <OLRmyRecruit9348> thankyou <skie> leave her positive comments saying you heard her on OLR :D =-= Mode #orangelounge +v Kaiser|StabbingIRC by Ranma[GIANTSBABY] <{GZ}dr3ev> he was worth 80million during the .com era then lost it all <OneNightStans> omg, the lag is so funny. darksakura is talking while loki has the mike. at least on my end <Joeshi16> it cost 1800 bucks for a weak sauce computer <gs68> wow i fail so hard at Minus 3 [8B-HD], announcer doesn't even bother to tell me "i need more practice." -->| DarkTetsuya ( has joined #orangelounge <hitstun> hahah =-= Mode #orangelounge +o DarkTetsuya by Ranma[GIANTSBABY] =-= Mode #orangelounge -o DarkTetsuya by ChanServ =-= Mode #orangelounge +v DarkTetsuya by Ranma[GIANTSBABY] |<-- PkerUNO has left (Quit: OK, who pulled the plug? (Ping timeout)) <OneNightStans> omg, someone else from chicago?? <OneNightStans> who else here is from chicago? =-= Mode #orangelounge +o DarkTetsuya by ChanServ <Friz-Bee> not me <{GZ}dr3ev> is Misty still making OLR beads? <DarkTetsuya> I believe so <--| Vastokian has left #orangelounge =-= AlphaCananogram is now known as AlphaCananogram|SLEEP <AlphaCananogram|SLEEP> night yall, damn work <OneNightStans> wait, where's darksakura? <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> ohhh snap <Joeshi16> My grammier is least than good <DarkTetsuya> SHE'S A SECRET TO EVERYONE. <Joeshi16> ok now onto gaming <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> damn soap box <gs68> I'm still not forgiving Lawrence 100%. <{GZ}dr3ev> who was the secret guest this week? <gs68> Until she says "I'm sorry" to the gaming community and to the developers, I will lack the heart to completely forgive her. <DarkTetsuya> gs68: signed <gs68> "I regret this" is NOT an apology. <Joeshi16> I think they did it to waste a 5 minute slot. Gaming will not get Fox News ratings no matter how controversial. Just being honest <halo7master> on fox watch this <DarkTetsuya> cause y'know how many of his songs are about shooting up your school? |<-- AlphaCananogram|SLEEP has left (Quit) <gs68> Plus she cut off her opponent in mid-sentence. |<-- RicheyManic has left (Ping timeout) <gs68> That is NOT acceptable argument. <gs68> That kind of asspipery demands an apology. A public, on-air apology. <DarkTetsuya> gs68: you want an apology? I want one of those concept camaros :P <Joeshi16> I'm sorry now that I'm being punished for it. <{GZ}dr3ev> games and movies do have some effecto n the youth today though <orko> she has a radio show that originates from here in charlotte, she does this shit all the time <Joeshi16> She'll change her opinion for good reviews. What does that say about her character? <gs68> Dragonforce makes ANY game better! =) <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> dragonforce is getting a little played <{GZ}dr3ev> DarkTetsuya when ralph maccio did the crane kick and you saw it in the theaters..didnt you try that move on someone? <gs68> (except Big Rigs. Do not touch its WINNER soundtrack, or else YOU'RE LOSER.) <OneNightStans> what is this "dragonforc" that i keep hearing? <DarkTetsuya> O SHIT <DarkTetsuya> FINALLY <DarkTetsuya> btw you're welcome <Kaiser|StabbingIRC> Could someone tell Mo that she just lost the game? <gs68> Every time DMN and NM64 get into an argument about piracy, take a shot. -->| RicheyManic ( has joined #orangelounge <DarkTetsuya> some of those I added already, but the sony one LOL <DarkTetsuya> have that one <DarkTetsuya> and that one <DarkTetsuya> LOL <gs68> /msg DMN GONG <DarkTetsuya> oh pyramid head! <gs68> <gs68> <gs68> <DarkTetsuya> HI ROB <SONofDAD> Nameless videogame show :Video Power? <DarkTetsuya> LOL XD =-= Mode #orangelounge +v RicheyManic by Ranma[GIANTSBABY] <gs68> Every time we have a straight special guest, drink an entire barrel of whiskey. <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> SONofDAD: I used to watch that <{GZ}dr3ev> gs68 lol <BlackLab> BREADSTICKS <Friz-Bee> SOUP <Friz-Bee> SALAD <Joeshi16> Someone would die of alchohol poisoning drinking that much <DarkTetsuya> I may have to call in XD <orko> damn fake italian food, my heritage forbids it <DarkTetsuya> and there you go! <gs68> NO SOUP FOR YOU <DarkTetsuya> soup nazi LOL <SONofDAD> COME BACK ONE YEAR <Joeshi16> No breadsticks for you <gs68> we need a game where you buy soup from the soup dude. <gs68> and if you get denied service, you die. <DarkTetsuya> DRINK! <DarkTetsuya> there you go. <hitstun> seconded, the advice column was great <Friz-Bee> Me <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Me <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Me <cheezburger> me <gs68> Not me, I don't have RHD <orko> me <OneNightStans> me <BlackLab> i'd so play, but if i win, the code is useless to me since i bought Rez HD already <halo7master> me <Jonathanf> yikes, 314 tracks in brawl in total... <hitstun> wha? <hitstun> 314?? Jonathanf> tpb <gs68> yeah, 31 tracks with 10 variations each, and 4 original songs! <Jonathanf> not quite... <hitstun> dude, arcana is played a lot at cons/tourneys <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Arcana Heart is a good fighter, but Melty Blood is better <hitstun> i'd say it's not quite melty blood <hitstun> yeah <SONofDAD> SNK gals fighters for me please <Jonathanf> I think... <halo7master> got to go sorry so not me |<-- halo7master has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) |<-- cheezburger has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <gs68> my college's arcade took out MBACvB over the winter break, replaced it with GGAC =/ <gs68> I blame those guys outside of the arcade who have laptops equipped with MB <Kaiser|StabbingIRC> Mo just lost the game. <gs68> HALP! <Joeshi16> Id say mii thats me (crap I said it twice) <gs68> I NOT CHEEZBURGER! <Friz-Bee> they allways leave chat -->| OLRmyRecruit3700 ( has joined #orangelounge |<-- OLRmyRecruit3700 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <hitstun> from what i understand, there has never been a melty blood or guilty gear arcade machine in the entire state of ohio <gs68> CHEEZ? CHEEZ?! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!! <DarkTetsuya> oh god lol <Joeshi16> someone whacked the big cheez <Friz-Bee> MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! <OneNightStans> omg, wait, what am i supposed to do?? <DarkTetsuya> oh the other nyer <gs68> me...i'm gonna lose anyway <gs68> 0-2 record here! <Friz-Bee> take a shot every tome Rob says "Boy's and Girls" -->| OLRmyRecruit5460 ( has joined #orangelounge <Friz-Bee> time* <DarkTetsuya> Friz-Bee: ooh! good one =-= OLRmyRecruit5460 is now known as halo7master <Friz-Bee> that's my addation <skie> onenightstans use "/msg skie *message* to send me a private message" <halo7master> im back <Kaiser|StabbingIRC> Would any of you there at OLR mind telling Mo that she has lost the game? -->| OLRmyRecruit5823 ( has joined #orangelounge <Kaiser|StabbingIRC> Pretty please =) <Goldbanjo> damn lag *resets stream* =-= OLRmyRecruit5823 is now known as cheezburger * gs68 slaps cheezburger around a bit with a large trout <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> chat room help me out <cheezburger> what did i miss? <Friz-Bee> nothing <gs68> cheez: oh, I don't know, YOUR FRICKIN CHANCE TO PLAY THE MATCH GAME <cheezburger> oh shiz * gs68 eats cheezburger <halo7master> cheez u were chosen but u wart here <DarkTetsuya> celebrity? XD <cheezburger> my wifi froz <{GZ}dr3ev> <cheezburger> oh well <gs68> no, 3-way match game! <DarkTetsuya> LOL <cheezburger> cool <gs68> Zero Sex Samus? <Friz-Bee> 3 -way match game <Friz-Bee> 3 -way match game <Friz-Bee> 3 -way match game <DarkTetsuya> kirby getting smashed? <Friz-Bee> no, do a REAL 3-way game <DarkTetsuya> So will SSBB have 'alcohol use' as a descriptor? * Friz-Bee uses balck marker on Jamie <gs68> Smooshing Jigglypuff with ZS Samus's boobs <gs68> Smooshing Jigglypuff with ZS Samus's boobs <orko> roasting her, like the marshmellow she is <DarkTetsuya> burning it with charizard <Joeshi16> in a draw they should read it live so the first person to plug it in gets the Rez <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> ... <Joeshi16> Nintendogs <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Was that Jamie doing the Kodachi Kuno / Naga the Serpent laugh? <SONofDAD> Imagine BABYZ <gs68> Forcing Jiggly to play Yaris. =-= Mode #orangelounge +vv cheezburger halo7master by Ranma[GIANTSBABY] <gs68> *BA-BUM* <gs68> *BA-BUM* <gs68> *BA-BUM* <DarkTetsuya> is thwomp even in the game? <gs68> Pyramid rape! <DarkTetsuya> nice XD <Friz-Bee> Thwomp should be <Jonathanf> I think it's about 20 different mario songs in brawl... <gs68> Is LOKI sitting on a laundry box? <gs68> FIRE FIRE <DarkTetsuya> she should be a regular, she fits righti n <DarkTetsuya> in* <Joeshi16> PK Fire! <DarkTetsuya> I did say charizard <Friz-Bee> MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! <DarkTetsuya> :P <Goldbanjo> lol <cheezburger> yay <Kaiser|StabbingIRC> <DarkTetsuya> so what if *rob* makes an offcolor comment? <[LOKIOLR]> no, just behind it. |<-- OLRmyRecruit9348 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <Friz-Bee> Go BEZERK <gs68> TTFAF <gs68> TTFAF <gs68> TTFAF <Friz-Bee> Max 300 <DarkTetsuya> DRAGONFORCE <Jaded> lol. <gs68> no wait, fuck that. Crank Dat Kosha Boy <TigerClaw> LOKI will be performing the theme for Tingle <Joeshi16> Tingles Theme Song <Goldbanjo> CHOCLATE RAIN <orko> the entire high school musical soundtrack <SONofDAD> ANAL CUNT SONG from last week <gs68> Crank Dat Kosha Boy <DarkTetsuya> trust me on this one (sry cheezburger :P) <halo7master> the pokemon theme <cheezburger> yea <cheezburger> im gonna lose <Friz-Bee> POOOOOOKEEEEEMONNNN <Brad--PodCulture> I'm stayin' In <DarkTetsuya> LMAO brad <gs68> Crank Dat Kosha Boy (if you were here Wednesday night, you'll get the joke) <DarkTetsuya> ... FAIL <Goldbanjo> XD <gs68> Mario's theme? <Friz-Bee> Never Gonna Give You Up * gs68 falls asleep so hard he dies <cheezburger> through the fire and flames <cheezburger> DOH <Friz-Bee> there is no theme <DarkTetsuya> fuck you know I should've called <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Stop the rickrollin Friz-Bee! XD <TigerClaw> Actually, LOKI will perform Timay and the lords of the Underworld <DarkTetsuya> HAHAHAHAHA <Friz-Bee> anamal dance wins <Friz-Bee> THIS IS IT <cheezburger> cool <Friz-Bee> All Thanks To act-deft <Goldbanjo> I'm rooting for ya cheezburger <Friz-Bee> Dont Just Stand There Go Bezerk -->| Winry (~ilovecons@ has joined #orangelounge <cheezburger> what system is it on? =-= Winry is now known as Growlz <Joeshi16> Cheezburger is an inspiration for Americans everywhere. <orko> porncakepie <gs68> Yaris <gs68> Yaris <gs68> Yaris <Brad--PodCulture> Pornotube <Joeshi16> porn <Friz-Bee> DDR <TigerClaw> Rob will play with the Trance Vibrator all day <Goldbanjo> E.T game <Friz-Bee> i bet he will <halo7master> smash bros <gs68> Yaris <DarkTetsuya> tingle's rupee something-or-other <shadowsliar> Hide the Sausage <Goldbanjo> ^DT: that game is so WTF <Goldbanjo> forget the arrow <DarkTetsuya> hahahah XD <Friz-Bee> how ould you NOT pick that? <DarkTetsuya> LMAO <DarkTetsuya> she catches on fast, apparently <Friz-Bee> chezeburger <Friz-Bee> WINS! <Friz-Bee> DING! DING! DING! <gs68> GAME SET <OneNightStans> oh well..... <Friz-Bee> Good Day Sir! <DarkTetsuya> lol =-= Mode #orangelounge +v Growlz by Ranma[GIANTSBABY] <gs68> Great! THE CHeez <gs68> There is no CHeez <gs68> I could eat Luigi! <DarkTetsuya> the cheez is a lie <BlackLab> can i win some alcohol fo rnot doing anything? <Friz-Bee> next time give away a Wii points Card OneNightStans> oh well, that was fun <gs68> in before dildo tank. <Joeshi16> next time give away a baby <gs68> Eye of Buttment. <Goldbanjo> brb <gs68> RED?! [INFO] You are now marked as away (User is away.). Click the nickname button or use the |/back| command to return from being away. <gs68> DS?!?!?!! <gs68> LITE!?!j#@!($iu!@($8 <Friz-Bee> sence when did the PS3 have ANY HITS? <Growlz> ^ * ssj100matt|Giants_WIN drink <DarkTetsuya> its zaku... take a shot! <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> double drink -->| {GZ}dr4ev ( has joined #orangelounge =-= Mode #orangelounge +v {GZ}dr4ev by Ranma[GIANTSBABY] <gs68> SunnyVale GolfLand has SN2, but...EH! <Friz-Bee> e-muse <gs68> I'm waiting for DJ TROOPERS. |<-- halo7master has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) -->| darkt ( has joined #orangelounge <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> I like SN2... I'm a sucker for eye candy <gs68> betsuck entertripes <darkt> ranma: I dunno... if I can't play fire in the arcade, I think I'll pass <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> this call fails <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Dude, SN2 has the opening to Gurren Lagann <hitstun> wha? <hitstun> that's awesome <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> then again it does have an Inuyasha song |<-- {GZ}dr3ev has left (Ping timeout) <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> In the end konami doesn't care |<-- DarkTetsuya has left (Ping timeout) =-= darkt is now known as DarkTetsuya =-= Mode #orangelounge +o DarkTetsuya by ChanServ <BlackLab> i'm playing COD4 righ tnow <BlackLab> =D <Joeshi16> Team Fortress 2 beats both <Friz-Bee> lolololol <gs68> 2/14? <gs68> No! * gs68 takes cover -->| thelegendofzaku ( has joined #orangelounge <OneNightStans> AWWW!!! <orko> geez, and I thought a 2/16 bday was bad, on v-day, uggg <thelegendofzaku> GIANTS MADE HISTORY TONIGHT!!!! <BlackLab> FUCK MARTYRDOM <TigerClaw> this is the greatest comercial ever <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> the delay is really bad <BlackLab> STUPID DEATH GRENADES <Joeshi16> wow if having a b-day on v-day doesnt get you laid by your significant other I dont know what will. <TigerClaw> reebok was quick and posted this add after the Giants won. :) <DarkTetsuya> wtf ranma? FIRED * gs68 <BlackLab> Konami betrayed us! we have every right to bitch <Friz-Bee> this is coming from a gay guy <DarkTetsuya> LOL <BlackLab> cause we're crotchety old people [INFO] You are no longer marked as away. <Joeshi16> It's cool I'm taking gay back <DarkTetsuya> take a shot: rob mentioned hes gay <Goldbanjo> *back* <Friz-Bee> ddr had a bad break up with itg <BlackLab> THE UP AND DOWN ARROWS DO NOT PLAY NICE <gs68> And I'm a supposedly-rebellious 19-year-old so I can't say anything. <BlackLab> Up and Right, that works <Friz-Bee> Stepmania <Goldbanjo> left ddr arrow is still winner! dont forget. <Goldbanjo> :) <DarkTetsuya> left ddr arrow lol <gs68> Ghost battle mode from IIDX <Joeshi16> DDR powerups with a center button? <{GZ}dr4ev> put DDR in nightclubs with pressure sensitive tiles that glow.. it allows the shy person i nthe club to "dance" and be apart of the atmosphere <DarkTetsuya> starting over again? <Friz-Bee> give me 4th and 5th mix and i'll be happy <gs68> SKYPE, WTF <Joeshi16> what about the silicon <gs68> IT'S GIVING ME THE VOICEMAIL CRAP <gs68> even right when i call just as ranma ends <TigerClaw> Well Skie, It could be cause The Giants won the superbowl, So your getting New York Callers. :) <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> TigerClaw: Damn right <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> most of the NY callers are regulars on the show <DarkTetsuya> INTERNET RADIO = SERIOUS BUSINESS <Friz-Bee> Hello? <gs68> Hello. <gs68> Hello. <Friz-Bee> Hello? <gs68> Hello. <gs68> Hello. <Friz-Bee> Hello <cheezburger> hello??? <Friz-Bee> Hello <gs68> Rob. <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> NY <3 OLR more than anyone else <Friz-Bee> Hello <DarkTetsuya> god you guys * gs68 gives OneNightStands the EPIC FAIL stamp <Goldbanjo> hello lol <Friz-Bee> Hello? <Friz-Bee> Hello? <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> HELOOOOOOO LA LA LA <gs68> GONG <Friz-Bee> HELLO <gs68> GONG <cheezburger> ...huh <Joeshi16> Orange Lounge Radio hitting the serious issues of today. And there also was a ferret at some point. It was cool. <Goldbanjo> OH NOES THE LAG <OneNightStans> aww, damnit <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> the cam did mess my connection up for a bit <Goldbanjo> skype needs a spankin <Friz-Bee> or a non lovely one <gs68> I couldn't get thorugh, and it's all some shitty caller's fault. <skie> to be fair gs68 you've been on a few times now :P <gs68> now I have to figure out how to make Hello. (period) <skie> share the love <skie> our skype is screwed <cheezburger> lol <OneNightStans> oh, i thought it was just me <thelegendofzaku> <BlackLab> Betson betrayed us! we have every right to bitch =-= Mode #orangelounge +v thelegendofzaku by Ranma[GIANTSBABY] <thelegendofzaku> fix'd <gs68> My final thought: I ate giant enemy crabs last night for massive damage. <Goldbanjo> thats gonna be sweet. <Joeshi16> I like free stuff <{GZ}dr4ev> plz link us to stock photos of skie and DarkSakura for photoshop <{GZ}dr4ev> we need stock photos <Goldbanjo> free=1337 <{GZ}dr4ev> and rob <Goldbanjo> some cases <Joeshi16> I also like money <OneNightStans> i really wanted to rez cod <OneNightStans> code <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Mo should be a frequent guest... she was a great... <Friz-Bee> Final Thought: LUCARIO! <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Loki: Play Ravendolphins rap <Friz-Bee> yes <SONofDAD> Final Thought: Animal Dance! |<-- Brad--PodCulture has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.80 [Firefox 3.0b2/2007121120]) <Dj_darkknight> no <Dj_darkknight> if u do that <Dj_darkknight> then rap cat is next <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Animal dance would be a good cagematch choice <BlackLab> Olive Garden trip1 <SONofDAD> hells yeah! <Friz-Bee> i just downloaded loki's rock band singin video <{GZ}dr4ev> Dj_darkknight where are the stock photos of DarkSakura,rob and pikachu for the photoshop contest <Friz-Bee> singing <OneNightStans> oh crap, i didn't know there was an after-cast <DarkSakura> one down <gs68> non-recordable? <DarkSakura> two down <gs68> Say hi to Jaded. <DarkSakura> three down <Friz-Bee> Hi to Jaded <DarkSakura> four down * gs68 activates the kajetometer...DT, go take a shot. <gs68> 9010/9000 <DarkSakura> NO MOAR <hitstun> haha <OneNightStans> oh well. it's been fun. bye everyone <hitstun> kajetometer <hitstun> later <gs68> later <BlackLab> there are many LOLs in JTV chat |<-- OneNightStans has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <Friz-Bee> WoW <skie> SONG 2 - KYLIE MINOGUE - WOW <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Loki better choose something good... because i might be going with this <cheezburger> i go with wow <SONofDAD> it's got some funk to it...... <cheezburger> imagine LOKI singing this <gs68> 9003/9000 <gs68> 9007/9000 <Friz-Bee> Kylie Minogue mostly means win cheezburger> 9008/9000 <Dj_darkknight> i like this song too....... <Goldbanjo> song 2 is nice....... <Dj_darkknight> damn u rob and jamie <gs68> 9009/9000 <cheezburger> what darkknight? <Dj_darkknight> both jamie's and rob song are nice <cheezburger> imagine loki singing this lol <cheezburger> i cant get it out of my head <Friz-Bee> 8 <gs68> 9008/9000 <SONofDAD> 7 <cheezburger> 8 <skie> SONG 3 - QURTR - TSUGARU (QURTR REMIX) <gs68> tsugaru standard. |<-- Joeshi16 has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) |<-- Drewnami has left (Quit: Leaving) <Friz-Bee> Too slow <cheezburger> <gs68> 9005/9000 <gs68> 9002/9000 <Friz-Bee> meh <--| Phedre has left #orangelounge <cheezburger> blech <Goldbanjo> oh yeah I think i recently played a version of this on flashflash. but yeah this is too damn slow <SONofDAD> L.E.D-G would be better <cheezburger> wow <cheezburger> i vote wow <gs68> 9006/9000! <BlackLab> this is not tsuagru <gs68> it's like a new layer in rez <Friz-Bee> the first one was 165 bpm why is this one around 100? <Friz-Bee> good backround music for a temple stage thought <cheezburger> cause it sucks <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Friz: im getting 82 <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> bpm <Friz-Bee> or that <Friz-Bee> still too slow <cheezburger> wow <SONofDAD> I still say ANAL CUNTS was better <gs68> 9002/9000 <cheezburger> 3 <Friz-Bee> it should be a temple theme <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> gs: We get it, its over 9000 <gs68> (ftr, the scale goes from 8990 to 9010, unless the song is exceptionally good or exceptionally GOD SPARE ME NOW) <hitstun> 5/10, 5/10, and 5/10 <Friz-Bee> ?msg skie I Mean Song #2 <hitstun> i abstain from this vote, all songs suck equally <cheezburger> lol friz bee <Friz-Bee> oops <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> -shift <Friz-Bee> i cant type <Friz-Bee> i is smrt <DarkTetsuya> [EXPLICIT} <DarkTetsuya> ] <cheezburger> dick-e-o's <Friz-Bee> OM NOM NOM <{GZ}dr4ev> lol <gs68> sucks monkey fuck <skie> LAST CALL FOR CAGEMATCH VOTES <gs68> SUCKS MONKEY FUCK <gs68> you eat pussy? <gs68> you eat a--*gutsman'd* <gs68> gawd warrior, etc. <Friz-Bee> Captain Crotch <Goldbanjo> FUCKFUCKITYFUCKFUCKFUCK <DarkTetsuya> o noes the burbs XD <cheezburger> imagine babies can go there <DarkTetsuya> thats what HE said <Friz-Bee> what is it? <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> wtf loki <DarkTetsuya> oh lord <Dj_darkknight> jamie idk how i should take that one love lol <DarkTetsuya> awesome <BlackLab> GOD WARRIOR <cheezburger> ... <DarkSakura> <3 <gs68> your face is darksided <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> OLR IS UNGODLY <cheezburger> trading spouses <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Loki, where did you get that album? <gs68> this blasphemy is tainted <Goldbanjo> wtf <SONofDAD> wow.... <gs68> this madness is darksided <Friz-Bee> She's Not A CHRISTAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <Loser> LOL <DarkTetsuya> you know *she* sounds like she's possessed :P <thelegendofzaku> the patriots are ungodly <gs68> SHE'S NOT A SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! <cheezburger> trading spouses <{GZ}dr4ev> is that from the Mist? <gs68> Mo straight? <{GZ}dr4ev> nope <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Are we getting Brawl after show? <Friz-Bee> we got it during the show <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> Rob: Animal dance <DarkTetsuya> welp, tonight's LOKI's last show, sorry folks XD <Dj_darkknight> ? <Dj_darkknight> lol <Friz-Bee> look at him giggling <SONofDAD> ANIMAL DANCE! ANIMAL DANCE! <gs68> If Animal Dance gets into one of DMN's cagematches, I will GONG it before the song even begins. <gs68> actually I will triple GONG it. <gs68> I have one last question for the OLR crew: Is Mo straight? <ssj100matt|Giants_WIN> RIP <skie> she has a boyfriend boys <SONofDAD> MITCH HEDBERG FTW <hitstun> good game OLR <DarkTetsuya> srsly <Goldbanjo> yay <Friz-Bee> why did he have to die? <cheezburger> im high hey <gs68> okay, then I can confirm that she's *possibly* straight. <Friz-Bee> WHY?!!!!!! <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> your pimp hand is uber weak gs68. <SONofDAD> so sad R.I.P MITCH <gs68> No, I'm not trying to advance on her <Friz-Bee> REST IN PEACE |<-- hitstun has left (Quit: I Wanna Be The Guy for Game of the Year 2008) |<-- thelegendofzaku has left (Quit: -=SysReset 2.53=- SIEG ZEON!!!!!) <Dj_darkknight> good times guys <Goldbanjo> My final thought: School tommorow. ugh. <gs68> "Every time we have a straight special guest, [chug like hell.]" <cheezburger> ...\ <Dj_darkknight> EVERYONE OUT! <Dj_darkknight> LOL <cheezburger> gold banjo what grade? <gs68> My final thought: I don't start school tomorrow till 12:30pm, so pfft. <TigerClaw> your not quite done time for the OLR Afterbirth After show on <[LOKIOLR]> <Goldbanjo> 10th <gs68> College, I have to admit, is kinda frickin' awesome. |<-- SONofDAD has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <gs68> And now, the super afterbirth! <cheezburger> im 8th <cheezburger> grade |<-- Loser has left (Quit: Java chat, out!) <gs68> But before that, final FINAL thought: *BOOM* YOU NEED MORE PRACTICE, NEVER GIVE IT UP!! <Goldbanjo> well two more years for me. though im not rushing. I still got stuff to look forward to in high school. <DarkSakura> BYE! |<-- DarkSakura has left (Read error: EOF from client) <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Loki <Ranma[GIANTSBABY]> Das link no work <Goldbanjo> ill leave in 60 second <Goldbanjo> s <cheezburger> do u have a bf/gf? <[LOKIOLR]> <Goldbanjo> no. <cheezburger> ohhhhhhhh <Goldbanjo> unfortanatly >_> <cheezburger> burn <cheezburger> lol <cheezburger> jk <Goldbanjo> yeah |<-- [LOKIOLR] has left (Quit) <cheezburger> kids are crazy though <Goldbanjo> see you guys next week <Goldbanjo> just have to save the chat and..... <cheezburger> how do u save chat? <cheezburger> oh Goldbanjo> gotta do it throughout the show though sience it deleteds old messages after a while <cheezburger> what do u do? <Friz-Bee> do you keep an archive of the chat? <cheezburger> ? <--| ElNoNombreHombre has left #orangelounge <cheezburger> what <gs68> I did a "little" edit to the OLR wiki article. <Goldbanjo> im just copyin and pastn ill tell you if i find a program look im on EST igootta go <gs68> <cheezburger> thx