Misty is known around Orange Lounge Radio as "The show's official biggest fangirl" and Chat Room moderator.

Username InfoEdit

The username "Misty" is a reference to the Pokèmon character of the same name, in addition to use in a Pokèmon-themed IRC-based RPG that she played in while in high school.

General InfoEdit

Age: 36 (born October 3, 1983)

Location: St. Louis, MO United States

Time Listening to Orange Lounge Radio: Since Vanilla Skie aired, the week before Orange Lounge Radio Episode 91 (April 7, 2004).

Orange Lounge RadioEdit

Misty began listening to Orange Lounge Radio during one of Skie's previously aired shows, Vanilla Skie. Since then she's quickly earned the title of OLR fangirl due to her undying loyalty to the hosts, and the station in general. (And, not to mention the "whoring out" of the station every chance she gets.)

Misty has been known to make Orange Lounge Radio themed jewelry and trinkets, using orange beads, and even has her own thread on the forums dedicated to these fan projects.

In fact, this very same 'orange-blooded' approach to being a fan of the show caught the attention of one of the existing listeners DarkTetsuya. He had randomly thrown out a "I'd ask her out, but she'd probably just say no..." only to have his offer unexpectedly accepted by Misty. Which would eventually lead to one of the landmark moments of the two of them, a Skypeline phone call to the station during Episode 230 revealed that yes, they had intended on hooking up.

Misty was also the first caller to utilize Skype for PSP to leave a voicemail for the station.

Current Activity as an OLR Listener Edit

Before the station left Live365, she would listen to every show that she could (though, admittedly, not Club OLR), provided she didn't have to work or was sleeping due to her sleep getting messed up by erratic shifts. Since the move to All Games Radio, the return of her Internet access, and having an essentially set schedule at work, it has come to be that she will listen to the live show every week and somehow shuffle through her (mostly) 8am – 4pm shifts on the Mondays she's scheduled.

Inside JokesEdit

Many times she'll buy something simply because it's orange, leading to the inevitable 'do I have to ask what color?' comments from DT and others.

Game Consoles Possessed By MistyEdit

Eighth generation

  • 3DS XL, Pikachu edition (3/24/13)
  • 2DS XL, Pokeball edition (ordered online 11/10/17, received 11/15/17)

Seventh Generation (listed in purchase order with dates purchased where available)

  • DS lite
  • PSP Slim [2000 version]
  • XBOX 360 Pro (10/23/08)
  • Nintendo Wii (4/16/09)

Sixth Generation

  • GameCube (won throught a Nintendo Power contest with an original Game Boy Advance)
  • Game Boy Advance SP
  • XBOX
  • Playstation 2 (slim)

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