The Match Game is a special gameshow- type segment that occasionally takes place on the OLR Sunday Show. It is based on the popular game show of the same name.

The object of the game, is the contestants are presented with a question with a 'blank' at the end and it's up to the listeners to try and fill in the blank, while also matching what the celebrity guests had answered the question with. The contestant with the most points at the end wins!

Match Game List Edit

  • 023 (In the debut installment of Match Game, Drew was one of the very first contestants.)
  • 030 (Main hosts, DarkTetsuya, Drew, among others)
  • 106 (Main hosts, DDRAngel, "Andrew", Anita (aka DDRcoholic), Shane (aka MIklotov)
  • 117 (Main hosts, Mel B, sharxgrrl, Navi, rkdn42)
  • 132 (Main hosts, XXXplizit, DDRAngel)
  • 137 (Main hosts, DDRAngel, Dan, LemonLimeJump, legendofzaku)
  • 250 (Main hosts, Puppy, RicePrincess, Casper The Gay)
  • 266 (Main hosts, Mo, Jake)
  • 286 (Main hosts, Ranma, DarkTetsuya, Drew)
  • 370 (Main hosts, Miklotov)
  • 400 (Main hosts, SalaciousPop, rkdn42)
  • 484 (Main hosts, Rachel, Allen, ssj100matt, act-deft)
  • 500 (Main hosts, Allen)
  • 604 (Main hosts, Drew, Allen)
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