Gay Nick, aka Nick Hill, was the unofficial co-host of DMNsanity.

Stuff About NickEdit

  • Nick actually is not gay - this greatly made skie sad.
  • Nick is an avid anime fan - he has submitted several anime-themed songs in DMN's Chatroom Cagematch.
  • Nick made a brief appearance on Travis Donovan Live in 2007, on a phone call from DMN. They made fun of him.
  • Nick used to be Mormon.
  • Nick enjoys cake. It is delicious and moist.
  • Nick is such a big fan of Allegiance, a PC game that no one else has ever heard of, that he nominated it as his #1 game for Orange Lounge Radio March Madness. Though it got into the brackets (the same way Crys(h)i(t)s got nominated--having 16 points as a result of someone nominating it as #1), it lost, to no one's surprise, to Super Mario 64 in the first round, with just 10.53% of the votes.[1]

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