Drewnami is an Orange Lounge Radio veteran and one of the chat room moderators.

Username InfoEdit

Formerly known as The23rdMagus (a reference to his MUD days), he changed his handle to Drewnami in early 2006 in an attempt to reinvent his online identity. It didn't work.

He also seems to be too lazy to write his wiki page from scratch...

General InfoEdit

Location: Sacramento, CA United States

Time Listening to Orange Lounge Radio: Since the first episode aired on Live365 - June 23rd, 2002.

Involvement in Orange Lounge RadioEdit

Drewnami was introduced to Orange Lounge Radio, oddly enough, through a Google search for BEMANI groups in Sacramento. From the (now-defunct) Sacramentals community, he wandered to Orange Lounge and stuck around, e-mailing the hosts with random questions.

Inside JokesEdit

Drewnami's sense of humor can best be described as groan-worthy, consisting mostly of bad puns and obscure references. Tales have been told both live and in the chat room of an unholy tome of these jokes, written on a roll of toilet paper and translated (badly) into Portuguese. Thus, any particularly bad joke is recommended for induction into his book.

Drewnami has a habit of challenging the hosts or other chatters to gaming challenges. As of this writing, no one has stepped up to a single challenge, save the Video Game Music Trivia game.

Drewnami is sometimes used as the ball in "Drewball," a role-play game in the chatroom based off of American football. Ops DMN and Ranma will kick him out of the chatroom when attempting field goals and extra points, though Drew's status as a protected user causes the kicker to also get kicked from the chatroom.

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