Jamie Summers, also known as DarkSakura, is a host of Orange Lounge Radio.

Name Origin Edit

Jamie's nickname, DarkSakura, stems from an activity she did in a Japanese language class in college. Each student in her class got a Japanese nickname; Jamie's, for instance, was "Sakura." Some of her friends on the internet added "Dark" to their nicknames, and Jamie followed suit.

Contrary to popular belief, her nickname was not inspired by the Street Fighter character Sakura, as she came up with it before the conception of that character.

Shows Edit

Jamie hosts Orange Lounge Radio, and has since its conception in 2002 along with Skie and LOKI. She handles several segments of the show, including Chatroom FUs, Classic Game of the Week, and Mailbag.

Jamie also hosted Pump Up The Volume for several years until the recent move to All Games Radio and the breaking of her home computer.

Quotes Edit

  • "Reject false icons."
  • "Rob. Rob. Rob. Rob. Rob."
  • "Learn to be offended."
  • I'm controlling the apocalypse! You're all fucked!" (olr 312)

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