HOLY SHIT DMN HOSTS A SHOW <- NOT ANYMORE. It was better than Crysis while it lasted.

DMNsanity was a show on Orange Lounge Radio that hosted by DMN and, unofficially, co-hosted by DMN's roommate Nick "Gay Nick" Hill. It was broadcasted every Wednesday at 7:30pm PST.

DMNsanity ended on April 9, 2008, with its final episode. DMN has announced that he will become part of the new Travis Donovan show that will be airing on Saturday nights on All Games Radio.


DMNsanity was a spinoff of STFU.

STFU began broadcasting in early 2007, and was hosted by DMN and DJTyrant. The show was essentially a parallel universe to the main OLR program, as it also discussed gaming news. However, in July 2007, DMN was forced to retire the show due to a conflict of interest with his employer.

In STFU's place, DMN began a new show called Insanest Hour, where he discussed random topics, both gaming and non-gaming, and changed his nickname to Insanest . A few weeks later, however, DMN quit his then-current job and decided to bring STFU back to supplement Insanest Hour.

Sometime later, DMN put an end to STFU altogether, changed his nickname back to DMN, and renamed Insanest Hour to the current name of DMNsanity.


The preshow to DMNsanity would begin at 7:00pm PST, and the show itself would begin at 7:30pm. There was no real format to the main show; DMN brought up topics (gaming and non-gaming) and discussed or ranted about them. He also took Skype calls and, in some cases, would make calls to regular listeners among other people himself, most frequently to his mother and Travis Donovan.

Chatroom CagematchEdit

DMN offered listeners a chance to participate in a Cagematch by emailing him their songs. Typically, DMN would allow up to three additional songs to go up against the winner of last week.

However, as songs are being played, there was a chance for the song playing to be "gonged," or terminated before it ends. For a song to be gonged, at least two listeners in the chatroom needed to send a private message to DMN with the word "GONG" in upper case. Also, if DMN didn't like the song, he would gong it himself, sometimes playing clips of a trash-talking Samuel L. Jackson to express his disdain of the song.

If a song got gonged by listeners, it was not necessarily disqualified from the Cagematch, but more often was given a disadvantage, especially if the gong happened before an advantageous point of the song. However, if a song got gonged by DMN and won, Holic would win instead; the song in question was de facto disqualified.

While DMN gave most songs a chance, he imposed a ban on J-Rock and Jewish songs. (The ban on Jewish songs stemmed from one of ssj100matt's picks, "Crank That Kosha Boy", a Jewish spinoff of Crank That (Soulja Boy).)

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