Travis Donovan, also known as DJ Morpheus, is the host of Under Sedation Live, an OLR affiliate show hosted on All Games Radio.

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Travis's first radio show, Under Sedation Live, began airing in January 2001 from Sacramento, California, and was co-hosted by Rob Roberts and Jessica Harper. Later, Travis moved out to Killeen, Texas and began broadcasting USL again with Jennah Saunders.[1]

Unfortunately, due to financial woes, the show shut down on December 1, 2006. [2]

Travis then went on to host a new show, Travis Donovan Live, a show cented around science fiction and other geeky stuff, via Orange Lounge Radio's Live365 stream, which ran until April 6, 2008, one week before the closure of the Live365 stream.

Travis brought back Under Sedation Live on May 3, 2008 under the name Under Sedation Live 4.0, which he hosts with Jon "DMN" Bressler. As with TDL, it airs on Saturdays at 8:00pm Pacific Time and 10:00pm Central Time.

Eventually for various reasons Jon would leave the show after a brief period of being reunited with Jessica Harper. Jessica and Travis have continued to do the show ever since.

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  • "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEE!!" (this has led to a rule in the drinking game in which one chugs as long as he's saying it)
  • "Let's get the big ol' battle cartoon started!"
  • "From the Masturbation Room, inside the Pleasure Center, in scenic, beautiful, and oh-so-inbred Killeen, Texas, it's Travis Donovan Live!"
  • "YOU ASS"
  • "So there you go."
  • "I've been your announcer, DJ Satan, saying: Peace out, bitches!"

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