For the DMNsanity Chatroom Cagematch, see DMNsanity.

A Cagematch is a segment of the Orange Lounge Radio Afterbirth in which three songs, selected by the hosts, are played and then voted on by listeners in the chatroom.

Preceding each song, as well as succeeding the third and last song, is the song "Holic" by TaQ, from Beatmania IIDX 3rd Style. Listeners sometimes jokingly tell others to vote for Holic.

Traditionally, when a song won the Cagematch, it would be put into rotation on the Orange Lounge Radio 24/7 stream, though this rarely happened. With the recent move to All Games Radio, however, songs do not get put into rotation anymore; Cagematches now exist for the sake of having Cagematches.

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