Bucket Roll'd is the process of being sent via link or voicemail message to a commercial of the popular children's game "Mr Bucket".


During Rob Roberts and Travis Donovans days of Under Sedation Live (1.0), Rob was quoted in saying, "I liked Mr Bucket because the balls would pop out of his mouth". The quote was replayed on USL4.0 episode 4-6 during the pre-show. During Part B of the episode, Travis Donovan found a youtube video of the original "Mr Bucket" commercial and played it on air. After the clip was played and the laughter subsided, Ssj100matt (who had called in during which time) suggested to Travis to call into the Orange Lounge Radio voicemail and leave the videos audio as a message. After Travis and DMN left the message chatroom regular Tigerclaw coined the phrase Bucket Roll'd.

The following day on OLR Episode 282 (6/8/08), the voicemail was played during Part B. After the clip was played Rob said, "Thats 30 seconds of my life i will never get back".

Video of the OLR Crew getting Bucket Roll'd

Other Reactions/Quotes Edit

  • DJTyrant: "I laughed, I cried, I watched it three times."
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