Bobby Blackwolf is the host of The Bobby Blackwolf Show, a show hosted on All Games Radio. It airs every Sunday from 8:00pm EDT (5:00pm PDT) to 9:00pm EDT (6:00pm PDT), right before Orange Lounge Radio. Blackwolf also listens to OLR from time to time.

His most recent endeavor sadly has come to an end recently, after starting Friday Night Gaming. Friday Night Gaming (FNG for short) was a 'TV show' of sorts, where he and his co-host would oversee other people in the store as they got to play a given game for free for a few hours, all the while broadcasting the video over ustream for the viewers at home to watch.

Sadly, in December 2010, the decision was made to pull the plug on the FNG project, its last episode being split between HALO: Reach, and Grand Theft Auto IV (and a little Sam & Max on XBLA...)

Blackwolf has a hatred for the Ferret for reasons unknown (most likely due to his show having its own mascot, Clicky the Pen).

The Bobby Blackwolf Show (via AG Wiki)

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