AlphaCananogram is a listener of Orange Lounge Radio.

General Info Edit

Username Origin Edit

One day, immediately after awakening from sleep, AlphaCananogram said "AlphaCananogram!", and then was kinda confused for a moment why he said that. He later thought that it would be a cool username, so he went with it.

Background Edit

Current Activity as an OLR Listener Edit

Alpha regularly listens to Orange Lounge Radio, and is a former listener of affiliate shows DMNsanity, Travis Donovan Live, and...damn near every show that wasn't Club OLR.

Game Systems Possessed (in believed chronological order; bold= items he currently has) Edit

  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) (parents sold it when AlphaCananogram was little to mother's father for 50 DARU; AlphaCananogram still to this day is pissed off about this and brings it up now and then)
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • SEGA Game Gear (traded it in at a game trading store,,, AlphaCananogram regrets it now,,, because he misses the Game Gear version of COLUMNS)
  • Nintendo 64 (had 2 or 3 of them at different times, traded the final one in for a Dreamcast; AlphaCananogram regrets getting rid of his N64 and games)
  • Game Boy Pocket (metallic Ice Blue)
  • SEGA Dreamcast
  • Game Boy Color (Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition bundle) 2009 robbery
  • PlayStation 2 (original) 2009 robbery
  • PlayStation Portable (PSP) (had the original on launch day,,, later traded in the Phat version (1000 series) for the Slim and Lite version (2000 series)
  • Nintendo Wii 2009 robbery
  • Nintendo DS lite (Crimson/Black Brain Age 2 bundle)
  • Game Boy micro (Happy 20th Mario! Famicom version, japanese version)
  • Nintendo GameCube (his FIRST PREOWNED/USED system, he bought a Game Boy Player with it so he could stream his Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance game playing on 2009 robbery
  • XBOX 360 (60GB HDD) 2009 robbery
  • PlayStation 3 (PS3) 120GB model ("PS3 Slim")

Quotes Edit

  • "EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" (often said after hearing or reading something gross. This has led to somewhat of an inside joke between him and fellow listener gs68.)
  • "Oh bull!" (Often said while playing a video game on air)
  • "DARU" (The United States Dollar ($), but pronounced in the style of Chairman Koji from Iron Cook (a parody of the TV show Iron Chef) in the TV show FUTURAMA. This is an inside joke between AlphaCananogram and Dj_Darkknight that Misty ended up picking up)
  • he will occasionally spell the word "leak" as "leek", due to his obsession with Hatsune Miku
  • he will occasionally type ",,," for some reason
  • "Thack Suts" (a variant of "That Sucks")

Random Crap Edit

  • AlphaCananogram blames/thanks Drewnami for introducing him to Omoide Wa Okkusenman, sung by Gom, which in a way, introduced him to Vocaloid!
  • AlphaCananogram blames/thanks DarkTetsuya for introducing him to Super Mario Red Zone

External links Edit (Place where AlphaCananogram streams his gameplays live)

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