The idea that any game is better than Crysis is an inside joke on OLR.

Origin Edit

On the February 13, 2008 episode of DMNsanity, during the preshow, listener SakuraMaxX submitted his top 16 games for the then-upcoming OLR March Madness. He chose Crysis, a game with spectacular graphics that even the best PCs are having trouble running, as his number 1 game.

DMN got wind of SakuraMaxX's list and interrupted his preshow to go on a long, anger-filled rant questioning just how Crysis can be regarded as the greatest game of all time, when there are other, higher-quality games with lesser graphics out there. That night, and for the next several nights, DMN would randomly and abusively kick SakuraMaxX over this, saying that games like Superman 64 and even Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing are better than Crysis. [1] Further damaging SakuraMaxX's reputation is a statement from him that he doesn't appreciate classic games. After this event, he decided to download emulators and play them on his Wii remote. His favorite classic games now include Metal Slug, River City Ransom, and Parodius.

To DMN's dismay, Crysis had enough points to be put on the brackets. Fortunately for him, it lost in the first round, to Mega Man 2, with just 10.53% of the votes.[1]

Since the incident, SakuraMaxX has retracted his opinion of Crysis, citing problems with some of the levels, and now warns fellow listeners not to follow his footsteps. He has officially quit Crysis and has moved on to being a Valve fanboy.

Current UsageEdit

There is a varitation on this inside joke, one revolving around the idea that Crysis is so bad that games that are worse than it are really bad. If Crysis is said to be better than a game, then the latter is implied to be very bad.


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